Yuri On Ice: Victor's Dog

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If you are a fan of the anime Yuri on Ice, then you must be familiar with Victor Nikiforov’s adorable white toy poodle, Makkachin. The cute and fluffy dog has become a fan favorite and has even been the inspiration for merchandise and fan art. In this article, we will take a closer look at Makkachin and his role in the anime.

Makkachin’s Appearance

Makkachin is a small white toy poodle with curly fur. He has big black eyes and a pink nose. He is often seen wearing a red bowtie around his neck, which adds to his cuteness. Makkachin’s appearance is based on the real-life toy poodle of the anime’s director, Sayo Yamamoto.

Makkachin’s Personality

Makkachin is a well-behaved and obedient dog. He is highly trained and can perform various tricks, including rolling over and playing dead. He is also very loyal to his owner, Victor, and is always by his side. The anime portrays Makkachin as a playful and energetic dog who loves to have fun.

Makkachin’s Role in the Anime

Makkachin plays a significant role in the anime, especially in Victor’s life. He is Victor’s constant companion and is often seen accompanying him to ice rinks and competitions. Makkachin is also a source of comfort and support for Victor during stressful times. In one episode, Makkachin falls sick, and Victor is seen caring for him, showing the deep bond between the two.

Makkachin’s Impact on Fans

Makkachin has become a fan favorite character in Yuri on Ice. Fans love his cute appearance and playful personality. Many fans have created fan art and merchandise featuring Makkachin. The character has also inspired cosplay and has become a popular subject for fanfiction.

Makkachin’s Merchandise

Makkachin has become so popular that there is a range of merchandise available featuring the character. This includes plush toys, keychains, and phone cases. Fans can even buy Makkachin-themed clothing, including t-shirts and hoodies.

Makkachin in the Yuri on Ice Movie

In 2019, a Yuri on Ice movie was released, and Makkachin played a significant role in the story. The movie, titled Ice Adolescence, follows the story of a young Victor and his journey to become a professional skater. Makkachin is seen as a puppy in the movie, and his relationship with Victor is explored in more detail.

Makkachin’s Fan Club

Makkachin has become so popular that he even has his fan club. The Makkachin Fan Club is a community of fans who love the character and share their fan art, fanfiction, and cosplay. The fan club has a significant presence on social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram.


Makkachin is one of the most beloved characters in Yuri on Ice. His cute appearance and playful personality have won the hearts of fans worldwide. The character has become an icon in the anime community and has inspired a range of merchandise and fan creations. Makkachin’s role in the anime and his relationship with Victor have made him a fan favorite and a significant part of the anime’s success.


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