What is Shiba Inu highest price in INR?

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It is the age of cryptocurrencies. You can be spared from not knowing what they are because here in our country they are relatively new and still an unclear subject. However, if you ask people from the US or Europe then you would be in for a long day of chatting about cryptocurrencies and everything about them. One such cryptocurrency is Shiba Inu. Let’s break down this phenomenon step by step, which is the Shiba Inu coin. The article will also talk about Shiba Inu highest price in INR, Shiba Inu coin price in INR WazirX, Shiba Inu coin price in INR chart, how to convert Shiba Inu to INR, Shiba Inu coin price in INR prediction and a lot more.

What is Shiba Inu highest price in INR?

There are literally hundreds if not thousands of people who built fortunes by just dealing in cryptocurrencies. You can join this bandwagon too, but your lack of knowledge about crypto is surely what’s stopping you, right? Allow us to introduce you to one of the hottest coins in town, Shiba Inu. First, let us understand cryptocurrency and how it works.

What is Cryptocurrency?

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In India when most people think about cryptocurrency, they think of Bitcoin. You can’t be blamed for thinking Bitcoin is synonymous with cryptocurrency because in India a lot of people were introduced to the concept in this way and considering the power and price of Bitcoin it actually stands for what cryptocurrency is and what people think it will further become, an embodiment of the term itself.

Well, Bitcoin is the number one cryptocurrency in the market by quite some margin. In 2009 if you bought crypto then today you could put your papers in without a worry and head to retirement life without a second thought. But when we explain what cryptocurrency is we are talking about a virtual/digital asset like a share from the stock market.

This asset is an intangible one and holds the value which is measured by certain parameters and is recorded and stored by using cryptography.

Cryptocurrencies were put into existence to serve various purposes and the most important one was to replace and rival traditional currency which is what Bitcoin is doing. Other cryptos are either backed by other assets or they are used as collectibles or are attached with some companies as their personal coin, etc.

What is Shiba Inu?

What is Shiba Inu? | Shiba Inu highest price in INR

Doge-killer, meme coin, and dog coin are a few names given to this coin. Dogecoin which came with the intention of being a Bitcoin killer got its own killer in Shiba Inu and that may be because Dogecoin uses the image of a Shiba Inu dog breed as its symbol.

Whatever you say about Shiba Inu, the one thing you can’t say is that you haven’t heard about Shiba Inu. If you are even somewhat interested in memes and cryptos then there is no chance in the world that you haven’t heard about this coin and that is one way to boast of its popularity.

Shiba Inu is a decentralized coin that has a market cap of multiple billions. Though it started as a Doge killer, it now aims to be the coin that replaces Bitcoin itself. The coin has a dedicated team behind it and a loyal fan base ahead of it.

Ethereum co-founder donated 50 trillion Shiba Inu worth more than a billion dollars back then to India COVID-Crypto Relief Fund. 2021 so far has been the best year for Shiba Inu as Shiba Inu highest price in INR was achieved back then.

Shiba Inu Highest Price in INR

So by now, there is no hidden news that Shiba Inu had its best year in 2021. Considering the fact that the coin debuted in 2020, the news may seem ordinary but think of it as the coin performing each year better than the previous year and there you have your positive news. While 2022 is yet to be an excellent year for Shiba Inu, the coin did make the crypto market rock last year as it raced to its all-time high price.

Shiba Inu highest price in INR is 0.0063 rupees which it hit back in the year 2021. This surge shook the investors and for good as a lot of investors found themselves becoming rich.

Such a meteoric rise had people wondering if the coin would ever reach the valuation of 1 rupee while others who were too optimistic wondered if it would be worth 1 dollar.

Currently, the projections for the growth of the coin look all too promising for the coming few years and there is a realistic chance of the coin reaching a valuation of 1 rupee by the end of 2030 which may seem too long a wait, however, that would mean a growth of more than 85,000%.

Shiba Inu Coin Price in INR WazirX


WazirX is one of the top apps in India that allows you to buy Cryptocurrency. The app is for crypto users like Zerodha is for stock market investors. On WazirX people can choose from more than hundreds of cryptos.

Shiba Inu is also one of a kind coin and is not available on all the apps supported in India. However, it is indeed available to trade in on WazirX making this duo the perfect combination.

