Top 50 Richest Crypto Billionaires in the World

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Cryptocurrency is a term given to virtual money or assets. If anyone is talking about Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano and similar coins then they are talking about cryptocurrency. The word crypto in cryptocurrency means the complex mechanism incorporated inside the system to cipher the transaction of these currencies. The popularity of crypto has made many normal investors into crypto billionaires. In this article, we will cover the richest crypto billionaires in the world.

Blockchain Technology

Basically, blockchain is a technology that facilitates the trading of virtual assets like patents, intellectual property, copyrights, and branding. Cryptocurrency also falls into this category. So using blockchain technology, virtual assets can be sold, bought or tracked. In fact, orders, payments, transactions etc. can also be tracked using it.

Top 50 Richest Crypto Billionaires in the World

Starting from a value of $10 in 2010, Bitcoin has reached a value of $40,323 in 2022. The proficient increase in the value of Bitcoin and other cryptos has created billionaires. Most crypto billionaires are programmers who have developed virtual assets and complex algorithms for mining the chips and have developed programs for trading or crypto assets. The individuals who figured out crypto as an opportunity and started early mining digital assets are now billionaires.

1. Changpeng Zhao

Changpeng Zhao is the richest crypto billionaires in the world. Zhao is the CEO and founder of Binance. Binance is the name of the world’s largest exchange for the daily trade of cryptocurrencies. His net worth is 65 billion dollars. Binance was based in China first, but due to increasing regulations of the Chinese government, it was moved out of China. It is registered in the Cayman Islands and was founded in 2017.

Born to two teachers in 1977 in China, Changpeng moved to Canada with his family when he was 12. He earned a degree in Computer Science from McGill University in Montreal. Changpeng Zhao did his internship at Tokyo Stock Exchange and worked for four years in Bloomberg Tradebook as a software developer. He moved to Shanghai in 2005 to work on developing trading systems for brokers.

In 2013, he started working in a blockchain ecosystem called and served as Chief Technology Officer for OKCoin. He purchased Bitcoin worth $1 million after selling his apartment in Shanghai. In 2017, Zhao launched Binance, which emerged as the largest exchange about 8 months after its launch, making Changpeng one of the richest people in cryptocurrency.

2. Sam Bankman-Fried

Born in 1992, Sam Bankman-Fried is the youngest crypto billionaire. Bankman-Fried, the CEO and founder of FTX, has a net worth of 24 billion dollars.

Born to Law Professors, Sam studied physics at MIT. He is an altruist and works on a belief called ‘earning to give.’ He used to donate a part of his salary from his previous job.

Then he landed in the crypto ecosystem and saw great opportunity in this field, and developed FTX. FTX is another cryptocurrency trading platform. It is incorporated in Barbuda and Antigua and has its headquarters in The Bahamas. FTX was valued at 18 billion in 2021, ultimately making Bankman one of the richest crypto billionaire under 30.

Among the wealthiest people in crypto, Bankman-Fried holds second place. He also co-founded a bitcoin trading firm named Alameda Research, and he manages his assets through it.

3. Brian Armstrong

Brian Armstrong is a software engineer who was born in California in 1983. Born to engineers, he was a very bright student. He has worked with Airbnb as a software engineer. While facing problems in sending and receiving money on Airbnb, he figured out cryptocurrency may be the solution to this problem.

In 2012, via the investment received through one of his start-up accelerators, he funded Coinbase. Brian Armstrong founded Coinbase in 2012. He is now third on this list of the richest crypto billionaires in the world.

It is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the US regarding trading volume. Coinbase does not have a physical headquarters, and it operates remotely. His net worth is 6.6 billion dollars. He possesses a big heart and has pledged to give away a major portion of his wealth for a good cause.

4. Gary Wang

Chief technology officer and co-founder of FTX currency, Gary Wang, has a net worth of 5.9 billion dollars.

A graduate of MIT, Gary Wang has worked with google also. He graduated with maths and science as his main subjects and developed a system at google which was meant to aggregate the prices of millions of flights.

The system he developed reduced latency and memory usage by 50%. After meeting Sam Bankman-Fried, his fellow from MIT, he co-founded the FTX exchange in 2019. He owns the exchange’s 16% value, approximately 400 million dollars. The company was valued at 32 billion in January 2022.

5. Joseph Lubin

The founder of ConsenSys (a decentralized blockchain production studio), Joseph Lubin, has a total worth of 5 billion. Early in 2014, he was a co-founder of Ethereum.

