Is Bubble Cash Legit or Scam? 

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We all have looked at our smartphones at some point in time and thought how could it entertain me more? You can use social media endlessly, click selfies, go through news feeds but sometimes you just feel done, done with your phone. To curb this scenario, there are many apps that give money to you for your time. And when money is involved anyone will feel motivated to keep using their phone. One such app is Bubble Cash which pays you to play games. But what is this app and is Bubble Cash legit? Do you have to pay to play Bubble Cash? We will answer all these questions and also inform you about Bubble Cash free money.

Is Bubble Cash Legit or Scam? 

There are many apps online that pay users for playing random games but most of them are fake. That is why it is important to review these apps properly. Today we will do the same with Bubble Cash. You will get to know is Bubble Cash legit and whether do you have to pay to play Bubble Cash or not.

What is Bubble Cash?

Papaya Gaming website

It is a popular game where you shoot a colored ball at a pile of colored balls with the aim of matching the same colored balls to eliminate them and win points in the process. The game usually has some name revolving around bubbles like bubble shooter or something similar. The name of the game varies but the aim is the same as the Bubble Cash game.

Created by Papaya Gaming, Bubble Cash is a ball-popping game. It is one of the two games created by the team, the other one is Solitaire Cash. The game is currently only available in the US and UK and for Apple users and Galaxy device users. The company was launched in 2020 and it is based in Tel Aviv, Israel. There games have strong ratings and lots of downloads.

The game has tournaments and other game options that you can choose from. There are leaderboards where you climb higher as you score more and more points. You also have power ups and other cool in-game features. You can play free and paid games in exchange for rewards or real cash. The game has PayPal, Apple Pay, MasterCard, Visa, and American Express and its payment-proving options.

Is Bubble Cash Legit?

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How do you determine the legitimacy of any stuff? You can read articles about it, check for reviews and use that thing yourself to find an answer. When it comes to answering is Bubble Cash legit, there are many things that suggests this game is completely real and safe to play. Here are some reasons for it.

  • It is available on the Apple App Store and Galaxy Store and both these platforms have strict policies when it comes to hosting fraud or fake apps.
  • This app has a huge number of downloads, favorable reviews and positive ratings further establishing the legitimate status of the game.
  • Papaya Gaming has also created, Solitaire Cash which is similar to Bubble Cash but even more popular. So this company has a record of making these games which are trusted by many.
  • The game also has an age limit in place which means that only people above 18 years of age are allowed to play the game. And it will be difficult for a fake app to become this popular among adults.
  • The game is only available in some places where the law doesn’t prevent it from existing. If the game wasn’t legitimate then why would they care about laws? They could have found loopholes or illegal passages to operate in those places as well.
  • Brands like Apple Pay, PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, and American Express have partnered with this game adding further legitimacy.

Bubble Cash Free Money

Bubble Cash in app store

After learning is Bubble Cash legit? Let us discuss Bubble Cash free money. Does Bubble Cash free money exist? As you know with this app you have the option of playing free games or tournaments and paid ones. However, the paid games don’t necessarily have to be paid for with money.

The paid games can be played for in-game credits which you can earn from free games. It will save your real money. Apart from that you also get free games and other bonuses on referrals to friends.

You would think that how is this Bubble Cash free money? The answer to it is that the app is indirectly paying you for either playing the game or for bringing new users to them. If you are not interested in earning in-game credits then you would have to pay a minimum of 1 dollar to enter a 5-dollar tournament.

In that tournament, if you are placed first or second then you would get 2.20 dollars or 1.40 dollars respectively. Finishing third would bag you 0.80 dollars and fourth or fifth rank means no reward. Thus the in-game rewards are basically Bubble cash free money.

For instance, if you somehow reach 1,200 gems in the game and then you could play a 7-dollar prize money game. However, it is a slow and difficult process to get to 1,200 gems but it is possible. So if you persevere then you stand a chance to make free money from Bubble Cash.

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Do you have to Pay to Play Bubble Cash?

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It is normal to have such queries when talking about an app like Bubble Cash. You might think that the app is paying the players money, is free to download, and has free tournaments as well so how do they make money? It is only fair to have such doubts like do you have to pay to play Bubble Cash? No, you don’t have to and you don’t need to. The app asks for no kind of fee from you to play or download the game.

