Is Hopper Legit? Is it Safe?

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Travelling is wonderful. It gives us perspective and makes us mature. As the world has become advanced travelling has become more regulated and somewhat expensive. It is an industry after all which needs to make a profit. Many people have a list of places they want to go to but can’t afford. This is where an app like Hopper can help them as it gives travel offers and discounts. Using Hopper your travel expense will significantly reduce. But is Hopper legit? In this article, we will answer that and also go over some points which are covered in Hopper reviews and expand on them.

Is Hopper Legit? Is it Safe? 

Whenever an app or product appears too good to be true there is suspicion about its nature. The Internet is filled with scams and fake apps. Hopper app has its own critics and they have given their opinions on many Hopper reviews. But before we discuss whether it is legit or not, let us learn about the app.

What is Hopper?

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To make travel cheap, the Hopper platform was made in 2015 by Frederic Lalonde. This is a platform that you can use when you wish to get discounts on your hotel bookings, air tickets, car rentals, and more. Claiming to be the number 1 most downloaded travel app in North America the platform has a 4.8-star rating from thousands of reviews and so far they have helped more than 75 million customers to save money.

It is a global level platform and they sell 4.5 billion dollars worth of products every year. They are a private company and have so far been backed by big names in the banking and investment sector like WestCap, Capital One, Goldman Sachs, and Omers Ventures which has helped them raise 600 million dollars in capital.

The platform can also be used by an average person who wishes to sell a trip or travel fintech and they also run a Hopper Travel program where 2 trees are planted for every travel booking. Their services include providing you with homes as well for your trip, other than that they have referral programs, rewards, a price prediction tool, and a few other services that you as a traveler may find useful. The app can be downloaded on an iOS or an Android device and is free to use as well as download. Now that we know what it is, we need to know if is Hopper legit.

Is Hopper Legit?

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If you want to hear nothing but the truth then you should know that Hopper is indeed a trustable platform. No, it is not just us saying that but rather a lot of people on the internet as well. If you were to go on the internet and search results for is Hopper legit then you would find a flurry of positive comments to go through. However, that does not paint the whole picture. In all honesty, the app has its shortcomings as well which is why there are also bad reviews and angry customers out there. However, that is for later but for now, let’s try and prove to you the legitimacy of the app.

So you could be booking a home, car rental, hotel, or flight ticket using this app that is said to be the number 1 travel app in 35 countries at least. And in doing so you could be saving between 30 and 120 dollars and more or less. Now it may or may not rank well in these many countries but it does help in making the trip cheap for its users by getting them discounts and helping them save money. There is no denying that and this in itself gives the app some credibility.

Even if we head to various review pages or check the Play Store or App Store rating for the app then they are decent or more than decent which indicates that they have more happy customers than sad ones. Also, the app is free to download and use so one should not have a problem when choosing to download and use it since you can experience the app firsthand and decide for yourself if it is worth it or not.

Even if you think that the app is not good for you and does not serve its purpose well you could use the app just for research purposes to get an idea of the deals and offers and then you can go ahead and directly contact the dealer. So the app has multiple purposes that way. The fact that you are not being asked to pay to use the platform combined with the fact that it is trying to help you save money on travel is something that just can’t be overlooked for the sake of it.

And if you still ask, is Hopper legit? You should know that the number of people who have downloaded the app goes into millions across the globe. The positive reviews that are out there might not all be real and true but among them, there might be a handful of them that are and that should be enough justification on the behalf of the app. No app or platform comes with just praise or faults, there is a mix of them for all of them and that is exactly the case with Hopper as well but that does not take away from the app it’s credibility.

Is Hopper Legit for Hotels?

Hopper is available on Android and iOS devices, however, hotel bookings can be made from as well. This is not the case for flights though as they can only be booked via the app. And this is not for pushing you to use the app and to make money from you by showing you ads, because Hopper doesn’t show you in-app ads as well. They make their money via commission from the bookings you make. Is Hopper legit? Yes. But does the legitimacy apply to hotel booking as well?

Booking Hotels via Hopper App

Head to the store of your device and search for the Hopper app. Once you come across it go ahead and download and install the app on your device. After opening the app log in if you already have an account or sign up for a new one. Now click on the Hotel button. After this search for the hotel, you wish to stay at and enter the number of people you are planning to book for. You can also set filters for a search like ratings, required amenities, price, etc.

Now you will be shown a calendar which shows you how busy or free the booking of that particular hotel is in the coming days. Now you select your arrival and departure date. Post this you will be shown results that match your search criteria. You can now look for more details from a hotel if you are interested in it and the app will let you know if it is better to book it now or later. Here you can use the price freeze feature.

So you see the process was so simple and didn’t require you to spend a dime and the app also comes in and plays a part by suggesting to you when to or not to make a booking while also allowing you the freeze the prize which makes sure you pay can’t more than the current price of the booking but lesser if possible in future. So is Hopper legit for hotels? It certainly is. Not to forget that you can save up to 40% on flights or hotel bookings using the app.

Now you may or may not be convinced about the Hopper app as of yet but we can’t risk it or leave that up to chance. So to provide further answers to the question is Hopper legit we will share some more details about the owner of the app.

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Who owns Hopper App?

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The man whose picture you see above is the one who gets to claim to be the owner of Hopper. To answer the question of who owns Hopper app, Fredrick Lalonde is the person responsible for creating this groundbreaking travel app back in 2015. He has in the past worked at Expedia and is also a current Board member of Ixigo. He likes to call himself a serial entrepreneur in Boston and Montreal and there is a good reason to support his claim after having seen his creation Hopper flourish so well.