He was born in Toronto and he took his degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Princeton University. He was an innovator from his college days; he developed an autonomous music composition tool in the Robotics Lab of his college. While working with the hedge fund, he entered cryptography, finance and engineering.

Among the eight co-founders of Ethereum, Joseph is also one. He has worked as the chief operating officer of Ethereum Switzerland. In 2018, The New Yorker referred to the ConsenSys as ‘the Ethereum community’s most prominent and ubiquitous developer and promoter of decentralized’.

6. Chris Larsen

Chris Larsen was born in 1960 in California. His father was an aircraft mechanic. Holding a BS degree in 1984 in Business and Accounting, Chris Larsen worked as a financial auditor for different Brazil, Indonesia and Ecuador companies. In 1991, he also did his MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business.

In 1996, he co-founded online mortgage lender e-Loan and later, in 2005, he discovered peer-to-peer lending. He is known as the executive chairman and co-founder of Ripple.

He is one of the richest crypt billionaires in the world, has a total worth of 4.3 billion dollars. Ripple is a blockchain company. He is known for philanthropic works, in 2020, he and his company Ripple donated a good amount for COVID-19 relief efforts and food arrangements.

7. Cameron Winklevoss and Tyler Winklevoss

Gemini cryptocurrency exchange was founded in 2014 by twin brothers Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss. Cameron Winklevoss and Tyler Winklevoss each have a total worth of 4 billion dollars. Cameron serves as the company’s president, while Tyler is in the CEO position. You will be amazed to know that 200 billion dollars in a day is the average trade of Gemini.

Both of them were born in New York and raised in Connecticut. They are identical twins. Cameron is left-handed and Tyler is right-handed; this perfect combination has led them to follow a teamwork pattern from their school days. They have built apps and software, from building Lego to playing musical instruments together.

Winklevoss brothers did their Bachelor’s from Harvard University in Economics and have done their MBA from the University of Oxford. They are Olympic rowers and have a record of completing 10th in the Beijing Olympics.

In 2002, they developed a social networking platform called ConnectU along with their Harvard classmate Divya Narendra. Their idea was unique, and later, in 2004, the Winklevoss brothers filed a case against Mark Zuckerberg for using their idea of ConnectU in developing Facebook. In 2008, a settlement was finally made and they received a sum of 65 million dollars from Facebook.

From this amount, both of them started investing in Bitcoin and later founded Gemini. They have ownership of 70,000 Bitcoins and various other digital assets. He belongs on this list of richest crypto billionaires in the world.

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8. Song Chi-Hyung

Song Chi-hyung is the CEO of Dunamu. Upbit, largest cryptocurrency exchange in South Korea, was founded by Song Chi-Hyung. Dunamu is the operator of Upbit. Dunamu’s worth rose 21 times in less than a year leading to Hyung’s position among the country’s richest men. Internet Giant of South Korea KakaoCorp. and K Cube Ventures were the main companies that provided funding to Dunamu and Upbit.

85 million dollars were raised at the valuation of 8.7 billion by Dunamu in 2021. A 38-year-old crypto giant from South Korea has obtained his Bachelor’s degree in computer science and economics from Seoul National University. Previously, he worked with the local mobile payment company Danal. His current net worth is 3.7 billion dollars.

9. Barry Silbert

Born in Maryland in 1976, Barry was an entrepreneur from a very young age. When he was 17, he cracked the series 7 stockbroker exam and was the youngest to achieve this title. After graduating in Finance and Accounting from the Goizueta Business School of Emory University, Barry entered crypto in 2012.

He is a prominent investor in Bitcoin and other blockchain companies. Barry Silbert founded Digital Currency Group and Grayscale Investments. DCG is a company known to provide seed funding for blockchain-related companies, and Grayscale is associated with Bitcoin Investment Trust. In September 2020, Luno (a cryptocurrency exchange) was acquired by DCG.

DCG has invested in various crypto companies, and it owns CoinDesk, TradeBlock, HQ, Genesis, Foundry, Luno and Grayscale Investments. Grayscale claimed to own total assets worth 20 billion dollars in 2021. Barry Silbert’s net worth is 3.2 billion dollars, making him the youngest crypto billionaire.

10. Micree Zhan 

He co-founded Bitmain Technologies in 2013. It is the largest digital currency mining company in China. Micree Zhan’s net worth is 3 billion dollars. He is tenth on this list of the richest crypto billionaires in the world.

