Is PrizeGrab Legit? Truth Revealed

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In life, there are a lot of things that feel too good to be true. It can be your life partner, your luck, or just about anything that you might not be able to wrap your head around. Having mentioned luck, we can say that some have loads of it while others are not so much. Today, there are many apps that let you test your luck and earn money. PrizeGrab is one such site where you bet your money and if you get lucky, you will make big money. Now you may be wondering is PrizeGrab legit? In this article, we will answer that and take a look at PrizeGrab unclaimed prizes, points and features.

Is PrizeGrab Legit? Truth Revealed

A lot of people try their luck in betting and sweepstake opportunities like the one offered by PrizeGrab. With anything which relies on luck, there is chance of losing but it is what makes PrizeGrab fun. However, there are many fake apps like PrizeGrab and one should be careful before using them. PrizeGrab offers points and one can also win PrizeGrab unclaimed prizes but we go over that, let us learn more about the app.

What is PrizeGrab?

PrizeGrab website

In 2013, Cashanovas and PrizeGrab team started this venture that we know as the PrizeGrab. This is a sweepstake website that has so far given away gifts worth more than 2.3 million dollars to more than 10,000 people over the years. An idea that started with just 2 people backing it now boasts a team of 15 dedicated employees. The website is looking to give away prizes daily and it’s not just any prizes but rather the team interacts with their audience and asks them what prizes they would want to compete for and then the team makes sure to fulfill those wishes.

All you need to do is signup to their website and give them information like your email address and zip code. The team claims to be the number 1 sweepstakes site in the whole of America and you can also win cash prizes through their website. The website allows you to choose from a range of prizes that you want to win. There are prizes given out on daily bases and there are real winners out here who have had a safe and happy experience interacting with this website. Now that we know a bit about the website let’s see if, is PrizeGrab legit.

Is PrizeGrab legit?

New prizes weekly | Is PrizeGrab Legit

We started off the article by talking about stuff that seemed too good to be true. Surely at this point, a lot of you might be feeling the same way about PrizeGrab. Rewards worth millions have been given away, free prizes daily, and fan-preferred awards, all such points might have made it harder for you to believe the claim of this website. But is PrizeGrab legit? Yes, it is. How? To know that, keep reading and we will shower you with multiple proofs to prove its legitimacy.

You need to be located in the United States, Guam, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, or other U.S. territories and be above the age of 18 to be able to take part in the sweepstakes that is PrizeGrab. Also, you can’t be a member of the team or the family member of a member of the team and take part in the sweepstakes. When you win prizes you receive an email confirming the same and you have 10 days to claim it. Also, the website requires you to produce an email address and a zip code.

Apart from all this you can visit the website of PrizeGrab and read the comments of the winners who have shared their pictures with the prizes as well. You also can head to the internet and check if, is PrizeGrab legit, and you would come across various articles that vouch for the website’s legitimacy. This can probably be the best option to go ahead with as there is no better way to prove the legitimacy of something than reading about the positive stuff that its users and the critics have to mention in general.

If articles on the internet are to be beloved then so far the website has seen a little more than 6,500 winners as opposed to the 10,000 mentioned on the website and of those 1,500 or so have won multiple prizes. So you have a good number of people who can share their real-life experiences with the website to give you an idea about how true and legit the website is.

As there is a chance of earning cash as a prize on the website there might be federal or state taxes that you might have to look out for and that should give you a further idea of the legitimacy of the website. Those that are convinced about the website by now can head to win big prizes while we try and mention a few prize winners in a bid to convince the unconvinced.

PrizeGrab Winners List

Winners section

If you head to the PrizeGrab website then you can check out their rules, prizes, etc. Of these the most impressive one to look out for is the prize section where you will see all kinds of stuff like gift cards, mixers, kitchen utensils, beauty products, real cash, and whatnot.

This tells you that they do listen to their users and giveaway prizes that they wish to have on the website. And since you have doubts is PrizeGrab legit, let us tell you that their website has more than 430 pages filled with names of those that have won prizes through the website, and here we will try and mention a few of them.

