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Clifford the Big Red Dog is a beloved children’s book character. In 2023, a new book featuring Clifford as a poodle was released. This article will explore the new storyline, provide tips for parents reading the book to their children, and review the book’s overall impact.

The Storyline

The new Clifford book, titled “Clifford the Big Red Dog Poodle,” follows the adventures of Clifford as a poodle. In this story, Clifford’s owner Emily Elizabeth takes him to a dog show where he wins first prize. However, Clifford soon realizes that he doesn’t like being a show dog and misses his old life. He runs away from the show and goes on a journey to find himself.

Along the way, Clifford meets other dogs and learns valuable life lessons. He learns that it’s important to be true to yourself and that true friends accept you for who you are. In the end, Clifford returns to Emily Elizabeth, grateful for his journey and the lessons he learned.

Tips for Parents

1. Use Clifford to Teach Life Lessons

While reading the book to your child, take the opportunity to discuss the important life lessons that Clifford learns. Use Clifford’s experiences to teach your child about being true to themselves and the importance of friendships.

2. Encourage Your Child’s Imagination

The story of Clifford as a poodle can spark your child’s imagination. Encourage them to imagine what their favorite characters would look like in different scenarios. This can help develop their creativity and critical thinking skills.

3. Make Reading a Fun Activity

Reading to your child should be a fun activity. Use different voices and sound effects to bring the story to life. This can help your child become more engaged with the story and develop a love for reading.


“Clifford the Big Red Dog Poodle” is a heartwarming story that teaches important life lessons. The book’s message about being true to oneself and the importance of friendships is presented in a way that is easy for children to understand. The illustrations are colorful and engaging, bringing the story to life.

The storyline of Clifford as a poodle is a unique twist on the classic character that children will love. The book is also a great tool for parents to use to spark their child’s imagination and encourage a love for reading.


“Clifford the Big Red Dog Poodle” is a must-read for any child who loves the classic Clifford character. The book’s message and unique storyline make it a valuable addition to any child’s library. Parents can use the book to teach important life lessons and encourage their child’s love for reading.


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