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What a great platform YouTube has been all this while. Want to hear songs, go to YouTube, want to see videos, go to YouTube, want to check a live stream, again you have YouTube. As the days go by the list of features keeps on growing and so do the number of channels, creators, and videos. This popularity has turned YouTubers into celebrities. The channels of these YouTubers are subscribed by millions of people. In this article, we bring to you a list of the top 50 most subscribed YouTube channels in India. We will also find out which is the most subscribed YouTube channel in India.

Top YouTube Channel in India

A few years back most of you might remember that there was a YouTube battle going on between PewDiePie and T-Series. The two YouTube giants clashed for having the tag of having the most subscribers. The battle had the whole internet interested as to who will emerge victorious. In the end, T-Series prevailed and become the top YouTube channel in India and in the world. As of November 2022, T-Series channel has 225 million subscribers which is jaw dropping.

Top 50 Most Subscribed YouTube Channel in India

On YouTube subscribing means to opt for getting alerts about a certain artist or creator. This means that whenever they upload a new video or content on their channel you would get a notification of that instantly so that you don’t miss out on their content. The more subscribers the more popular the channel becomes. Now let us get straight into the list.

1. Carry Minati

Everyone here must be knowing Ajey Nagar. He started his channel back in 2014 and today has 37.3 million subscribers for his channel. If you like being entertained and comedy content like me then you might want to follow his channel. He also puts out other types of content and he made his Bollywood debut in 2022. His channel helps him make around 16 lakhs a month and he earns more when you take into account his earnings from sponsorship and other stuff.

2. Ashish Chanchalani Vines

I remember seeing his videos and rewatching them. That is how funny some of his content is. Having joined YouTube in 2009, today his channel boasts 28.9 million subscribers. He makes a sum of around 30 lakhs a month. His videos are usually a re-imagination of some popular stuff or funny dubbed videos which is why he is popular among youth. This channel takes the second spot on this list of top 50 most subscribed YouTube channels in India.

3. BB Ki Vines

This is one of the two channels that I have subscribed to on YouTube so you know it had to be on this list. With 25.6 million subscribers, Bhuvan Bam has one of the most subscribed accounts on the platform among Indian creators. He came to the platform in 2015. Today he earns around 25 lakh rupees a month. He posts funny and music content and became the first Indian YouTuber to have a series made and launched specially for the platform and he is about to star in a series soon.

4. Sandeep Maheshwari

He is on YouTube but you might have come across his videos on Whatsapp or might have heard about him from your parents just like me. He uses the platform to create and share motivational videos which is why he is popular among older people. He joined the platform back in 2012 and today his channel boasts a mammoth subscription of 25.9 million people.

5. Technical Guruji

I came across this channel once while researching content for articles just like this one and didn’t know that I was engaging with a channel that makes the list of the top most subscribed channels on YouTube in India. The channel is handled by Gaurav Chaudhary who joined the platform in 2015 and seven years later has 22.6 million subscribers. He puts out videos on tech-related stuff and this helps him make around 1 crore a month.

6. Emiway Bantai

You are most certainly guilty of having interacted with Bilal Shaikh’s channel just like me. More commonly known as Emiway Bantai, the singer puts up his music and videos on this channel. The channel was started in 2013 and today boasts 18.4 million followers. He started with 50 to 100 odd subscribers until he gained fame and today makes as much as 25 lakhs a month or so.

7. Harsh Beniwal

If you watch comedy videos then there is a good chance you have come across his channel just like I have on a few occasions. Making around 20 lakhs a month, this guy has 15.1 million subscribers. He joined the platform in 2015 and as of 2022, he has also made his Bollywood debut when he appeared in the film Student of the Year 2. His channel has funny videos based on real-life situations which you should check now if you haven’t already.

8. Flying Beast

We all know this channel through someone we know or have been its viewers. The channel is owned by Gaurav Taneja who makes vlogs on various topics and has garnered 7.78 million subscribers doing so. Earlier he was a pilot and he has done civil engineering and is also an IIT Kharagpur pass-out. Today he has switched all of it to run three YouTube channels and makes around 7 lakhs a month.

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9. Zakir Khan

Fans of Stand Up comedy finally get to see a familiar face on this list. You know him if you are a fan of standup comedy just like me. The channel was created in 2011 and 11 years later it has 7.2 million subscribers. The channel hosts comedy videos where clips of Zakir’s live standup shows are posted. He started as a writer but today he is a full-time comedian making almost 19 lakhs a month.

10. Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana

We have grown up watching him on TV and we might not be aware of his YouTube channel but we surely know the man responsible for breaking stereotypes around men and cooking. He started his YouTube channel in 2009 and today it has 7.12 million subscribers. He puts up cooking videos on his channel. He was the face of the longest-running cooking show on TV and his show was broadcast in 120 countries. No wonder his channel is among the top 50 most subscribed YouTube channels in India.

11. Dhruv Rathee

Love him or hate him but you can’t deny you haven’t seen him on YouTube. Be it his video or just a thumbnail we all have come across it while surfing on YouTube. With 9.17 million subscribers, Dhruv shares educational videos on his channel. His content stands out because of the effort put into coming up with the details for his videos. Educating people on various topics, Dhruv makes around 5 lakh rulers a month.

12. MostlySane

Who doesn’t know Prajakta Koli? The girl started her channel in 2015 and today has 6.77 million subscribers. Her channel consists of vlogs made by her on various topics which are relatable and fun. She also appeared in the Bollywood movie Jugjugg Jeeyo and the series Mismatched among others. Earlier, she worked as a Radio Jockey and today she makes around 8 lakh rupees a month.

13. Tanmay Bhatt

One of the most subscribed YouTube channel in India belongs to Tanmay Bhatt. You all might remember him from his AIB days. His channel started back in 2006 and today it has 4.28 million subscribers. He does all stuff related to comedy. He has been a writer, co-founder, judge, stand-up comic, producer, and much more. If you want to laugh then you might want to head to his channel and check his videos.

14. Beer Biceps

You either know him as Beer Biceps or as Ranveer Allahbadia but you know him for sure just like I do. Having started his channel in 2014, he shares videos based on self-help content. Not only that you can find lots of different types of videos on his platform which has helped him bag 4.48 million subscribers. He also hosts the podcast show, TRS, India’s smartest podcast which stands for the Ranveer Show.

15. SET India

We all know Sony and its long list of channels and services provided but what we don’t know is that it has one of the top youtube channels in India when it comes to subscribers. With 145 million subscribers it is the second most subscribed YouTube channel in India. It has an A++ grade and they post entertainment-related videos. The videos are from shows that run on their network.

16. ZEE Music Company

With 89.5 million subscribers next on the list of the top 50 most subscribed YouTube channels in India we have ZEE Music Company. So far the company has more than 7,000 uploads which as you can make from the name are music and video content. The channel boasts an A grade and surely most of us must have interacted with this channel at least once in our life.

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17. Sony SAB

Yet another Indian entertainment network has one of the most subscribed accounts and it comes as no shock. The network that brings us shows like Tarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashma, Wagle Ki Duniya, and more has 73.7 million subscribers on YouTube. And I am sure most of the readers of this article must be responsible for being few of those.

18. Colors TV

And again one of India’s top entertainment platforms makes its way on the list courtesy of its varied and interesting content. This channel has 57.5 million subscribers on YouTube and has an A+ grade. I can vouch for this channel and ask you to subscribe to it if you wish to get updates about some of India’s most-watched shows. Its viewership has ensured that it makes this list of top 50 most subscribed YouTube channels in India.

19. Aaj Tak

One of India’s top channels has got to have one of the most subscribed YouTube channels in India. With 54.2 million subscribers this channel is responsible for bringing to you all the necessary news updates with its videos. And I think you won’t regret subscribing to a channel as informative as this.

20. India TV

Another news platform India TV boasts a subscribers list of 32.9 million people. With an A grade to show for itself then the channel again is responsible to bring to you news clips and updates via the YouTube platform. I think most of you might have already subscribed to this channel if not then do so now.

21. Shemaroo Movies

If you want to be able to watch classic movies on YouTube then you need to subscribe to this channel immediately. With 24.3 million subscribers on the platform, it is one of the most subscribed YouTube channel in India. The popularity of this channel is under no doubt and surely a lot of us must have interacted with the page as well.

22. Goldmines Bollywood

Another channel to subscribe to for getting movie updates is Goldmines Bollywood. We have all grown up hearing this name. The channel has 23.5 million subscribers and there is no doubt as to why the following is so huge. By subscribing to this channel you stand to get updates on a lot of entertaining movies that you might find fun to watch.

23. Pen Movies

Next up you have Pen Movies which again is a movie channel with the bill to fit top YouTube channels in the India category. With 22.1 million followers this channel is the one you should subscribe to for getting updates about some of the best classic movies that have been made in India. By subscribing to this channel you might never have to bother again searching for a movie to watch.