Some Testimonies 

Sara Maziarz from LORAIN, OH is one of the lucky cash prize winners as she won 1,000 dollar cash from PrizeGrab and she found it hard to believe as she has mentioned on the website. Stephanie Carpenter from VINTON, VA is another lucky winner who won a 10 dollars Target gift card from PrizeGrab and thanked the website for the same. Miguel Laboy from CLEVELAND, OH won a KitchenAid Artisan Mixer worth 300 dollars from PrizeGrab for which he felt great and thankful towards them.

Is PrizeGrab legit for you now? If not, don’t worry we have got more to mention. Tom Kempinski from SHAWANO, WI was another big winner from PrizeGrab after having won a 300-dollar Lowe’s Gift Card for which he was thankful as he mentioned that he has been playing since Feb 2017 and will carry on ahead. Lyn Larsen from MANCHESTER, NJ also claimed a big prize in the form of a Walmart gift card worth 300 dollars for which she was thankful as she got an early Christmas gift. Joseph Lenney from TROY, NH got a 12-dollar daily cash giveaway prize.

So you see that’s just 6 prize winners that we have mentioned of the 6,500 odd or so and their prize money combined total value is close to 2,000 dollars. Now imagine how much 2 million dollars sounds in the amount spent on giving away multiple prizes daily. Is PrizeGrab still not legit for you? At this point, one might even give up the rationale behind the sweepstake website and just go for it because we forgot to mention the fact that participation in the game is free.

Surely there’s no harm in playing a free game without providing any credit card or bank details and standing a chance to win prizes. To further make a case for the website let’s talk about how the point system and winning work. Later on, we will also inform you about PrizeGrab unclaimed prizes.

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PrizeGrab Points

PrizeGrab cashprizes | Is PrizeGrab Legit

As per the rules of PrizeGrab, the prizes that you can win from the website lie anywhere between the range of 10 dollars and 25,000 dollars and you can play for and win multiple prizes as well. But how exactly do you get these prizes? Are there PrizeGrab points that you need to win or earn that help you claim a prize or is there something else that you need to do? Well, the website claims that the winners are chosen by the system at random and that the PrizeGrab team members can’t participate in the game nor can their family members.

With that said can you still better your chances of winning? Yes. Is PrizeGrab legit when it comes to using certain strategies to better your chances? We want to say yes because doing the following might help you walk a step closer to the prizes. It is common sense that visiting the website daily and participating in more sweepstakes gives you a better shot at winning prizes. With that being said, there is a limit on the number of entries that you can post daily. So make sure you put in the maximum number of entries every day to better your chances of winning a prize.

Email is your friend when it comes to PrizeGrab. They send you an email to notify you about your win so keep an eye there. In addition to that they also have exclusive email-based prizes that are not available on the website so do keep an eye out for those as well. Not only this but their Facebook and Twitter channels also have exclusive prizes to give away from time to time so follow them there and look out for them, also you will receive reminders about the prizes that are about to expire so that should help you as well.

You can play the sweepstake at any time from anywhere so while on the go use your free time and try and play PrizeGrab to improve your chances of coming away with a prize. You can also get streak bonuses when using this website. All you have to do is give at least 10 entries a day and then keep doing that day after day, this gives you points that add up to a bonus entry opportunity and thereby further improve your chances.

So you see that even winning strategies to use in the game are not biased to favor certain people and give everyone an equal chance. So is PrizeGrab legit for you now? You can say yes to that and head to the website to try your luck or follow us and learn about what happens to the PrizeGrab unclaimed prizes.

PrizeGrab Unclaimed Prizes

How it works page

Life gives you second chances and only a few other things can claim to give you second chances. PrizeGrab is one of those things that gives you second chances. How? You could have said, no to answer, is PrizeGrab legit, by saying that they might not pick active users or they send emails to spam so that no one claims the prizes and they can save the money and still pose to be good? But here there is a twist, the unclaimed gifts don’t go back to the team, there is altogether something else planned for them.

