List of Useful Quick Certifications that Pay Well

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Certifications are the credentials and documents awarded by companies to individuals or their employees to show that they have acquired certain skills in their expertise. Unlike normal degrees and academic certificates, certifications are awarded to individuals after they have been assessed and acquired adequate experience in their fields of work. In this age of online education, it is easier to get a certificate than ever before. In this article, we have compiled a list of quick certifications that pay well.

List of Useful Quick Certifications that Pay Well

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Certifications are beneficial as they give you a competitive advantage over others in the same field. They approve of your credibility in the field as you have gained experience. This sets you up for a promotion or a salary increase. Let us start our list.

1. Web developer

Web developers create websites and mobile apps. Many businesses are searching for web developers to do these tasks for them, which is why taking such a certification will place you in high demand worldwide. You will be equipped with Java programming language, starting with JavaScript and then into courses such as MVC, Hibernate, Angular, and JSP. As the laws of business dictate, the higher the demand, the higher the price; hence you will be one of the top earners.

2. Data Analytics

This certification will equip you with analytic tools and techniques such as SQL databases, python, and applied statistics that you can use in the business world. Many data scientists, statisticians, and project managers enroll in this course to increase their earnings, as it is a high-paying certification jobs that pay well. The average salary for someone with the certification is $75,000 per annum

3. Penetration Testing

Technology has come with its own share of disadvantages; one is cybercrime. Every organization is in search of a pen tester who will secure their sites from external attacks. If you want to upgrade your earnings, this is one of the top paying quick certifications to consider.

4. Computer Network

Computer networking allows organizations to interconnect their computers and share data and other important resources. The demand for internet and connections is on the rise, including in private homes, and that is why you should consider getting yourself a certification in this field.

5. Cloud Computing

Some of the courses covered in a cloud computing certification include; Microsoft Azure, AWS Technical Essential, and cloud computing capstone projects, among others. The demand for cloud computing specialists is rising daily, and so is the salary.

6. DevOps Certification

This is also among the quick top certification that pays well. It entails courses such as Saltstack, puppet, and Ansible. As organizations seek to automate their management scales, DevOps certification is becoming increasingly important and of value in the market.

7. Agile and Scrum

Having knowledge and a good grasp of Agile methodologies and scrum practices will help you climb the ladder of high-paying quick certification jobs. Your products and concepts will gain value in the market and make your financial accounts burst.

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8. Digital Marketing

Every organization and business needs a marketing strategy. An effective marketing team can lead the business to great success. Online marketing or better known as digital marketing is the current leading certification that pays the way. Equipping yourself with these skills and campaigning tools will increase your earnings by double digits.

9. Big Data

With the rise in internet use for data storage, analysis, and engineering, organizations and governments need big data experts. Their shortage in the market puts their salaries on the roof. If you are interested in data management, you may consider big data certification to enhance your fortunes as it is quick certifications that pay well.

10. Google Certified Professional Data Engineer

Data analysts stand to gain big with a Google Certified Professional Data Engineering Certification. The certification is available for those in the Data engineering, machine learning, and big data fields. You can upscale your salary by taking this quick certification and be among the few top earners.

11. CRISC – Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control

Among the highest paying quick certifications is CRISC. The job categories that can enroll for this certification are IT professionals, business analysts, risk management officers, project managers, and many other fields in information and technology. The certification verifies your skills in risk management and can bring you about $90,000 per year.

12. CISSP – Certified Information Systems Security Professional

As cybercrimes rise, there is an increased demand for certified cyber security professionals. This certification can earn you a big job in an international governmental or non-governmental security firm. The average earnings per year are around $ 150,000; who doesn’t want to get that? Therefore, making it a high-paying certification jobs that pay well or can say pretty good.

13. CISM – Certified Information Security Manager

You may be wondering what the difference between CISSP and CISM is. Certified Information Security Management specializes in business, and the certification ascertains your knowledge and prowess in business design and risk management. You can earn big with this certification.

14. Certified Data Professional (CDP)

The certification places data managers on a high pay scale. One interesting thing about this certification is that once your knowledge in this area is certified, you stand a chance of your pay being increased every year. The average salary is $60,000 per year.

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15. Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate

This certification validates your ability and skill to administer Azure solutions. The focus is majorly on networking, security, and storage of data.

Quick Medical Certifications that Pay Well

Given below is a list of certifications specifically in the medical field that can enhance your career.

1. Radiologic Technologist

Many patients are referred to the radiologist’s office at the hospital for an X-ray. A radiologist conducts the x-rays and performs other examinations on the patients using MRI scanners. This is a high-paying quick certification job in the medical field with an average salary of $30 per hour.