Even when you start playing the game you have the option of sticking to unpaid games which would see you play for in-game gems which you can again make without having to pay for the game. The option of paying for a game, tournament or in-game gems is a choice that you make for yourself. You can just play the game for free and fun or you can take it up a notch by bringing money into the picture and raising the stakes.

For now, only people from the US and UK can download the game as of now. There are many similar games out there that you can download if you don’t belong to these countries or don’t have an Apple or Galaxy device. You could also look for APKs online for the game and download it or use a VPN for the same, however, this is something that is not recommended for various purposes.

You can simply search for Free bubble-burst games on the phone store of your device and you might find tons of alternatives waiting for you to try. However, the other games might not exactly be skill-based or a game that gives real money like Bubble Cash. And now you know the answer to do you have to pay to play Bubble Cash.

Bubble Cash Withdrawal

Bubble cash screenshots

We have established that you get real money by playing Bubble Cash. Let us now understand Bubble Cash withdrawal process. The app has a withdrawal feature that lets you cash out your winnings.

To deposit money the game has multiple channels which are PayPal, Apple Pay, VISA, MasterCard, and American Express. But for withdrawal, the channel narrows down to Apple Pay and PayPal. Apple users can use Apple Pay to withdraw their money and PayPal can be used by Galaxy device owners to withdraw their money from the game. Before you head to withdraw money, make sure to check your winnings.

Generally, there is also a limit in place for withdrawals. You need to have a certain amount of winnings to be eligible to withdraw the money for free. If the withdrawal amount is less than that then you will have to pay a fee for the same. Also, withdrawals might take some time to go through. In most cases, it may take anywhere between 3 to 14 days to get your money in your account.

Can you lose Money on Bubble Cash?

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It was all fun and games up until here but now comes a serious stage where the negative side of the app comes to the forefront. It is not a deal breaker per se but something that you need to tread with care.

If you are someone who sticks to the unpaid games then you have got nothing to worry about but if you play paid games then you risk losing your money as you are depositing money into the game.

When you play these paid games you will need to make sure that you end up first or second to make sure you stand a chance to benefit from your investment. Because ranking even third in a paid game means that you make less than what you invested

So to answer can you lose money on Bubble Cash we would say yes. And this is down to the fact that no matter how hard you try you know it is not possible to win every game that you play. Another thing to keep in mind is competition. The game claims to pair you with an opponent of a similar level but for all, you know you could be playing against a bot programmed to never lose so be careful.

Is Bubble Cash Gambling?

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There is no denying that this game is similar to gambling. Playing a game to make or lose money more or less fits the definition of gambling. Most games ask you for money to give you in-game content like cash, gems, energy, powerups, clothes, etc. however, they don’t pay you in return.

This app is said to be a casino game and ranks in the list of casino games. Now anything that involves casinos or is linked to them more or less falls in the territory of gambling. In fact, the app is not available in select US states as it violates the gambling law of those countries.

The gamers can argue all day long that it is a skill-based game but no matter how well you play you are relying on luck. The odds to win are not totally in your favor and nor is the opponent known to you. You might as well go to a casino and find the same conditions of not knowing your opponent, relying on luck, and odds not being in your favor.

Some people who have used the app have found it hard to make money from it with a select few claiming to have made decent money from it. And similar to gambling, you also have to be careful and avoid getting addicted to this game.

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Pros and Cons of Bubble Cash

We have answered is Bubble Cash legit and some other questions related to this game. Let us now check out some of its pros and cons.


  • The game has no ads that you have to deal with so that is a relief for the users.
  • You can play free games and also play real money games for free by playing using in-game gems. It might be tough to reach this stage but at least it’s possible and is an option.
  • Referral bonuses are there for you to invite friends. You can make money from this and play paid games using it.


  • You stand to lose money as winning isn’t that easy and also you can’t trust if you are up against a real player and a trustable system.
  • The earnings you stand to make from the game are not as high as you would expect and the odds to win are also less, meaning more risk of losing money than making.
  • Accept it or not you kind of are getting involved in gambling when you interact with this game so be prepared for that beforehand.

With the information we have provided about Bubble Cash game, the answer of is Bubble Cash legit is clear. It is important to understand that one can’t rely upon this game for consistent money. Be mindful of the monetary risks that come with this game and play in moderation.

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