PrizePicks Promo Code, Free Entry, Login

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Smartphones have taken care of a lot of things. They have successfully managed to replace radios, cameras, flashlights, television, and many other things. The entertainment industry has seen a boom like never before and it’s all thanks to smartphones. People are now making money through their phones by playing games. PrizePicks is one such app which pays its users handsome rewards. In this article, we will inform you about PrizePicks promo code, PrizePicks free entry and login process.

PrizePicks Promo Code, Free Entry, Login

As we spend the majority of our time on our smartphone, it only makes sense to use this time to earn money. This is what PrizePicks lets you do. If you have good knowledge of sports then you can earn decent money from this app. Let us learn more about it.

What is PrizePicks?

PrizePicks website
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PrizePicks is a fantasy sports game. Lately, there have been Cricket and Football fantasy games where you choose a handful of players and back them to perform well so that they can earn points for you and make you win cash or prizes. Along the same lines, you have PrizePicks, a fantasy sports game that is home to a lot of sporting competitions. You can take part in NFL, NBA, NHL, CBB, Soccer, PGA, Tennis, and MMA games and make a team based on matches in these sports and a few others and begin playing. You also have the option of E-sports fantasy like CSGO and COD.

The game is played with money at stake. You pick players and estimate the kind of performance/stats that they will boast in the match and based on it you make money or lose money. The game is available in 30 states in the United States as well as in Washington D.C. And in Canada, except Ontario, the game is playable from anywhere in the country.

The game has partnered with companies like VISA, PayPal, and Discover among others so that the big payouts can be withdrawn quickly and securely. There is also a 24/7 support team that takes care of any issues that you might have. Now that we have some idea about the game, let’s look for the PrizePicks promo code that can help you start your game journey on a high.

PrizePicks Promo Code

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The app PrizePicks is available to download through the App store or Google Play and can be used through the website as well. The team behind the game claims that you can win up to 25× money playing this game, however, you first need to sign up and deposit money before you can dream of all this.

One thing to remember about any such app is that you should always make sure to check for promo codes before proceeding with signing up so that you ensure you have maximized the available benefits. You can look for these codes at the PrizePicks partners, PrizePick advertisements, PrizePicks website, or in this article just like you can look for them in other articles on the internet.

One of the most recently tried and tested PrizePicks promo codes is PLAYBOOK. Players who are new to the game can use this code to get a 100% match-up of their deposit amount of up to 100 dollars. What this means is that if you deposit 50 dollars in your game account then the team behind the game will deposit another 50 dollars into your account and make your total 100 dollars. The minimum deposit that you need to make is 10 dollars. However, this is only for new players and it was last verified in November 2022.

If you are done using your promo code then you might feel that no more benefits are coming your way but that’s not the case with PrizePicks. Even after your first deposit, there will always be some or other codes that you can use. The PrizePicks team themselves sends you various promo codes through email, push notifications, or in-app pop ups that you use to avail of more benefits. If that’s not it then you also have sitewide promotions which include free squares, contests, protected plays, discounted stats, payout boosts, and more.

When dealing with such apps, it is recommended that you sign up for their email list so that you can be informed about new promo codes and other necessary stuff in time. You can also sign up for push notifications from the app which again helps you with necessary promo codes. PrizePicks also has a Twitter and Instagram account setup which they use to interact with their users. Following them can be a good decision as you get one more source that informs you about the PrizePicks promo code so that you never miss out on them.

PrizePicks Free Entry

A game like PrizePicks which asks you to deposit money is usually the one that can’t be played without money. This is why you search for promo codes and other such benefits using which you can get free money or additional money so that you can go ahead and play the game while limiting your investment amount. However, there are free-entry game options that PrizePicks users can opt for. So let’s see how exactly you can avail of a PrizePicks free entry.

A free entry game is one for which you don’t have to pay any money. You may have deposited the amount to your game wallet, however, to enter this type of game you don’t need to enter any sum or pay anything from your wallet or promo fund. PrizePicks inform you when you have such an entry available and all you have to do is pick the said squares, leave the amount box empty and click on Submit. Any payout won is then added to your promo funds. Just like PrizePicks promo codes get you added benefits, a promotion can also get you free entry.

There are other ways to win free entries as well. You can complete the challenges in the game that reward you with free entry. Sometimes all you have to do is win a game and the giveaway might include a free entry. You can also win free entries by winning the free-entry game. If you are lucky a deposit bonus might also include a free entry that you might get. And if you are very lucky then you might just randomly get a free entry spot and that would surely be the ultimate good thing.

While there are chances that you might get a free entry randomly it still is not the ideal way to go about it as you might be left waiting for too long. It’s always better to keep an eye out for PrizePicks promo codes or other promotional events where there might be a code or a giveaway where you stand a better chance to win a free entry. And if you wish to have your destiny in your own hands then you might have to win free entry games or games that give away free entry as a prize.