Micree was born in 1979 in Fujian, China. He is an electrical engineer from Shandong University and possesses a master’s degree in microelectronics engineering from the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2004. After working as an engineer at Tsinghua University, he started making set-top boxes for his new venture.

In 2013, after meeting Wu Jihan, Zhan accepted the idea of working on Bitmain. Zhan is the largest shareholder in Bitmain and owns about 36% of it, making him richest people in crypto.

11. Brad Garlinghouse

Brad graduated from the University of Kansas and Harvard Business School.

AOL, Yahoo and Hightail were among the previous companies for which Brad Garlinghouse worked. President of consumer application at AOL, CEO of Hightail (a file collaboration service) and Senior Vice President at Yahoo were the various prestigious positions held by him formerly.

Then, he became the CEO of Ripple Labs. Ripple Labs is a financial technology company. He is currently on the board of directors of Outmatch and Animoto and has acquired prestigious positions at Tonic Health and His net worth is 2.9 billion dollars.

12. Jed McCaleb

Jed McCaleb earned majorly through Ripple Labs and XRP. He co-founded many companies such as Stellar, Ripple, Mt. Gox bitcoin exchange, peer-to-peer eDonkey and Overnetnetworks. Jed is a programmer and has developed many new applications and mechanisms for the cryptocurrency business. He believes in philanthropy as well and donates to good causes. His net worth is 2.5 billion dollars.

13. Nikhil Vishwanathan and Joseph Lau

Nikhil Vishwanathan and Joseph Lau co-founded alchemy. Alchemy has grown fast and is valued at 10.2 billion dollars. Alchemy powers web3 applications like OpenSea. The net worth of Nikhil Vishwanathan is 2.4 billion dollars. The net worth of Joseph Lau is 2.4 billion dollars.

Nikhil Vishwanathan was a very bright student during his school days; he scored the highest GPA in the history of Lubbock High School. He graduated from Stanford University in Computer Science, where his primary subjects were artificial intelligence and machine learning. Formerly, he worked with Google, Facebook and Microsoft in Product Management.

Nikhil Vishwanathan with Joseph Lau created an app called ‘Down to Lunch’; it was about getting along with old college friends. The app was so famous that it reached the top position in the Apple Store. This app was featured in all the leading newspapers at that time.

Joseph Lau is a graduate of Stanford University in Computer Science. Formerly, he had worked with Pinterest, Google and Linkedin. He is among the richest crypto billionaires in the world.

‘Microsoft of Blockchain’ was the name given to Alchemy by Press since very useful blockchain applications can be made using this platform. Per week, 400 million users are powered by Alchemy across 200 countries.

14. Devin Finzer 

He co-founded OpenSea. Opensea is an NFT marketplace. A software engineer by profession, Devin Finzer has worked with Pinterest and Google earlier. Devin Finzer has a total worth of 2.2 billion dollars.

Born to a physician and Software Engineer in 1990, Devin attended his school in California. He took his degree in Computer Science and Mathematics in 2013 from Brown University. Devin developed a socially orientated search system meant for university course registration during his college days. He has done an internship in Google Cloud Platform, Wikimedia Foundation and Flipboard.

He co-founded two start-ups, Credit Karma and Claimdog. Blockchain technology was introduced to him while working for Credit Karma. Finzer, along with Atex Atallah, developed WifiCoin. It has an exciting concept of getting tokens in return for sharing access to a Wireless router. They got an investment from Y Combinator for WifiCoin. Then they founded OpenSea which raised 2.1 million in 2019. In 2021, it crossed the mark of 1 billion making it a Unicorn. Currently, the company is valued at 13.3 billion dollars.

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15. Alex Atallah

He co-founded OpenSea. It is the world’s largest and was the first of its kind. It is a platform where individuals can sell, buy and browse multiple digital items like music, games, art etc. Alex Atallah has a total worth of 2.2 billion dollars.

Born in Colorado, he has done his graduation from Stanford University and has experience working as a programmer at two start-ups and Palantir before co-founding OpenSea with Devin Finzer.

After getting inspired by CryptoKitties, which offered people to buy, breed, sell and collect virtual cats, the duo got interested in the non-fungible token market. Alex Atallah and Devin Finzer emerged as the first NFT billionaires in January 2021 after OpenSea was valued at 13.3 billion dollars by investors.