If you lose out on a gift that you needed then you just need to hope that no one else claims it. A winner gets 10 days to claim their gift but when that time has passed and the gift has not been claimed the gift then goes to the sweepstakes again. The players get another chance of applying for an entry to win this particular prize and this time another person can get to be the winner and claim that prize. Let’s say you entered the sweepstakes for a kitchen set and it is not claimed and enters the PrizeGrab unclaimed prizes section. Then this gift will again be put on the website for another user to try and win.

If you head to the PrizeGrab website and head to the unclaimed gifts section then you can see for yourself that there they mention that a gift was forfeited by a PrizeGrabber and so you should head to the entry and fill in as many entries as possible and try to win the unclaimed prize. You just need to check the rules and follow them to make sure that you don’t break the rules and that should be enough to help you score the prize on the second try if you missed out on the first try.

Is PrizeGrab legit? It is. But does that mean that it is also issue-free? Even the top-rated websites of the world don’t function with a 100% success record and so the PrizeGrab website may also end up having a bad day. You might be redirected to some other page when wanting to apply for unclaimed prizes so don’t worry in that case. You could assume that there are no unclaimed prizes up for offer at that time or use the mis-redirection to enter for some other prize up for grabs rather than wasting the opportunity. This was all about PrizeGrab unclaimed prizes.

PrizeGrab – Pros and Cons

About me page | Is PrizeGrab Legit

So far we have been seeing the website under the scanner asking if is PrizeGrab legit and scrutinizing it on all fronts but what are the pros and cons of interacting with a website of this kind? The website seems legit and we iterated that time and again but does that give you the clearance to go ahead and start playing or should you still be cautious and keep some distance from it? Let’s weigh out the contrasting points.


In the whole article, we have been asking if the game is legit or not and so far the conclusion is that it indeed is legit. So what might be the issue if we interact with a legit website? If they just ask for your email ID and zip code and don’t charge you for playing while giving out attractive rewards then we don’t see what possible issues must keep you away from it. Also, they have exclusive rewards to give away on email, Facebook, and Twitter which means more and more rewards and more and more winners.

They also genuinely give away the prizes which is a very good thing and the unclaimed gifts are made available to the users again and so your prize-winning chances increase. The prizes can be worth up to 25,000 dollars in cash which is no small amount to be won in a free game or even paid for that matter.

The team is very interactive, and asks the audience for the prices they want in the events and gives them that. Also, the winners are chosen at random and the team members or their family members can’t participate in the game further making them more trustworthy.


You are allowed to make multiple entries for any given prize and can also apply for multiple prizes but that still does not guarantee a prize. The website has been running for 13 years now and gives away prizes daily. There are multiple prizes given away and more than 2 million dollars worth of prizes have been given away to date and yet the website claims only 10,000 people have won prizes, whereas articles on the internet say that 6,500 people have won prizes out of which up to 1,500 people are repeat winners.

So you see how minuscule your chances of winning a prize are, though the game is free your time is wasted. PrizeGrab unclaimed prizes are out there for you to try and win on the second time of asking but as per reviews out on the internet state users tried to check for this page and were redirected to another page which might not paint a good picture for them.

Also, the biggest factor you need to win prizes is luck, there are no skills or other factors involved. It is plain betting and hoping for a win which makes it boring after a point of time especially if you don’t win prizes at regular intervals.

We mentioned that the website is free to use but then how do they make money? Is PrizeGrab legit? Yes, they are. So then they do need to make money to be able to give away all the stuff that they do. Of course. So the website shows you tons of ads and sends multiple emails to users and that is how they make money. So you should be ready to receive tons of emails and spam. There is always a hidden cost indeed.

You are allowed to put in more than 10s and 100s of entries for prizes, now imagine how many people out there like you are putting out these many entries. The more the number of entries increases the worse your odds to be able to win.

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Is PrizeGrab worth it?

Is PrizeGrab legit? Our stance hasn’t changed. Do we recommend the website? It is free so you might as well try it if you have free time on hand as that is the hidden cost you are paying to be able to win a prize. And also, data used on the website is the other price that you are paying. Apart from that, there is not much to say for or against the website. It is legit and safe to interact with this website, the burden of decision falls on you.

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