At the time that this article is being written 1 Shiba Inu Coin Price in INR WazirX is 0.001105 rupees. The price is an upward movement of more than 1.4% from its previous price. On WazirX you can constantly check the real-time price of Shiba Inu 24/7.

Apart from rupees, you can also check the prices of various crypto coins in USD, WRX (WazirX coins), and Bitcoin. In the app, you can access charts to track past and present movements of the coins and buy/sell coins.

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Shiba Inu Coin Price in INR chart

Shiba Inu Coin Price Chart | Shiba Inu highest price in INR

Chart feature is the feature that allows you to check the past and present trends/movement in the price of any asset in this case crypto. Using a chart you can get to know the price of any specific coin in the past 1 minute to its price in the past week.

You can check how much volume was traded and also use various indicators to estimate how the future looks for the coin which means you can use it to predict whether a coin’s price will rise or fall in the future.

In this image, you can see the basic option like buy/sell at the bottom. On the right side, you have the price range that the coin is currently valued at, and you can also see the time at which the coin is at a certain valuation.

On the upper right side, you get to see the last price that the coin was available at and how much percent change that valuation is from the last price. You can see the highest and lowest price that the coin was available for in a day and the volume that was traded on the upper left side and middle.

Clicking on the star saves the coin to your favorites and clicking on the black circle in the bottom left corner presents you with the option of multiple indicators that you can select from to analyze any coin. This summarizes the Shiba Inu coin price in the INR chart which in this case stands at 0.001105 rupees.

How to Convert Shiba Inu to INR

Coinbase convertor

Conversions are simple to do like when you need to convert a Dollar to INR you multiply the sum you want to convert by the valuation of the other currency. So let’s say you want to convert 100 dollars to INR, you simply multiply 100 with 80 (assuming the value and taking a rough example for easy explanation) and you get 8,000 INR.

However, with crypto coins, the valuation and conversion process may become a bit complicated with all the decimal places and constant movement and so you can search for any crypto conversion calculator like we have turned to Coinbase in the above image.

Here, you select the two parameters that you want to have conversion between, and then you put in a value that you need to be converted and Bam! There you go. So, here we get the understanding that 10 Shiba Inu make for 0.01 INR only.

Shiba Inu Coin Price in INR Prediction

Price Chart | Shiba Inu highest price in INR
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When Shiba Inu came out in 2020, many didn’t think much about its potential. Instead, the coin was reduced to a meme and some even thought of it as a pump and dump scheme.

The valuation of the coin which is several decimal places lower than 1 did not help its reputation either. However, the team behind the coin and the loyal community had different plans.

Fast-forward to 2022 and the coin has seen an all-time high of 0.006 rupees which is huge when you look at where the coin began its journey. A lot of top people with knowledge about crypto have made their Shiba Inu Coin Price in INR prediction and some of them are so optimistic predictions that they predict the value of Shiba Inu to reach a rupee or even a dollar.

Only a person sitting with a calculator and good at math would know what we are talking about as they slowly sit and lose their mind at the crazy numbers we are talking about. That’s not it as we mentioned at the start, the coin has also changed its positioning from Doge killer to a coin that wants to replace Bitcoin.

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Should you invest in Shiba Inu?

Value Chart
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Ask the people who invested in Bitcoin in 2009 how they feel today and that could be you in 2030 or maybe sometime later if Shiba Inu indeed takes off as it should.

There are apps, articles, charts, and lots of other material that you can refer to, to come up with your calculations and predictions for the valuation of Shiba Inu. And if your predictions are anything like what the experts say then you know where to head to invest your money in Shiba Inu.

Shiba Inu jumps up and down frequently and surely with those jumps a lot of fortunes must have changed for at least a few hundred people who held positions in Shiba Inu.

You now know how to convert Shiba Inu to INR and so using a conversion calculator you can get an estimate of the earnings that you can make using Shiba Inu. We also showed you Shiba Inu coin price in INR chart and Shiba Inu coin price in INR prediction. If you are lucky you might even witness Shiba Inu highest price in INR when you own it.

We hope you found this article interesting. Investing in Cryptocurrency can be tricky, so you make sure you do thorough research before putting your hard-earned money in it. Keep reading MoneyMint for more crypto content.

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