Is AliExpress Legit? Is it Safe?

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Online shopping has almost replaced normal shopping. People now prefer to stay in their homes, check the massive variety of things available online and pick the ones they like. Many sites offer heavy discounts to attract buyers. One such site is AliExpress which is famous for selling items at a cheap rate but is AliExpress legit? In this article, we will answer that question along with questions like what is AliExpress and why is AliExpress so cheap.

What is AliExpress?

AliExpress is owned by the Alibaba Group a massive multinational Chinese company. It is a famous Chinese online store which was founded in 2010. If you like to save your penny then you can try buying items from AliExpress as products here are available at low prices. Their website remains filled with great deals and discounts.

Is AliExpress Legit? Is it Safe?

Yes, AliExpress is a legit website and AliExpress is considered safe because it is owned by Alibaba group which is a multinational company. It is safe to buy products on AliExpress and it also provides a number of buyer protection policies. AliExpress also provides a secure payment method in addition to a 3D secure system so that customers who make payments through credit cards or debit cards are protected from being scammed by fraud people.

Why is AliExpress so cheap?

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The best factories in the world to make cheap products are the Chinese factories. They know how to use energy in an efficient manner and to make use of raw materials thus the products made on AliExpress are manufactured in China thus they are so cheap. There are many manufacturers in China who want to stand out and want to expand their business, so to do that they lower the prices of the products.

They are aware that items with lower cost and amazing quality tend to attract buyers more and there is intense competition, so they keep the product prices low and you get to buy so cheap goods. Besides this, there are other reasons also of why is it so cheap, read the points discussed by us below to know about them.

  • You buy from manufacturers directly: The costs are cut significantly as the merchants selling products in this store are from China and thus, they buy their products directly from Chinese manufacturers. Besides that, manufacturers are not liable to pay VAT when they export their products.
  • Suppliers offer amazing discounts: The bulk deals and amazing discounts on the products make the cost of the product cheaper. AliExpress not only takes care of the customers but also the suppliers by providing great deals to retailers and drop shippers. For buying products in large quantities, they also provide extra price cuts.
  • No sales chain: Another reason why is AliExpress so cheap is that the buyers buy the products from the manufacturers directly and they do not have to pass through the sales chain. In the sales chain cost of the product rises when it passes from one middleman to another. It is different system which can confuse people and prompt them to wonder is AliExpress legit.
  • To beat the competition: In order to compete with American, Japanese, European, Latin American and other companies the prices of the products present in the AliExpress store are cheap. Products of lower cost attract customers, and to beat the well-established companies it is important to provide good quality and cheap products to the consumers so that they get attracted.
  • Low shipping cost: Besides amazing discounts, the shipping cost is also very low or negligible subsidies are given for exporting products thus suppliers provide free or low shipping. This takes place when the China post or Hong Kong Post is made use by the suppliers to transport the products to the countries that have trade agreements with China.
  • The cost of labor is low: Due to lower spending on labor the margin for the manufacturers increases and the cost decreases. Therefore, manufacturers can afford to sell the items at a lower rate.
  • Less spending on Advertising: The sellers on AliExpress does not invest much money in advertising thus low advertising cost leads to low prices. Besides that, AliExpress also gives coupons which you can redeem at any store of AliExpress.

Is it Safe to Buy from AliExpress? 

The answer to the question is AliExpress app safe or is it safe to buy from AliExpress is yes. If you face any issues on AliExpress then you can make use of its dispute mechanism. Its dispute process is managed by the AliExpress customer service team. If the buyers are not able to resolve any issues that they might have with the seller, then they can open a dispute during the buyer protection period and then the AliExpress dispute team looks into the matter and provide solutions to the buyer.

To ensure an extra layer of security make sure to make some precautionary measures while shopping online at AliExpress. For example, you can check the reviews before buying an item, you should also check out for products that are fake. Besides this question, the answer to is AliExpress legit is also yes.

Refund on AliExpress 

Customers can get refunds if they get items that are totally different from how the seller described them. If the products you ordered are delivered late or the supplier did not send the order then also you can ask for a refund. Here are the two refund options.

Refund Requests Without Returning Items

If you have not yet received the product you ordered, then you can ask for a full refund. If you received a product in the wrong size and color then you can claim a partial refund. Besides that, defective products also come under the category of partial refunds.

Refund request with the return of the item

If you cancel an order or receive the wrong product then you have to send the product back to the suppliers. Even in this case, you can claim refunds. Now you the details of refund on AliExpress and the answer to is AliExpress Legit.

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How to Get a Refund on AliExpress?

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Follow the steps given below to get a refund on AliExpress.

1. Collect the Evidence

If the seller claims that he has sent a genuine product, but the product does not match the seller’s description about the product then you will have to collect the evidence. After that, you need to upload evidence and claim the refund.

2. Open a dispute

Secondly, you can open a dispute with the seller. You can open disputes when the seller ships a product of a low quality or when it is delivered late. On the order details page, you will have to specify the reason for your refund request and enter the amount to refund.

3. Follow up

After the two steps mentioned above AliExpress gives five days to the sellers to respond to the request. On the dispute page, you can check the progress of your dispute and if the seller does not agree to your request, then AliExpress will interfere with the dispute details.

We hope you enjoyed reading our article as we have discussed Is AliExpress Legit, is it safe to use, how you can claim refund and more. If you want to read more on such topics then you can visit our page as we keep coming up with interesting information.

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