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About Kenny Beecham

Kenny Beecham is a content creator who grew up loving basketball. He wanted to become a professional player until he realized he couldn’t fulfill that dream. However, that didn’t stop him from loving the game or being close to it. He became a YouTuber and started posting content related to the basketball gaming series NBA 2K. He is also known as the King of the Fourth Quarter or KOT4Q as he loves to call himself. Today, he creates content for the House of Highlights YouTube channel which is owned by Bleacher Report.

He has been hosting basketball-related content and is now being picked to host other stuff as well. He also has merchandise that he has released for people. His first paycheck came in 2014 after he started making videos in 2011 and it was for a sum of little more than 100 dollars. In 2017 he made 500 dollars through some videos and that was the start of a YouTuber and his journey in this content creation world.

PrizePicks Promo Code kot4q

You might be wondering why an article about the PrizePicks promo code suddenly took a turn and went to a certain Kenny Beecham. The reason why we mentioned Kenny Beecham is that this person is now a celebrity in his own right and which is why PrizePicks had a promotional event where Kenny promoted the app and tweeted about it and also both of them together came up with a promo code that the users could use to get a certain benefit.

On 21st October 2021, Kenny took to Twitter to put up a video of himself where he tagged PrizePicks and announced the partnership. Then again on 29th October 2021, he posted the picks that he made in the app and tagged PrizePicks. The first post also came with a new PrizePicks promo code, KOT4Q was at the center of it. By typing KENNY the users could get a 100% match up on their deposit from the PrizePicks team.

PrizePicks Login

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The app version of PricePicks is available on Google Play on Android devices and the App Store on iOS devices. There is also the website option that a user can opt to use. If you want to go ahead with the website and get yourself to the PrizePicks login page to complete the process then you simply have to go to their login page.

Once you have reached the page, you will be able to see something like this on your screen. Now you just need to enter your email ID and password in the respective boxes and hit on the Login button. However, if you are a new user then you will have to opt for the Sign-Up option at the bottom of the page.

When you click on the Sign Up option you are redirected to another page where you are asked to share an email ID and a PrizePicks promo code if any. Then you are asked to enter your first and last name.

Next up is your birthdate, where the day month and year should match your driving license. Then you fill in your address as on your license. In the end, you set a password and accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy and create the account. Remember that you need to be above the age of 21 to be eligible to play the game.

Apple users can head to the App Store and search for PrizePicks. You will see a result as shown above on your screens. Now download and install this game. It is free to download so no worries there. Once downloaded you can now proceed to log in or sign up in a similar way to as shown above. For Android users, the download and install process is similar to that of Apple and the login, as well as sign-up options, are also the same as for websites and Apple devices.

You can see the strong reviews and ratings for the app on their website as well as on the App Store and Google Play. You are only eligible for the game if you live in the places where the game is legally operational and so it is better to check all such things before you go ahead and sign up for it only to realize that you aren’t eligible to sign up for the same.

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Pros and Cons of PrizePicks

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We have been talking about PrizePicks for a while now and we saw how the PrizePicks promo code works and how you log in to the website and other stuff. However, we never weighed on the decision, if the app is good or bad. There have been fantasy games before and there certainly will be more in the future but does this particular one stack up as a good one? Is it okay to interact with this game or should you stay away for your good? Come let’s find out.


Depending on how you look at it, the game doesn’t require you to have a certain skill but rather an idea of players and their performance based on which you guess how they will perform on a certain day or in a match. By doing just this you win points and multiply your money and at times the game may also come down to luck. Also, the game is the closest version of what you will experience in a full-fledged betting game, however, it is not an illegal betting app or in any kind of tussle with the law so you are safe.

You are just predicting outcomes and going with your instinct there is no rocket science involved. As long as you are above the age of 21 and live in a state where the country is legal anyone can play the game. As a new player, you get a hefty welcome bonus and PrizePicks promo code, which is what any player needs when starting a new game.


The app supports limited deposit methods which can become frustrating. When a user is paying to play the least they expect is to have a smooth system. Withdrawals come with their separate issues and conditions. You need to pay and play before you can be eligible for a withdrawal. The game is not available in 22 US states and Ontario, Canada. The game is only for people above the age of 21. Again depending on how you look at it, the game is based on luck and you might lose your money. If you wanted to try your luck and pay money for the same then there are many better options than to do so through a game.

Also, PrizePicks free entry games seem like a nice way to be able to play the game for free and to win cash prizes through it. However, you get those at random or through certain giveaways, or via promos and other methods. So you can’t exactly keep waiting to score a free-entry game which leaves you with the option of paying to play, which for us is not a very ideal thing to do.

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