16. Fred Ehrsam 

Fred Ehrsam co-founded Coinbase, and he has also co-founded Paradigm. Coinbase is a Bitcoin exchange and Paradigm Capital is a cryptocurrency investing firm. His net worth is 2.1 billion dollars.

He was born in 1988 in Boston. Fred was fond of playing video games from his school days, and from there, he got to know the concept of digital currencies. He studied Computer Science and Economics at Duke University. In his beginning years, he worked as a foreign exchange trader at Goldman Sachs.

He co-founded Coinbase with Brian Armstrong and was responsible for a hundredfold company’s initial investment. In 2017, Fred left Coinbase, but he is still on the board and owns 6% of its stock.

17. Kim Kyoung-nyon

Kim Kyoung-nyon serves as the executive vice president of Dunamu crypto exchange in South Korea. His total worth is 1.9 billion dollars.

He and Song chi-Hyung came among the top 50 richest individuals in South Korea after the value of Dunamu rose about 21 times in less than a year. Upbit is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the country, and its operator is Dunamu.

18. Jihan Wu

Jihan Wu co-founded Bitmain together with Micree Zhan in 2013. His net worth is 1.8 billion dollars. China’s largest cryptocurrency company Bitmain exclusively sells ASIC-chip miners.

Born in 1986, he graduated in Economics and Psychology in 2009 from Peking University. Formerly, he worked for a private equity firm as a financial analyst. In 2011, he purchased 900 Bitcoins with funds gathered from family and friends. He was the first one to translate Bitcoin’s white paper written by Satoshi Nakamoto into Chinese.

Since Wu is not from a technical background, he met Micree Zhan, a microelectronics engineer who executed the idea of Bitmain. Bitmain emerged as the world’s largest bitcoin mining computer chip company in 2017 and reported a revenue of 2.5 billion dollars. Jihan Wu owns 20% of Bitmain, while Zhan owns 36%. 1n 2019, he co-founded Matrixport, a crypto financial services start-up.

19. Vitalik Buterin

Vitalik Buterin is the co-founder of Ethereum. He hails from Canada and is a software programmer. His net worth is 1.6 billion dollars. He also co-founded Bitcoin magazine in 2011.

Born to a computer scientist in Russia, Vitalik learned about Bitcoin from his father when he was 17. He developed an interest in Bitcoin and started writing a blog earning about 5 Bitcoins per article. Mihai Alisie, a prominent investor in Bitcoin, was inclined toward his articles, and after meeting Vitalik, he co-founded Bitcoin magazine in 2011.

He quit his university as he was busy working, writing and travelling for crypto. He figured out Turing-complete programming language as the technique to develop a new crypto platform that is simpler, more useful, more universal and does not limit certain usage types. Hence, Ethereum was found. Ethereum’s valuation is done at 500 billion dollars by investors.

20. Michael Saylor

Michael Saylor, is one of the crypto billionaires, co-founded a company named MicroStrategy. This company is a pioneer in providing business intelligence, cloud-based services and mobile software. A graduate of MIT, Michael Saylor keeps on investing in Bitcoin. His net worth is 1.6 billion dollars.

Born in Lincoln in 1965, he graduated in aeronautics and astronautics from MIT in 1987. Since his father was an Air Force chief master sergeant, Michael has always aspired to become a pilot. But due to some medical condition, he landed a consulting job rather than becoming a pilot.

He served as an internal consultant at DuPont, and using the funds from DuPont, he co-started his company MicroStrategy with Sanju Bansal. MicroStrategy developed intelligence software for businesses to analyze their own data for their growth. In 2021, Michael announced that 90,531 Bitcoins are holdings of MicroStrategy. He owns 70% of the company’s shares.

21. Matthew Roszak

A keen investor in various cryptocurrencies, Matthew Roszak’s net worth is 1.4 billion dollars. Blockchain technology company Bloq was co-founded by Matthew Roszak. Bloq is a blockchain ecosystem that facilitates banks to store virtual assets. He is a co-founder of many cryptocurrency investment managing firms like Vesper, Titan, and SilkRoad Equity.

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22. Mingxing Xu

Mingxing Xu, the founder of OKCoin investing agency, has a total worth of 1.4 billion US dollars. OKcoin is a platform for trading Bitcoin, one of the largest trading platforms at the lowest fees.

