Virat Kohli Net Worth, IPL Salary, Daily Income

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From being a young child who enjoyed playing cricket to now becoming the most well-known and gifted international player, Virat Kohli is an inspiration to many people. He is undoubtedly among the best batsmen the nation has ever produced. Kohli has carved out a special place for himself in Indian cricket. All this success has made him incredibly wealthy and in this article, we will be looking at Virat Kohli net worth and Virat Kohli Salary. We will also cover Anushka Sharma net worth, a famous actress and Kohli’s wife.

Virat Kohli Net Worth, IPL Salary, Daily Income

In Cricket, Virat is famous for his powerful bottom-hand grip and his amazing ability to blast balls that are landing in one location to any section of the pitch at will and with little danger. With time, not only he has made a place for himself in the Indian cricket industry but has bagged several endorsement projects, which have increased Virat Kohli net worth drastically over the last few years. Let us learn more about him.

About Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli represents the Indian national cricket team. He was born on November 5, 1988, in Delhi, India. When he captained the Indian U-19 cricket team to a win in the 2008 U-19 Cricket World Cup, Kohli initially gained national attention. In August 2008, he immediately started playing for the Indian squad. With 27 test victories, 12 victories abroad, and the greatest winning rate as captain in both Test matches ODIs, Virat ultimately emerged as one of the most valued Indian captains in Test cricket. The ICC ODI Player of the Year, ICC Test Player of the Year, and ICC Player of the Year honors were all won by Virat in 2018, making him the only player in ICC cricket history to do so.

As the Tendulkar era started to come to a close, Kohli was bound to become India’s next prominent batsman, but he wanted to be more: a player who the competition would be in awe of and whose presence would increase the intensity of the match. He made sure he was healthy and strong enough to compete in every game while living every ball and experiencing every moment.

He is widely credited with transforming Indian cricket’s fitness culture by implementing stamina tests as a selection factor. Simply said, Kohli was India’s strongest captain. He also happened to be the leader during a time when the BCCI was managed by interim executives. Other than cricket, he is also the face of the Indian cricket marketing campaign, making him a star in hearts of the sports lover. Read on to know more about Virat Kohli net worth.

Personal Life

He comes from a Delhi-based Punjabi family. His father was a criminal attorney, while his mother is a homemaker. Virat is the youngest of three brothers and sisters. He was raised in Uttam Nagar and attended Vishal Bharti Public School before enrolling in the West Delhi Cricket Academy when he was nine years old.

He received his training at this academy under Rajkumar Sharma’s direction. His family’s financial situation was poor when he was younger; therefore, he had to spend some time in a rented house. Since his father passed away on December 18, 2006, Virat had to provide for his entire family. Today, he owns some of the swankiest properties in town.

In 2013, Anushka Sharma and Kohli began dating. Significant media attention was given to their relationship, and there were ongoing rumors and conjectures. In Florence, Italy, on December 11, 2017, the pair exchanged vows in a private ceremony. Their first child, a girl, was born on January 11, 2021. In 2018, Kohli disclosed that he quit eating meat entirely to lower his uric acid levels, which led to a cervical spine problem and eventually started harming his finger. Later, he made it clear that he is not a vegan but rather a vegetarian. Read on to learn about Virat Kohli salary.

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Virat Kohli Net Worth

Virat Kohli net worth is anticipated to be approximately $127 million as of 2022. He ranks as the 66th most-paid athlete in the world right now. The former captain was the highest-paid athlete, coming in at number one on the list. With his overall earnings, Kohli is among the wealthiest cricketers in the globe. His annual pay from the BCCI, the IPL deal, and the endorsements remain his main sources of revenue.

Virat Kohli Salary

Virat Kohli receives a substantial salary for his contributions to Indian cricket. Here is how Virat Kohli salary is divided.

Annual Salary

Each player who has a central contract with the BCCI belongs to one of the four categories the board has established. The A+ Grade receives INR 7 crores, the A Grade INR 5 crores, the B Grade INR 3 crores, and the C Grade INR 1 crore. As an A+ grade player, Kohli has a centrally contracted salary. As part of the yearly player retainer ship package provided by the cricket board, he receives an amount of INR 7 Cr. Kohli’s yearly income also includes match costs for each game in addition to his retainer payment. He receives INR 15 lakhs for each Test match appearance, while INR 6 lakhs and INR 3 lakhs are added to his base pay for each ODI and T20I victory, respectively.

IPL Salary

Virat Kohli salary in IPL pay is also a significant figure that considerably boosts his brand worth. In the history of the IPL, Kohli has received the highest salary of any player. Kohli was acquired by RCB before the 2008 IPL auction from the U-19 player draught, even though he has never even made it into the IPL auction. He was acquired by the RCB for INR 17 Crores at the IPL 2018 mega auction. In fact, up to that point, it was the most any player had ever made in a single edition. Kohli was once again signed by RCB in the most recent IPL super auction 2022 after taking a salary of INR 15 Crores. Even if there was a reduction of INR 2 Crores, Virat Kohli IPL salary is still one of the highest.

Wrogn, Digit Insurance, MRF, Vivo, Myntra, Puma, Blue Tribe, Manyavar, Fastrack, Hero MotoCorp, etc. are just a few of the brands that Virat Kohli endorses. According to reports, brands give between INR 7.5 and 10 crores as Virat Kohli salary for endorsing a certain product. Now let us take a look at Anushka Sharma Net Worth.

Anushka Sharma Net Worth

In the Hindi film business, Anushka Sharma is among the most well-liked and gifted performers. With each film in the industry, the actress has proven her mettle. Anushka’s net worth has grown significantly over the past several years as a result of her long career in the entertainment sector. According to reports, Anushka Sharma net worth is about INR 255 crores in 2022. According to reports, the actress earns more than INR 1 Crore per month and almost INR 12 crore annually. Several of Virat Kohli property is co-owned by Anushka as well.

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Property and Assets

Universal Sportsbiz website: Virat Kohli net worth

Kohli has invested in a sizable number of businesses and startups, which has boosted Virat Kohli net worth significantly. There are also Virat Kohli properties, a number of them, scattered across India. 2020 saw Kohli spend INR 19.30 crore on Universal Sportsbiz, a fashion start-up (USPL). As a self-proclaimed fitness lover, Virat has expressed a strong interest in investing in a Bengaluru-based health and fitness firm that operates gyms across the nation. Even Kohli’s brand One8 was introduced in 2017 in association with Puma.

Kohli is the owner of One8 community, a café bar. His most recent and widely publicized investment is in the internet insurance broker Digit Insurance. Currently, the corporation is worth $3.5 billion. An 8-acre property in AliBaug was purchased by Virat Kohli and his wife, Anushka Sharma, for an astounding price of INR 19 Crores in September 2022. All this added to his Virat Kohli IPL salary, has amassed his current net worth.

Virat Kohli, an Indian cricketer, is one of the most well-liked players in the game today. Virat Kohli’s net worth has multiplied because of his partnerships and the wide audience he has on social media. For more than 10 years, Kohli has been a reliable performer for the Indian cricket team. Even if he hasn’t been anything close to his peak in recent years, his respect and fan following are enormous, and they only continue to expand.

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