Salary of Indian Police: Ranks, Eligibility, Details

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A lot of people wish to serve the nation in whatever capacity possible. Some citizens take pride in paying high taxes to the government as their contribution to the country, some find pride in joining the army or the police forces, and so on. While paying taxes and all is okay, the world is heading for a scenario where day by day wars are becoming a reality for some nations while it already is the present for some. In times like these, we need to have a strong and reliable defense system. In this article, our point of focus is the Indian Police. We will cover various aspects related to them to encourage the next batch of the Police force. In this article, we will look at salary of Indian Police, Police salary per month, Police constable salary, Salary of Police inspector and Indian police ranks and salary list.

Salary of Indian Police: Ranks, Eligibility, Details

In this chaotic world, the war is not just fought globally, there are times when internal unrest and problems need to be taken care of and this is where the police forces come into the picture. To be ready to deal with the day to day issues of regular people is far from easy and a police officer needs to have certain calmness mixed with aggression whenever it is required. Let us learn more about Indian Police.

About Indian Police

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Touted as the men in Khaki uniform, it is the first line of defense for any Indian citizen. When we speak of the Indian police we think of the cops that guard the roads and the public, people who move around in their vehicles even in the toughest times to make the people aware of the threat looming, the people who are there to hear your complaint and take action against it, the people whose presence makes the city a little bit more sound. Indian police wear the Khakhi uniform because it camouflages with dust, which also encouraged the Britishers in their time in India to dye their uniforms from White to Beige.

An Indian police officer has various posts that he/she can belong to and each of these posts has a slightly or vastly different uniform and code of conduct. Indian Police are one of the security bodies that get the Emblem of India on their uniform.

When COVID-19 happened, it was again the police that were out on the streets informing people to stay inside their houses and making sure that the streets were empty to make sure people weren’t at risk of transmission. We could go on and on endlessly about the Indian police, but you must have probably heard all of this and much more and so now we move to our next peg which is the Indian police’s salary.

Salary Of Indian Police

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Now it is not exactly rocket science to figure out that the salary of Indian Police will vary as per post and geographical location of their service area. Police personnel working as constable are bound to make much less money than a Senior Inspector or some other higher-ranked officer. Similarly, an officer working in Mumbai is going to earn more money in the same post as someone working in Jharkhand.

If we talk about numbers then the salary could go from 2 lakhs and above to 41 lakhs and above in a year depending on the post of the officer. The average salary of a police officer is between 3 and 11 lakhs depending on what state they are serving in.

In Madhya Pradesh, an officer with a bigger mustache is given slightly higher remuneration as compared to their compatriots. Another factor that decides the salary of an officer is their experience in the field. The more number of years you put in, the higher your salary gets as permitted by the upper limit of a particular post.

Police Salary Per Month

The yearly figure earned by police officers from various states and positions goes into lakhs, but what is the police salary per month? Well, you can break it down based on the state they serve in or the position they hold, or their experience, and each time the answer will be a bit different. Also, the bonuses, perks, benefits, etc. vary from place to place and so there can be a significant difference in what the police officer from two different places but in the same post makes.

A police officer in Uttar Pradesh makes around 46,000 rupees a month on average but in Delhi, the figure drops close to 28,000. Similarly, if you talk about posts then a constable might be making close to 20 or 25 thousand rupees a month, whereas the Inspector General of Police (IG) makes more than 1 lakh rupees a month. Depending on experience, the salary can be more or less than the average mentioned, however, it will still be in accordance with the post of the officer and the state they serve in. Let us now learn about police constable salary.

Police Constable Salary

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So far we know that position, post and state are three factors that determine the salary of police personnel. Apart from these, perks, bonuses, etc. also shape the pay package of police officers. A police constable’s salary is anywhere between 3 and 5 lakhs. Again this is just a rough estimate and the categories mentioned above play a part in deciding the figure.

Now when we talk about constables we are talking about two types of constables. There is a constable and there is a head constable. And, due to differences in post and position, the two of them also have different salaries. While a constable makes 3 to 4 lakhs a year or around 30,000 rupees a month, the head constable has a salary of 6 lakhs or close to 45,000 rupees a month.

As you climb up the posts, the salary increases further. A constable/head constable working in different states may earn higher or lower than the amount mentioned above which is just an average and the number of years they serve also adds to the experience they have which also helps in deciding their salary. Now you know all about police constable salary.