Born in 1987 in Beijing, Xu earned a degree in Applied Physics in 2006 from the University of Science and Technology, Beijing.

23. Tim Draper

The net worth of Tim Draper is 1.2 billion dollars. Timothy Cook Draper is an investor in venture capital. Founder of various organizations like Draper Associates, Draper University and many others, Tim is known in the world of cryptocurrencies because of his investment in Bitcoin from the SilkRoad website.

24. Mike Novogratz 

CEO of Galaxy Investment Partners, Mike Novogratz, hails from America. His company invests in cryptocurrency, and his net worth is 1.2 billion dollars. In his early days, Mike earned various championships in wrestling. In 1989, he started working with Goldman Sachs.

Later he owned prestigious positions at Goldman, namely, Head of fixed income, currencies and commodities risk in Asia and President of Goldman Sachs Latin America. Before becoming the CEO of Galaxy Investment Partners, he was associated with Fortress Investments as principal and director of Fortress Credit Corporation. He has 20% of his worth in Ethereum and Bitcoin.

25. Li Lin

The founder of Huobi, Li Lin, has a total worth of 1.1 billion dollars. Huobi is among the world’s largest crypto exchanges. There is not a lot of information available about him as he likes to remain away from the limelight. All we know is that he is among the richest crypto billionaires in the world.

26. Brock Pierce

Brock Jefferey Pierce was a former child actor who worked in Disney Films. Pierce co-founded Blockchain Capital along with his two brothers. He became the director of the Bitcoin Foundation in 2014, and he also co-founded Tether cryptocurrency. His net worth is 1 billion dollars.

27. Anthony Di Lorio

Anthony Di Lorio is the name associated with Ethereum, Bitcoin, Decentral and Toronto Stock Exchange. A co-founder of Ethereum and Decentral, an early investor in Bitcoin and the first chief digital officer at the Toronto Stock Exchange, Lorio’s net worth is estimated at 1 billion dollars.

28. Justin Sun

Justin Sun has held his name in Forbes China 30 Under 30 for three consecutive years, from 2015 to 2017. Tron, a blockchain network has been founded by him. His net worth is estimated at 1 billion dollars.

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29. Brendan Blumer

Brendan Blumer, a known investor, is the CEO of His company is a blockchain technology company. He developed a website to sell virtual assets at a very early age. His net worth is 750 million US dollars.

30. Valery Vavilov

Valery Vavilov owns Bitfry group. Bitfry is the largest known private infrastructure provider in blockchain networking systems. It provides both software and hardware solutions for mining, buying or selling your virtual asset across the blockchain network. His net worth is around 750 million US dollars.

31. Dan Larimer

Currently associated with Cryptonomex and, Dan Larimer is a cryptocurrency entrepreneur. He is a software developer as well. He co-founded Bitshares which was a cryptocurrency platform and a blockchain technology called Steem was also co-founded by him. His net worth is 700 million US dollars.

32. Charles Hoskinson

He is a co-founder of various blockchain platforms like Input Output Global (formerlyIOHK), Ethereum and Cardano Blockchain. His net worth is estimated at 600 million US dollars.

33. Roger Ver

Roger Ver is known for his early investments in Bitcoin. He spent 10 months of his life in jail as he was charged with selling explosives on eBay. He is known as “Bitcoin Jesus” for his frequent reviews about bitcoin on social media. His net worth is over 500 million US dollars.

34. Richard Heart

A philanthropist, YouTuber, author and serial entrepreneur, Richard Heart, created Hex. He owns ‘The Enigma,’ the world’s largest cut diamond. His net worth is over 500 million US dollars.

35. Anatoly Yakovenko

Anatoly Yakovenko is the name associated with the creation of Solana. Solana is a blockchain-supporting platform. He was responsible for developing operating systems at Qualcomm. His net worth is around 500 million US dollars.

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36. Kenji Sasaki

Kenji Sasaki co-founded Cardano, which is a blockchain mechanism. Also, the CEO of Chymia Consulting HK, Sasaki, hails from Kenya. He has a worth of 500 million US dollars.

37. Mihai Alisie

Mithai Alisie, a Romanian, had an interest in coaching and playing poker formerly. But in 2011, after meeting Vitalik Buterin, he became active in the crypto ecosystem. Together with him, Mihai Alisie worked on Bitcoin Magazine and Egora, a trading platform for Bitcoin. Mihai is a co-founder of Ethereum; he is responsible for setting it up in Switzerland in 2013. His worth is estimated at 500 million US dollars.