2. Cardiovascular Technologists and Technicians

This course takes you only a year to do and be certified. The cardiologist technicians work hand in hand with cardiologists by using electrocardiogram machines to examine heart issues in patients. They learn how to do tests and interpret the results. Anyone with a postsecondary certificate can take the course from an accredited institution. Their salary ranges between $60,000 and $100,000 a year.

3. Hearing Aid Specialist

One can get these quick certifications that pay well and be paid well. A hearing specialist examines how badly a patient’s hearing damage has gone and recommends the needed aid to assist the patient. They may recommend a hearing device or some rectifying measure. The job’s salary ranges between $50,000 and $80,000.

4. Dental Assistants

Dental assistants work hand in hand with dentists in educating patients on the best practices for dental care. They also examine patients for dental infections and prescribe the kind of treatment they may need. You can complete this certification course in 6 months to 12 months. With the dental assistant certification, you earn more than an uncertified dental assistant. On average, you will earn $50,000 in a year.

5. Medical Coder and Biller Certification

In 6 months, you can get certified as a medical coder. As with every other medical certification program, you will need to study anatomy and terminologies used in medicine. Medical coders develop coded tools to store and share information within a medical facility and with insurance companies. However, this particular certification specializes in coding using CPT diagnostics and ICD. The salary is averaged at $49,200 per annum.

6. Phlebotomist Certification program

The certification lets you work in a laboratory. Phlebotomy technicians play a big role in taking blood samples from patients for tests, research, or donations. They also attend to patients after drawing blood from them. This task requires a hand on the job before you can get the certification. The average salary per year for a phlebotomist is $43,758.

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7. Certified Nurse Assistant Certification Programs

This is a very quick certification ever that pays well. It can take 3 months to complete, and you will be educated on how to conduct first aid and CPR, patient safety tools, and how to relate with patients. Before you are licensed, you also need to undertake a hand on the job to acquire the practical aspect of the role. As a CAN, you can earn an average of $30,000 annually.

8. Medical Assistant Certification Programs

This is a certification program that will take you one year to complete. You will learn about the basic terminologies used in medicine and the anatomy of a human being. Their job entails studying medical charts, diagnosing, and keeping patient records. Their salary is estimated to be $34,800 per year.

9. Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT)

EMTs help to stabilize patients in emergency conditions, conduct CPRs, give first aid to people who have been hurt, and even help expectant mothers to deliver in emergencies. You need to be strong at heart to take up this job, and it is worth it as it is one of the quick certifications that will pay well.

You also need to be ready to work in a fast-paced environment. The kind of risk and demands such a job imposes on you explain why this is one of the top-paying certification jobs. The salary starts at $35,070 to $61,880 a year.

10. Pharmacy Technician Certification Programs

Pharmacy technicians prescribe medication for patients, keep their records, and have to know some basic drug use laws and ethics. They earn about $37,350 in a year or less, which would take a year or less to complete.

11. Physical Therapist Aide Certification Programs

There are over 300 programs to choose from for this certification. It can take about 2 years to complete the course, and one may be required to take an accreditation test in some countries and states. The average salary is $50,000.

12. Surgical technology

People with certification in surgical technology work in operating rooms, assisting the surgeons, setting the rooms and ensuring that their tools are well sterilized. They also help conduct surgeries; hence they need to be highly trained. The training can be for several months or two years. With a certification in surgical technology, you can land a job quickly. The average salary is $46,800.

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13. Behavioral Specialists

Behavioral specialists work in different facilities, such as hospitals, schools, child development centers, and mental health centers. Their major task involves helping autistic patients with their medication and assisting children with language development. This is a 12 weeks course with an increasing career projection. They earn an average of $31,700 per year.

14. Electroneuro Diagnostic Technician

A lot of tension comes with having a neuro-diagnostic test. You need an electro neurodiagnostic technician to help maintain your cool and explain the procedure. Their work is to work in laboratories and check on patients as they undergo surgery. You need at least a year and a half to be trained in this field. More opportunities in the area are rising each year. They earn an average salary of $ 40,000.

High Pay Certificates in Travels & Real Estate that Pay Well

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Next up, we are covering Travel and Real Estate sector. Here are some must have certificates if you belong to these sectors.

1. Flight Attendants Certification Programs

With a high school diploma, you can enroll for certification as a flight attendant. If you love traveling, this can also be an interesting one for you. Flight attendants attend to the passengers on board by serving them as they travel and ensuring they are comfortable. The job needs a lot of flexibility as traveling hours vary between day and night. The average salary is $70,000 a year.

