Why is Shein so Cheap and Where does Shein Ship from?

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Shein has been in the business since 2012. Initially, it was an internet retailer as they manufactured the clothing and accessories in a different country. Although Shein is originally from China they did not have a physical chain of stores in China at the start. Shein offers decent quality products at a cheaper price. This raises questions like why is Shein so cheap and where does Shein ship from? Is Shein legit? Is Shein good quality? It is normal to be skeptical about a dominant business selling its product at reasonable pricing. In this article, we will clear all your doubts about Shein.

Why is Shein so Cheap and Where does Shein Ship from?

Shein has become one of the most used online shopping platforms in the world. even after going through some serious accusations of employee exploitation, they are still making huge profits and selling their products worldwide.

Why is Shein so cheap?

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There are a few reasons why Shein is so cheap. We have learned about the whole business and how it operates. The reasons behind the incredible prices of the products are listed below.

1. Inexpensive Labour

Shein ship clothing and accessories from a country where the labor cost is cheap which saves a lot of money. This is one of the most prominent reasons for their cheap prices but in a report by BBC Shein workers work up to 75 hours a week which is violating labor laws in China and all over the world.

Although after this accusation and investigation by Public Eye, Shein has undertaken several programs to develop its initiative and developments by following ethical practices and environmentally friendly processes. They also took a clear stand against the dying of denim process as it has a severe influence on the environment.

2. Wholesale Factories

As told above Shein ships its products from different countries. This is another reason for the prices to be this cheap. The products are mostly from a wholesale factory and Shein orders the products in bulk which enables them to get products at a huge discount.

Initially, it was an internet merchant with no physical stores and now it owns warehouses in multiple countries which helps it reduce its cost even more. As Shein’s popularity grew they started to invest more to be able to stable the prices even with buyers around the globe.

3. Shipped Products are Cheaper than Domestic Ones

It may sound a bit odd but it is true in most cases. The local clothing line which sells its products domestically often is more expensive than the items shipped from other countries. The differences in the prices come from different working conditions and quality standards between the nations and also the cheaper labor cost.

Where do Shein Clothes come from?

The clothes ships from different Shein-owned warehouses around the world. Shein ships to over 200 countries in the world through these warehouses. The Shein branded merchandise ships directly from China. Excluding that, other products from different merchants may ship from other countries like the USA, Canada, UK, and other countries where Shein owns the warehouses.

Is Shein Legit?

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A business that ships its product all over the world but has no physical stores and sells new and trending fashion clothing and accessories and all that at a very reasonable price. Sounds a bit sketchy but Shein is a legit company.

There were a few concerns raised over the exploitation of the workers but they were answered by Shein and now they claim to follow more ethical practices. Apart from this and a few faulty products everything that Shein does is legal and the business is 100% legit.

Is Shein Good Quality?

Shein offers value for money. The products are not of premium quality but they are not cheap looking as well. The product ranges from clothing to footwear to accessories at a cheaper price. the definitive quality depends on the product you are buying so we will suggest you take a look at the reviews before buying the products so you can have an indication of the quality of the product.

Another thing to look at is the garment you are buying. There are many reviews about the products in which the clothes quality had degraded in just a few trips. So, looking at the garment you are buying can be a bit helpful in judging the quality of the products before buying.

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Where is Shein Located?

Shein headquarters is in Shenzhen, China and they own warehouses in the US, Canada, and the UK. Shein sells its own merchandise and partners with other companies and sells their products at a reasonable price with decent quality. The company has made its name in the world in just 14 years. although it has some bad reviews of the products overall, it is doing more than just fine with the quality and prices.

We hope now you have the answers to the questions of why is Shein so cheap and where does Shein ship from.

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