38. Jesse Powell

The CEO and co-founder of Kraken asset exchange, Jesse Powell, is a notable entrepreneur and an investor in the crypto industry. His net worth is 500 million US dollars.

39. Dan Morehead

Serving as the CEO of Pantera Capital, Dan Morehead is a pioneer in managing macro funds. He has worked in managing positions with various firms like Bankers Trust, Tiger Management, Atriax, Deutsche Bank and Goldman Sachs. His net worth is estimated at 500 million US dollars.

40. Sergey Nazarov

Chainlink network, famous for blockchain oracles and hybrid smart contracts, is known to have been developed by Sergey Nazarov. Some people also believe he is the one who created Bitcoin since bitcoin’s creator’s pseudo name is Satoshi Nakamoto. His net worth is 500 million US dollars. He is one of the richest crypto billionaires in the world.

41. Greg Solano

A founder of Yuga Labs and a co-founder of the BAYC NFT collection, Greg Solano is a keen writer too. He has written and edited different books and is a book critic on some literary websites. His worth is 500 million US dollars.

42. Wylie Aronow

Together with Greg Solano, Wylie Aronow co-founded the NFT collection BAYC(Bored Ape Yacht Club). They were the anonymous or Pseudonymous founders of BAYC and have been revealed recently. His net worth is 500 million US dollars.

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43. Amir Chetrit

Along with seven prominent entrepreneurs, Amir Cherit also co-founded Ethereum. He worked with Buterin for Bitcoin and Coloured Coins. He has a total worth of 450 million US dollars.

44. Steve Ellis

Steve Ellis is working as a CTO at Chainlink and SmartContract. Formerly he worked with Pivotal Labs as a software engineer. Chainlink and SmartContract are both decentralized oracle networks for the blockchain ecosystem. His net worth is estimated at 450 million US dollars, one of the richest people in crypto.

45. Gavin Wood

Gavin James Wood is known for creating or co-founding three crypto trading platforms: Ethereum, Polkadot and Kusama. Wood has contributed to developing Solidity, a programming language used for writing smart contracts. His net worth is around 450 million US dollars.

46. Alexandre Dreyfus

Alexandre is known to have found Chiliz, which is a virtual currency for sports and entertainment. He is very fond of gaming and has a wide experience in the sports and gaming industry. Formerly, he developed Webcity, an interactive tourism guide platform. He co-founded one of the largest poker gaming sites by the name of Winamax, in France. He has a net worth of 450 million dollars.

47. Johnny Lyu 

Johnny Lyu is currently working as the CEO of Kucoin. His net worth is estimated at 450 million dollars.

48. Kathleen Breitman 

Kathleen Breitman is the only female entrepreneur who has made it to the top 50 richest crypto billionaires in the world. She is the CEO of Tezos, a blockchain ecosystem. Prior to Tezos, she worked with Accenture, the Wall Street Journal, and Bridgewater Associates. She also worked as a senior strategy associate for R3 and was a consortium of over 70 financial firms. Breitman’s net worth is over 400 million US dollars.

49. Blythe Masters

Blythe was the former executive at JP Morgan and CEO of Digital Asset Holdings, a financial technology firm. She is majorly known as the creator of the credit defaults swap as a financial instrument. She has worked really hard and proved that crypto world is not just for men.

You will be glad to know that Masters is Chairman of the Governing Board of the Linux Foundation’s open-source Hyperledger Project, Advisory Board Member of the US Chamber of Digital Commerce and member of the International Advisory Board of Santander Group. Her net worth is around 500 million US dollars.

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50. Juan Benet

He is a well-known name in the crypto world and the last entry on this list of the richest crypto billionaires in the world. Juan founded Protocol Labs in 2014, he is an American scientist. The same year he also founded a peer-to-peer protocol network called InterPlanetary File System, for storing and sharing data in a distributed file system. Later in 2017, he announced a Filecoin project, in which within 30 minutes he earned more than $200 million. His net worth is estimated to be approximately 400 million US dollars.

This was the list of the richest crypto billionaires in the world. There is a huge risk involved in the crypto world and so is the profit, as it is said, the more the risk, the more the profit. So, if you have extra money, then this can be a great time for you to invest and make money out of it. But, you need to ensure that you see the right time of investing plus do not invest all your savings, keep some for emergencies as well.


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