24. Netflix India

A platform that needs no introduction is also a platform that is in no shortage of subscribers with 19.7 million already on its list. The movie-streaming giant puts up promos, teasers, trailers, etc. on their channel and this is where you need to be to engage with updates on all the top movies that are about to release on this platform. By subscribing to this platform you can be assured you are not making any sort of mistake.

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25. Sidhu Moose Wala

While the singer that so many loved is not here anymore his memories and songs continue to live on his YouTube channel. With 17.4 million subscribers to boast the channel is one of the most subscribed ones when it comes to a musician. If you are a fan of the singer like many people that I know then you might want to subscribe to this channel, for who knows in the future you might get updates on some unreleased songs or something else that you might want to know about.

26. The Viral Fever

Popularly or alternatively known as the TVF, The Viral Fever features on the list of the top 50 most subscribed youtube channels in India for obvious reasons. Almost all of us have heard about them and watched their videos. The channel has 11.3 million subscribers and some of the best comedy videos that you can and should watch. Subscribing to this channel might be one of the best things you could do for yourself.

27. Trakin Tech

With 12.5 million subscribers this is one of the best tech-related channels on YouTube. I stumbled upon this channel while researching for an article and the number of likes and views on their video was huge. If you are interested in tech-related stuff and enjoy tech videos then you surely got to subscribe to this channel.

28. Amit Bhawani

This channel is run by Amit Bhawani who started it in 2011. He has more than 800k subscribers who have signed up for an update on his tech-related channel, phones to be specific. Here you can find videos on phone reviews, new launches, unboxing, etc. and if you find yourself interested in stuff like that then this might be the page for you.

29. The Gabru Life

With 1.31 million subscribers we have this fashion and lifestyle channel which is undoubtedly one of the top YouTube channels in India. The channel was started in 2016 to share videos in the categories mentioned above and since then the channel has uploaded 557 videos and is still going strong. If you are interested in men’s grooming tips like I am then you might find this channel useful.

30. Aashna Shroff

With almost 200,00 subscribers on YouTube Aashna Shroff has a channel that is worth following if you are interested in DIY videos, home decor stuff, or fashion tips. So far the videos uploaded on the channel are less than 100 but the channel is going and growing strong. The channel was started back in 2013 and might just be the fashion channel that you needed to follow all this while.

31. Tech Burner

Shlok Srivastava started this channel in 2014. The name itself tells you that the channel is about videos based on tech stuff. Fans of PubG might also want to subscribe to the channel as there is much content shared for them related to the game that they may enjoy. So far the channel has more than 1,000 videos and 9.71 million subscribers, a number to which many more will add I hope.

32. Bharatz Kitchen

This is a food channel that was started back in 2016. The channel has 11.4 million subscribers and is one of the few channels that use the Hindi language as a medium of providing instruction making it easily understandable to its target audience. Since it is a cooking-based channel you can watch it to learn to cook or if you are a food enthusiast like me then just for seeing the tasty food.

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33. Chef Ranveer

Run by Ranveer Brar, the channel since its debut has amassed 5.49 million subscribers. The channel has more than 650 videos that you can watch. Being one of the youngest and most popular chefs in India only makes the case for this channel to be one of the most subscribed YouTube channel in India, stronger. He has been on MasterChef India, NDTV Good Times, and TLC which is where he earned his popularity from.

34. Ray Kitchen

Having cooking channels and shows is good but having one dedicated to kids’ food is even better and that is what Ray Kitchen channel is all about. With 5.65 million subscribers and more than 900 videos on the channel, I think a lot more homemakers might be interested in subscribing to this channel once they find out about it. Not only can it help you learn more dishes but it will also help you keep your kid happy and satisfied by making new dishes for them.

35. Amit Bhadana

With more than 20 million subscribers on his channel, Amit Bhadana comfortably makes it to the list of top YouTube channels in India. People who live being entertained and prefer watching funny content can head to his page. His journey on the platform began without informing his parents and the man from Faridabad hopes to one day make his Bollywood debut.

36. Sejal Kumar

With close to 1.5 million followers on YouTube, this has got to be one of the most subscribed YouTube channel in India when it comes to fashion and lifestyle content. Hiking from Delhi, Sejal earns lakhs every month. She is one of those influencers who has made it big on YouTube and that is why we have recommended her channel on this list for you to check out and subscribe to.

