Sam’s Club Return Policy: A Complete Guide

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You’ll be delighted to know that Sam’s Club’s 100% satisfaction guarantee accepts returns and issues full refunds to their customers. It offers all customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you received any damaged product from the company, then knowing about Sam’s Club return policy will make your return simple and quick. In this article, we will inform you about the return policy of Sam’s Club and how it works.

Sam’s Club Return Policy: A Complete Guide

Sam’s Club sells different types of products and services worldwide, such as clothes, food, electronic items, alcohol and whatnot. It is known for its smooth service and the same goes for its return policy. You must return the item in its original condition with all the accessories and receipts.

What are some exceptions to Sam’s Club Return Policy?

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Some of the products have their return policies, exceptions or laws and regulations:

  • Cigarettes and tobacco: Items like Tobacco and Cigarettes need supplier representation approval. You must return these types of products to the stores from where you bought them from.
  • Watches and jewelry: You must return your watches and jewelry at the jewelry counter in Sam’s Club as per Sam’s return policy.
  • Adult Beverages: You must follow the rules and regulations to return the adult beverages. If you have any queries contact your local Sam’s Club.
  • Batteries and automotive tires: These items should be returned to the center of Sam’s Club.
  • Optical purchases: Contact lenses and prescription glasses can be exchanged or returned within 60 days of purchase with proof of prescription change.
  • Hearing center purchases: The hearing items with devices will only take hearing center purchase returns.

Can I Return Something to Sam’s Club Without a Membership?

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Non-Membership return depends on store policies, as Sam’s member uses the membership details from the receipt to identify the purchase. The store that permits non-members to return their products will need to commence a request of return within 30 days of purchase with its original receipts.

How many days do I have to return the product?

Sam’s Club allows an anytime return option on most purchases.

  • You can return cell phones within 14 days of purchase.
  • Television within 90 days of purchases
  • Contact lenses within 30 days of purchases
  • Computer, games and software and electronic items within 90 days of purchases.

Can I return open items?

In this case, Sam’s club’s return policy is quite good from others. Sam’s Club welcomes returns for some specific products, even if they are opened or used. For instance, if you purchase any electronic item, computer, television or game and realize you no longer need them or don’t like them after using them for a few days, you can place a return order of that product to Sam’s Club.

Make sure you return all the accessories that came with the product to receive a full refund. Sam’s return policy doesn’t allow returns or only issues partial returns if you lose any accessories.

What if I lost the receipt?

A receipt is necessary if you want to make any return, but in case you lost it, you can find out in their computer system, and, surely, they will be able to locate your purchase history. You must always be prepared to show a valid license so that they can track your return history.

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7 Ways to shop at Sam’s Club without a membership

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Here are some ways you can buy stuff from Sam’s Club without being a member.

  • Use a 1-day free pass: The simple way to shop in Sam’s Club without a membership is to take advantage of a one-day free pass. But be aware that you will be charged a 10% fee on every item, and this one-day pass can’t be used on Black Friday. If you reside in South Carolina, you won’t have to pay the 10% extra price.
  • Shop items that don’t need a membership: Items like prescription drugs, alcohol and optical services don’t need a membership.
  • Shop during an open house: Every year, Sam’s Club hosts an open house event inviting non-members to shop in the warehouse. Keep yourself updated by signing up for email alerts or following them on Facebook, as they always let people know in advance when an open house is at work.
  • Have a member add you: You can add your free account if you have family members who have a membership in Sam’s Club. You will get your membership card in the mail, but you should be the first account holder to add a complimentary cardholder.
  • Shop at Sam’s You can shop at Sam’s and avail many advantages in pricing and selected items. There is no need to be an active member to shop, but you will be charged a 10% extra amount on online purchases. If you are not a member and make regular purchases from the site, you must ask your family or friend to purchase on your behalf.
  • Shop with a friend or family members: Shop with your friend’s or family member’s membership card and avoid 10% extra charges. This is the coolest way to shop without paying for a membership.
  • Earn cash rewards: When you sign in for the first time, you receive 2% cash back on all purchases, and this 2% cashback can easily pay your membership card price if you spend about $420 per month on average.

Can you return online purchases in-store at Sam’s Club?

