Why do you want to join our company? Best Answers

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All of us have either been to job interviews or are planning to appear in some. Well, an interview is a stage where one is judged from a larger perspective. It is where your appearance, personality, the way you speak, sit and stand everything matters. One of the most common questions asked in job interviews is Why do you want to join our company? And it can be difficult to come up with an answer quickly. In this article, we will provide sample answers to that question and also give you what attracted you to this company example answers.

Why do you want to join our company? Best Answers

Interview stage is a critical one when it comes to questions which seem easy-peasy but are equally not easy to explain in words. Putting such questions in an interview is the trick to know how well versed you are and they are the only ones which will make you stand out. So here in this get what attracted you to this company example answer and excel in your interview like a pro.

Also, we will be discussing various other things like why do you want this job sample answer and what attracted you to this company example answer, which surely will get you the upper hand over all other interviewees and multiply your chances to get selected for your dream position. As it is said, know the battle before you enter the battlefield.

Popular Questions asked in an Interview

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If you are still on the subject that interviewers are going to ask you about academics only, well you need to get a hold of that thought. Nowadays, interviews are more to judge your mental aptitude, abilities, communication skills and to know what kind of person you are and what your perspective towards life is. To succeed, you must know why do you want this job sample answer and what attracted you to this company example answer, and the answer to why do you want to join our company.

Time has gone long ago when interviews were to judge you on subject knowledge. In this era of dynamics, you need to be prepared with everything. Also, here are a few popular questions which are asked at interviews quite often.

  • Tell us more about yourself.
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • What is your experience in this field so far?
  • What makes you an appropriate fit for this position?
  • What can you bring to the company?
  • Tell us about a time you made a mistake.
  • Share your accomplishments you are proud of.
  • Why do you want to take this role?
  • What is your salary explanation?
  • What hobbies do you have?

Tips and Tricks for Interviews

Here are a few general tips for you which will help you in answering any question asked in an Interview with confidence and with a right approach.

Show your Strengths

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To start with, you need to understand this isn’t something you can lose to. Rather questions like this bring up the best opportunity to showcase your Strengths and Powerful attributes in line with the opportunities you will get there in the organization and how they will bring positive changes therein.

Keep it Simple

Telling you what points you can add is stupid of course. Everyone is well aware of themselves and there isn’t anyone who knows you better than you yourself. But generic pointers can be the guidelines for you to introspect and find the direction you can present yourself in. Only then you can answer why do you want to join our company.

Be Prepared

List down your skills, your achievements, your desire, your dreams, what you are and what you want to be and your natural talents. Try integrating such in a way that can be meaningful to the organizational need.

Go for Short and Crispy answers

Keeping the interest in what you cover, without making it verbose or putting unnecessary details. Also, this doesn’t mean you need to skip details if you feel like you have a lot to say on that topic frame your answer in pointers. That way it be will easy to have in mind for the other person without making it a boring conversation. These tips are also useful to know and remember why do you want this job sample answer and what attracted you to this company example answer.

Use Examples to your advantage

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Try to use examples showing your abilities which were responsible for positive results. For example – if you are asked ‘how you dealt with pressure during your last job and pulled out the best results’ or in case you are a fresher, share something related to your life experience.

Be Honest and Confident

Don’t lie. Being real in itself is an ability. Also, we all have learnt somewhere and at some point, honesty is the best policy. Don’t be afraid to say I Don’t Know when you really don’t!

Make a list of your Weaknesses

This is important if you want to answer why do you want to join our company or why do you want to join this company. Being honest about this assures the interviewer that you are aware and honest. Of Course, you can make the weakness sound like it will actually add to productivity, for example, I am too particular with time and so over exert myself to meet deadlines, or I often can’t get along with team members when they get lazy or complacent!

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How to answer, Why do you Want to Join our Company?

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Answering any questions cannot just go like this is the perfect answer for you to take it and learn it in your heart. This is all you gotta say. No, interviews don’t work like this and especially for questions like why do you want to join our company, one needs to make it personal.

Here are a few things you need to know before you devise an answer to the questions – why do you want to join our company or why do you want to join this company? Of course, you cannot reply to this question as ‘because you guys are offering a great salary and anyways, I have to work somewhere so why not here.’

No matter how honest it is, that’s not what will earn you the position. If you really want to excel in interviews, answer this question like you’re not only answering it but build layers and tailor your answer. Plus, don’t bluff or keep or repeat the same thing.

Keep in mind all the authentic knowledge you have about the organization and all the research you have done. So, make sure you do these things before you sit for an interview:

1. Research about the company

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It’s totally alright if you haven’t researched about the organization when you applied but before sitting in an interview make sure you go through its website, journals, news about the company and most importantly read a few success stories about the company and People associated with the same. Learn about ongoing projects and past accomplishments.

2. Past accomplishments play an important role

You should know this if you want to answer why do you want to join our company or why do you want to join this company. Having your past accomplishments acknowledged is another important task to do. Learn about your consistent attributes which help you always in excelling. Do not mention vague accomplishments, be sure to explain the whole scenario with proof.

3. Know the work culture

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Adjusting to the work environment is important to be productive. Know about the hierarchy and your accountability in the role you are applying for. Understand the events and the culture of the organization. Make sure you don’t fall behind. Say, if your role is like teamwork, know that you are comfortable working with a team and don’t want to do individual stuff all the time.

 4. Be a helpful resource

Before explaining to others, you should be aware and convinced about how you can be a productive resource for the role if selected. What changes you can really bring and how significant those changes are? As to convince others you should have trust in the same yourself. This should be known to you to answer why do you want to join our company.