Salary of Police Inspector

The salary of Police Inspector again gets divided into more than one category as there are various inspector posts within the department. You can be a Police Inspector, Sub-Inspector, or Assistant Sub-Inspector. The salary for all the posts is different as the hierarchy and job profiles are different. An assistant sub-inspector makes the least money of the three with the sub-inspector being second in line and Inspector being the top earner.

The average salary of a Sub-inspector would be close to 5.3 lakhs as compared to an Inspector who makes between 5 and 6.5 lakhs on average. The salary range can go up or down depending on factors mentioned previously. An Inspector or Sub-inspector can make up to 7 lakhs a year while an assistant sub-inspector can take anywhere between 5.8 to 6 lakhs a year. Again, these are just rough estimates and the salaries can go up or down depending on a number of factors. Next, we look at various police posts and the salaries that each of them earns in a year’s time.

Indian Police Ranks and Salary List

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Any Police Department or Police Personnel, in general, has a lot of posts. The hierarchy starts with a common constable and goes up to the Inspector General of Police (IG). And in between, there are further divisions and subdivisions of posts and each of them requires different skill sets, a different job profile, get a different salary, follow different rules of conduct, etc. The pay package for a normal officer starts from close to 2 lakhs and it goes all the way up to 41 lakhs and more in a given year. Here is the full Indian police ranks and salary list.

  • An Inspector General of Police on average makes 17 lakhs a year.
  • The Director General of Police makes close to 14.5 lakhs in a year.
  • Senior Superintendent of Police makes around 13.5 lakhs a year.
  • For a Superintendent of Police, the figure comes down to 10.6 lakhs a year.
  • An Additional Superintendent of Police makes close to 9 lakhs a year on average.
  • For the Deputy Superintendent of Police, this figure goes down to 7 lakhs.
  • An Inspector gets 5 to 6.5 lakhs in a year on average.
  • A sub-Inspector gets 5.3 lakhs a year.
  • The head constable makes 4.2 lakhs a year.
  • A constable makes 3 to 4 lakhs a year.

So this is the Indian police ranks and salary list, however, the salary for certain posts can go higher than what has been mentioned above. A Superintendent of Police can get 15 to 17 lakhs in salary in a year. Similarly, for ASP and DSP the salary can go up to 12.5 to 13 lakhs. Inspectors and Sub-Inspectors can make 7 lakh a year and assistant sub-Inspectors can make 5.8 to 6 lakh a year.

Responsibilities of a Police Officer

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There is this famous line that goes around, With Great Powers comes Great Responsibility. Police have a lot of power and they have been given it to ensure that the citizens are safe at all times. They are basically the protectors of the commoners and so they have the power that helps them save the people but with those powers, they also have certain responsibilities towards the citizens. Whatever state it might be, whatever post an officer might belong to, no matter the salary there basic responsibilities of a Police officer include.

  • They need to always hold the law in high regard and need to enforce it on those that refuse to follow it.
  • They need to protect life, liberty, and humanity around them.
  • They need to maintain/preserve public order.
  • Public properties like roads, bridges, etc. should be protected by them.
  • They need to make sure to prevent crime at every possible step and time.

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Skills Required to be a Police Officer

Now that we know what their responsibilities are we also need to know the skills that are required to be an officer. Not anyone can wake up tomorrow and become an officer. There is an eligibility kind of thing to be able to get such an important post and so the skills required to get one such important post is.

  • The person must be an active and good listener as this is one of the most important skills required in their line of duty.
  • A person wanting to be an officer must have good attention to detail in any and every matter.
  • A person working in the police force needs to be a good communicator as it is very important in their line of work.
  • A police officer needs to be confident at all times.
  • No matter what the situation is and how tough it is, the officer needs to be calm and composed.
  • A police officer needs to be a team player. There is no going solo and getting the spotlight here.

So that’s all that the aspiring Police personnel of the future need. We have broken down the Salary of Indian Police, police salary per month, police constable salary, salary of police Inspector, Indian police ranks and salary list and the responsibility and skill factors that are required to become a police officer. If the above article is anything to go by then people should really consider getting a job on the defense side and serving the nation. The pay is more than decent as one climbs up the ladder of posts and gains experience. Apart from that, there are many other perks and benefits that come with this job.

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