Purchases you made online at Sam’s Club can be returned to any Sam’s club location. Some items like vending machines and golf carts you purchased online can’t be returned to the store, and there will be a sign on the product page for these items. Make sure to bring the receipt and order confirmation number while returning the item you made online to Sam’s club store.

Is Sam’s club’s return policy strict?

There is no such strict return policy at Sam’s Club. The process is quite simple; you only need the receipt; they even allow returns you made long after the purchase date.

Sam’s Club Refund Policy

Sam’s Club will return your full amount within five to seven days after you make a return. The company will give you a gift voucher if you cannot receive credit on the account you purchased from.

3 Easy Ways to Return items

3 Easy Ways to Return section | Sam's Club Return Policy

Here are the ways using which you can return items in Sam’s Club.

  • Bring it to the Club: You must return the item with the receipt at Sam’s Club location to the Member Service Desk. Your return will be made as cash or credit, depending on your original mode of payment.
  • Ship it back: Go to the order detail in your account or visit the help desk to apply for the return process for the ordered items. Ensure you return the packing slip and other attachments you received with the original package. Sam’s Club location purchased items can’t be shipped back.
  • Call: You can call us on the given number (888) 746-7726 with your order number, and Members Service Association will solve your queries and be happy to help you.

Sam’s Club Satisfaction Guarantee

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Sam’s Club policy provides 100% satisfaction to their customers. Almost all the products are eligible to return, and they do not have any restricted time period for the product to be returned. Sam’s Club policy refunds and replaces the product purchased online and in-store if you have any problem regarding the product. Besides this, if you are a member of Sam’s Club and are not fully satisfied with its membership policies, you can get a full refund on that as well.

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Here are some common questions asked by customers about Sam’s Club return policy.

Q1. What items are non-returnable as per Sam’s return policy?

There is no return applicable on gift cards, prepaid cards, custom-made items like customized photos or gifts, tickets and the items purchased directly from Sam’s Club wholesale trading program.

Q2. What can I return in Sam’s return policy?

As per Sam’s Club returns policy, you can return electronic appliances within 90 days, Motorsports items, private enterprise heavy equipment within 30 days and cell phones( prepaid or postcard ) within 14 days.

Q3. Are any items non-returnable in Sam’s club’s return policy?

Items like alcohol, cigarettes, customized items, contact lenses, gift cards, and tickets on sale are non-returnable.

Q4. Items bought online can be returned to Sam’s warehouse?

Yes, you can return 99% of items bought online to Sam’s warehouse or location.

Q5. What is Sam’s Club’s return policy in 2022?

Sam’s club return policy allows customers to return products online and in-store via mail without any time restrictions as of 2022 for replacement and full returns. Some products have 14, 30, and 90 days return options like television, computer, electronic appliances etc. You can also return open products without a receipt, but Sam’s Club does not return food and contact lenses.

Q6. How long do I have to return Sam’s club items?

Every item has a limited time to return; you can place a return on electronic items and computers within 90 days.

Q7. Without membership, can I return your products to Sam’s Club?

Yes, you can return products to Sam’s Club within 30 days of purchase with their original receipt. There are very few stores which permit non-members to return their products.

Q8. Are shipping and delivery charges refunded?

If there is an error by Sam’s Club or the item is damaged, then shipping and delivery charges will be refunded.

Q9. Do I have to return everything that comes with the product?

Yes, you must return everything, including boxes, warranty cards, manuals and all the accessories you got with the product, to get a full refund.

Q10. Which return policy is better, Sam’s Club or Costco?

Costco is way better in terms of tracking your purchase. Thus, you don’t need a receipt, and you will have a 50% chance of making the return if you lose your Sam’s club receipt.

Sam’s Club return policy is well-scripted and executed. It is famous for its easy return policies. No matter the reason, you can return most items without any time restriction to Sam’s Club in-store or online. You can mail them can your return application will be preceded. Sam’s return policy allows returns without a receipt. You can easily return items to Sam’s club store without any time limit.

In any case, you brought it online or in-store. You can return an online item via mail, and your refund will be made. Sam’s Club returns policy accepts open items too. Besides this, some products can’t be returned, and others have a limited time frame for return. Feel free to contact Sam’s club service to help you with respect to your return. You will be 100% satisfied with the return policy of Sam’s Club.

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