Why do you Want this Job – Sample Answers

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Now that you know how to answer why do you want to join our company let me show you some illustrations to make you aware of how to draft your answers so that it doesn’t seem like you have done half of your work only. Knowing the background is great but solving sample problems makes your practice stronger.

Note – Do not memorize these answers as it is. Try to make them personal and genuine.

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10 Best Answers for What attracted You to this Company

After knowing how to answer why do you want to join our company, why do you want to join this company and why do you want this job sample answer, let us look at the best what attracted you to this company example answer.

Answer 1

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To be honest there are a lot of reasons I want to be a part of your company. However, the major reason I would like to take up is the benchmark your company has set in the industry. Your ‘ABC’ project is my favourite one.

It has set an example for professionals like me to follow your lead and develop ourselves. I feel with my expertise, I would be able to give my best to maintain such leadership your company is setting on in the industry.

Answer 2

This job position at your organization is a perfect fit for my skillet and there are numerous opportunities to grow in your company. The standards your organization has set so far with Hard working people and ethical practices assures me that this is the best place for me to develop my skills and grow professionally. This is a great what attracted you to this company example answer.

Answer 3

I feel like I am quite prepared to take up a bigger and more significant role wherein I can handle more responsibilities. Being a strategist, I always have had a benchmark about when I need to get more responsibilities and work with larger organizations. Until now I felt a need to learn a specified skillet and now I believe I am ready for such a role.

And what other organization can be better for me to take a step ahead. The work culture here and the passion for leading out have always inspired me. It would indeed be a privilege to climb the next step here in your organization.

Answer 4

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I am fresher in ‘ABC’ field but since the starting I have been following the industry news and events. I must say how impressed I am by the innovation and forward focused approach followed here. The great work culture and highly professional attitude literally inspires me a lot.

I have followed your ‘say Y’ project and learnt a lot from the same. I was really eager and committed to be a part of your organization from the beginning of my journey. Now given the opportunity I would really like to learn a lot more here being a part of and grow along with the company now and then.

Answer 5

Keeping aside the bag full of opportunities this role brings within, I would really like to mention some additional reasons why I want to join your company. First being, I believe your company is a perfect ground for my expertise and there are numerous chances for me to develop my skill set.

Also, everyone is aware about the great reputation this firm does have in encouraging its employees to make sure they excel in every task given and be better than anyone in this industry. That’s another reason this organization has always been on my list of best ones to join.

Honestly, right from the beginning I wanted to be a part here and I have worked myself with this dream all the way.

Answer 6

Being responsible is the right way to grow. And this role offers such responsibilities along with amazing opportunities to showcase the skill set I worked hard to acquire. In the modern world, time’s running way faster and no one wants to put in effort without having desired results.

I assure you if given a chance I would like to present you with the best I have got for so many years and I can bring positive growth along with your resources. Being a multitasker, I would like to explore my capabilities for the best of the organization. I have proved in the past Being a team player that I am responsible for my job and my words.

Answer 7

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To start with, I would like to take this moment to appreciate such an amazing opportunity I have been given by such a reputed organization. Being a fresher, I understand it might create a doubt in your mind in relation to my abilities but I assure you that my responsibilities and resources provided here would be really a great kick start for my career.

I believe starting from a right atmosphere wherein the learning curve is great and hard work is well appreciated would be really beneficial for me. This is also the reason I always wanted to be in this organization since the beginning.

I have the courage to learn from my mistakes and an attitude to never give up and with so much opportunity I assure you my contribution Will be noteworthy here in this organization.

Answer 8

Being honest, when I got the call about this opportunity, I must admit that I was not aware of your company’s profile. But in my research for the preparation for this discussion I have realised what an impressive innovation your organization has been into.

Your vision for the future made me feel the pull towards your company. I am genuinely interested in getting involved in the ‘ABC’ role of this organization and growing along with your organization. As per my experience and the skill set, I possess I assure you the value I can bring on the table.

Answer 9

In simple words your company’s vision and mission resonated with mine deeply. Vision statement of your company is directly relatable to my priorities and ethics. Like your organization I believe in positive changes and I am a big fan of innovation for the betterment of the society.

Thereby, I can claim this role has become way more meaningful for me. Also, the working environment here and the exposure to such top notch resources is really a polish to my skill set.

Hence, that’s really the type of place for me to use my skills and develop them to promote the advancement in the field of making a difference.

Answer 10

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Collaboration is the most important point that stands out the commitment to teamwork. So, when I saw the position opening with your organization I had to apply for the role.

I believe strongly in working with people sharing common goals and I have the skill set that I can bring in value to the team. My expertise would definitely be of optimum use here. Not only for Mr but for the team as a team members it will bring utmost satisfaction.

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Mistakes to Avoid in an Interview

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Why do you want to join our company? Now you know how to answer this question. You also know some what attracted you to this company example answers. To know what to do is good but being prepared with what not to is more important at times. You must know where you can slip. Make sure you avoid making the mistakes given below.

  • Do not copy others. Be the real you. Reality impacts people differently.
  • Many articles on google will answer it as ‘Me’. Well, that’s not wrong but not right too. It might sound negative or arrogant. Being humble is important. Rather use your skills than just me or myself.
  • Don’t lose hope if you won’t be able to answer it as you thought. Try to make changes as per requirements but keep it light. Make it feel like you are expressing what you are. Be Agile with your approach.
  • Do not keep on repeating or throwing examples. Especially do not bring negative points from their organization. For example – if you know there is a problem going on with that organization and you are being hired to solve it. Do not point it out right away. Show Confidence but also sensitivity. In your mind remember the game always belongs to equals!
  • Never be like you are the best candidate. You might not know others. But have that confidence they cannot find someone like you. Don’t be direct about this. Let your confidence and skills speak the same for you.

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