37. Komal Pandey

Again, if you are short on fashion tips and styling ideas then this might be the page that you need to subscribe to. With 1.2 million followers in the bag, her channel hosts fashion blogging content where you can find necessary tips that might help you be more fashionable. No matter what age group you belong to, if you are a woman and love dressing up and styling then this is the page to subscribe to.

38. Sadhguru

What do we say about this channel that mostly everyone knows exists on YouTube? With more than 10.7 million subscribers Sadhguru, an English Literature Graduate has one of the top channels on YouTube. He is a spiritual person who has founded a non-profit organization and has written more than 100 books on various subjects. If you are interested in topics like spirituality, religion, health, faith, etc. then we think this might be the ultimate channel for you to subscribe to.

39. Sanam

I remember hearing his songs and still do. With 10.3 million subscribers this is one of the most popular bands on YouTube in India. If you are interested in hearing a reprised version of old hit songs or fresh and new songs then you might want to check out their page. It is safe to say that these guys have established themselves nicely in the music industry and are doing well.

40. Dhanashree Verma

With 2.64 million subscribers to boast she runs one of the top YouTube channels in India when it comes to dancing videos. She is a choreographer who works with Bollywood celebs and Indian cricketers and also has her own dance company. All this has not stopped her from bossing on YouTube and makes more than a lakh rupees from her channel every month.

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41. Gadgets to Use

You can never run out of good tech channels on YouTube when you have so many top ones coming one after the other. This channel was started in 2011 and has become one of the most subscribed YouTube channel in India in the tech segment. Abhishek Bhatnagar shares with close to his 1 million followers videos related to gadgets, their reviews, pros, cons, etc.

42. Technical Sagar

So you see yet again a tech channel on this list of the top 50 most subscribed YouTube channels in India. With 2.4 million followers subscribed to his channel Sagar shares with them videos based on topics like cybersecurity, tech, and other related stuff. The Ethical hacker claims to be self-taught and so far has more than 1,500 videos on his channel.

43. Kanak’s Kitchen

Kanak Kathuria runs a cooking channel and in doing so she has amassed 3.6 million followers on YouTube. Having been on MasterChef India means she surely knows a thing or two about food and you can learn it too from her short and informative videos. You might be missing out on some important stuff if you haven’t already subscribed to her channel.

44. Ethereal

For some reason, this name sounds familiar to me and if it does to you too then it is probably because you heard about it somewhere like me. This channel was started in 2013 by Ayush Dinker, a mechanical engineer. Today his channel has close to 200k subscribers and the videos in this channel are related to traveling which might interest a lot of you people.

45. Nomadic Indian

With 1.5 million subscribers, India’s nomad, as he loves to call himself, has a great travel vlog going on his YouTube channel. The backpacker, Deepanshu Sangwan, has been on many trips around the world and has uploaded videos of the same and also shares information about places that you should visit and also visits where to go while there. We think this travel channel might be something that you shouldn’t miss out on.

46. Desi Gamers

One of the top 50 most subscribed YouTube channels in India belongs to Amit Sharma who started his channel back in 2015. The channel has 13.2 million subscribers and more than 900 videos. Amit calls himself a gamer and therefore it is only fitting that he had a gaming channel. His channel hosts live streams or videos of his gaming skills and that’s why it might be popular among and fun for kids.

47. Tarun Gill

Tarun Gill owns and runs this channel with 1.43 million subscribers. Being a nutritionist and certified trainer meant that Tarun could have his platform in related fields to help others and that is what he does. Through his channel, he shares videos on fitness-related stuff for others to learn from. Today he earns more than a lakh rupees a month doing this.

48. Be Fit With Yasmin Karachiwala

Yasmin the celebrity instructor started her own YouTube channel and has her fitness studio as well. With more than 100k subscribers on her page, she shares videos related to fitness, health, food, and other related stuff. Her YouTube channel earns her a good amount each month. We think you should check her channel if you are interested in improving your fitness and health.

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49. Coralliasta

A uniquely named YouTube channel with more than 765k subscribers that belongs to Ankita Chaturvedi is one of the most subscribed YouTube channel in India when it comes to makeup and stuff. The channel was started in 2011 by this IIT graduate engineer. Today, she is making fashion and lifestyle blogs and YouTube videos and earning good money.

50. Debasree Banerjee

From Assam, you have yet another fashion and lifestyle YouTuber that puts makeup and related videos on her channel. Her content belongs to a lot of categories like entertainment, updates, etc. and she posts every Friday. Coming from a small town her success is for others to take note of. Today she earns well running her YouTube channel. She has more than 265k people subscribed to her channel.

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