2. Travel Agents

This is one of the high-paying certifications that pay well and do not need a high level of education. You can undertake the certification in your nearby technical training or on-job training. In this field, you will be responsible for making reservations, planning travel itineraries, and bookings for various travelers. The average annual salary for a travel agent is $53,000.

3. Air Traffic Controller Certification Programs

ATCs are among the travel industry’s top quick certifications that pay well. The job role is to work as an Air traffic controller for at least 3 years and a degree to get certified. You can also take a program approved by the FAA teaching about aviation and air traffic control. A lot of training and induction goes into this job category, therefore the salary is also pretty good for this job role. They get paid an average salary of $125,640 per year.

4. Real Estate Sales Agent & Broker

They buy and sell properties in real estate. They are your go-to people when you are looking for a new home, and they will help you find one and land a deal that will meet your desires to finalize the purchase of a property. The federal government regulates the profession, and the certification requirements may vary from region to region. An online real estate management course may take about 120 hours to complete, and a paid-for exam that you must pass before getting the certification. On average, they earn $50,000 a year.

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Quick Certifications that Pay Well in Entertainment, Fitness, Fashion & Wellness

Fashion and Wellness is always in demand just like the fitness and entertainment section. Here are some certifications that you can do in these sectors.

1. Makeup Artists

The theatrics and performance industry has a vast pool of opportunities for make–up artists. If you get the opportunity to do makeup for the performers, you can earn great with this certification. Many production companies are searching for certified makeup artists who know what they are doing. The average salary for a makeup artist is $135,000 per year.

2. Choreographers

Choreographers develop new dance moves that they often perform or teach others. One can do choreography as a hobby and still earn $45 per hour, thus, it belongs on this list of quick certifications that pay well.

3. Massage Therapist

This is a leisure profession and certification that can give you great earnings. The certification course can take about 500 hours or more; you need at least a high school diploma to be admitted for this certification. The program will take you through human anatomy, pathology, kinesiology, and physiology.

The demand for massage therapists has been growing over the last couple of years; the average salary is $60,000 annually.

4. Photographers

Yet another fun job that can get you paid between $42,980 and $ 87,692 in a year. You can work in a scientific field, medical, or journalism, or do it as a freelancer. The exciting thing is that you do not need a higher education certificate to enroll.

5. Fitness Trainers and Instructors

Many people want to stay fit while others want to lose weight. Fitness and wellness instructor training is among the high-paying certification jobs that pay well. With the certification, you can operate your gym, work in a hospital or sports arena, or be employed as a private trainer. Their salaries range from $39,890 to $77,201 in a year.

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Quick Technical Certifications that Pay Well

If you are from a technical field and looking for some quick certificates then check out the list given below.

1. HVACR Technicians

Heating, ventilation, and refrigeration certification takes 6 months and 2 years to complete. This certification will get you $55,000 in a year on average. Their role is to insulate refrigeration, cut pipes, clean up furnaces and do repairs for heating and air conditioning systems.

With an HVACR certification, you get a chance to work with different jobs simultaneously, which can even boost your earnings further. You may also need some licensing for some states to operate in them.

2. Certification Programs in Welding & Soldering

This is a high-paying certification job that pays well. There is no prior educational requirement, such as a high school diploma. With the vocational training, you can be certified to take several welding and soldering jobs that pay between $32,000 and $47,000.

3. Industrial engineering technologist

Industrial engineers usually need technicians with them to help with the revision of their methodology and operations in the industries. They ensure that all operations are implemented as planned and that the plans are well laid out beforehand. The program can be taken online, and you stand a chance of earning a whopping $55,400.

4. Solar Photovoltaic Installer

You can get this certification in a community college, trade schools, and technical institutes. As a solar photovoltaic installer, you can assemble, install and maintain PV systems or roofs. The course can also be acquired online if you have an on-job experience in the area. The average salary per year is $55,000.

5. Electrician

We all use electric power at home, school, and work, and it runs most of the things we use in a technologically advanced society. The role of an electrician is to install, fix or maintain our electrical connectivity. Electricians shift locations as the nature of their jobs dictates. If you are interested in being one, it will only take 4 months, and you will take home a salary of $52,500.

6. Carpentry

This is a normally underestimated job but a high-paying quick certification job. It entails putting up structures and homes and doing occasional repairs. This normally requires strength and stamina; it only takes 6 months to get the certification with hands-on work. The average salary is $44,500.

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