In 2021, Hopper had 15 million downloads which is again an answer to those who ask if is Hopper legit. The numbers don’t lie, and to put it into perspective, the number of downloads was beaten by a handful of apps like Lyft, Google Maps, and Uber in the United States of America per Apptopia. But Frederick who is also the current CEO of the company has indicated that there is more to achieve as he planned to not stop here but to make the company a primary travel super app in North America.

The founder and owner of Hopper, Fredrick, thinks that North America doesn’t have a travel app that offers a good starting point. He wants his app to be a single entry point for a range of services which as you see already offers booking hotels, flights, vacation homes, and more just from their app. They also acquired PlacePass, a digital tours and activities marketplace and plan to integrate tour content in the app in the future. Apart from that Hopper also comes with the Flight Disruption Guarantee feature which allows customers to get a full refund or allows them to rebook for free using the app in certain cases.

Lalonde thinks North America will follow the pattern of Southeast Asia where mobile purchases outnumber desktop purchases and this will result in the creation of a super app where an e-commerce platform may sell travel or vice versa. Anything may happen but what remains certain is the Hopper owner sees the change coming and prepares for it as he hopes to be the owner of the app that becomes the super app when the time indeed comes. So now is Hopper legit for you? If not then we have some reviews to share with you or help build a case. Let us now go over some Hopper reviews.

Hopper Reviews

Surely everyone out there must know of the review platform Trustpilot. We now use this platform to find out what the customers have to say about Hopper as a good platform and as a bad platform. We will now look at some Hopper reviews. Earlier when answering the question, is Hopper legit, we mentioned how the legitimacy of the platform had nothing to do with it being good or bad. And now we unveil the points that the customer had in mind when reviewing Hopper.


On the good side of things, the Hopper receives a 3.3-star rating on Trustpilot as the 49% 5-star ratings just outnumber the 41% 1-star ratings. This helps Hopper achieve a satisfactory or average rating. The 4 stars, 3 stars, and 2-star ratings get 4%, 3%, and 3% votes each. Let us start with some positive Hopper reviews.

Ivory Flemister from the US gave the platform a five-star rating after money towards her payment on the app was deducted twice from the app and then the team helped her in the best possible way to provide her with a refund for the same. Barbara B again from the US also had a good experience with the customer service team when they went the extra mile to help her as a new user on the platform when she accidentally purchased a non-refundable hotel stay.

Chiara Esposito from Italy dropped a five-star rating and mentioned that everything was perfect. Natasha Ratz from the US found great flight deals on the app and also had a good encounter with the customer service team which made her dish out a 5-star rating.


There were many more Hopper reviews on Trustpilot with 5-star ratings but that shouldn’t let us forget about the 1-star rating and the reviews that shared their bad experiences.

Kathryn Wiley from the US gave Hopper a 1-star rating because she found using the app to be an extra hassle when trying to get a refund that was confirmed by the airline. However, when she asked Hopper about the same the team denied having gotten any refund for the same and this prompted it to be a bad experience for her.

Sandra Salazar from the US also had a 1-star rating to give to the platform after she found herself paying more than she expected and finding her trip to be priced very expensively where she was charged extra for useless stuff that made her disappointed.

Magz Ibrahim of Australia wanted to give the company a negative rating but settled for a 1-star rating after having given a 4-star rating to them in the past. The issue seemed to be that Magz’s funds seemed to be stolen according to her as the customer service was there to help nor did they provide a warning, email, or any sort of information to Magz on their purchase.

Shon from the US also gave the platform a 1-star rating citing the reason to be that Hopper put many hidden charges on their purchase making it pricier and then they wouldn’t even respond to any emails. These were some negative Hopper reviews.

So all in all you see there is good stuff and there is bad stuff. Is Hopper legit? Yes, it is. But is it undisputedly the best travel app? Far from it. No app can claim to have a hundred percent success or happy customer ratio but as long as your personal experience with an app is good or bad there is not much to look at as the reviews may or may not be trustable or apply to your situation.

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Hopper – Pros and Cons

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On the plus side, you have the fact that the app is easy to use, is free to download and use, and is overall good for making bookings or even just for researching on and also even after being free the app does not show you ads. Also, the app claims to find the best discounts on various bookings for you and in that sense, its accuracy more or less matches its claims.

The rating of the app might not be great on all the platforms but it surely is more than decent or good on various review pages and elsewhere which makes it a good app. Also, the app sends you notifications to inform you about changes in flight prices so you can make the bookings at the right time.

Using the app gets you Carrot Cash rewards which are the in-app incentive that can be used in place of cash on your next booking. The app is available on both iOS and Android devices and this helps it reach a wider audience and not to forget that it is available globally. The app has partnered with more than 150 airlines which should give you a picture of its widespread network around the world. No wonder there are many positive Hopper reviews.

The app has some hidden charges that you might come across even though they claim that nothing of that sort exists. Also, they automatically include a 5-dollar tip on your booking which you can cancel manually but it still feels wrong. Similarly, the notifications that help you with price changes from time to time can become irritating after a point especially when there’s no significant change in price.

When we saw the Hopper reviews above, customer service seemed to be a problem that many users experienced. So from that, it is safe to say that this problem might be an Achilles heel when using the app. Is Hopper legit? Yes, it is. But again that does not step from being a little out of place. While they do help you find discounted prices and cheap bookings, they are not always providing you with the cheapest option as you might come across lower prices for the same bookings elsewhere.

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