How to Submit a website to Alexa?

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Alexa is one of the best and free tools to get the data of any website’s global and local rank and keywords from which it is generating traffic. Therefore, it can also be said that it is specialized in monitoring and obtaining internet traffic statistics company. It is an authentic web information company that gives web traffic data. If your site is added to its database, then your page can meet several metrics anywhere. But the question is how to submit a website to Alexa? The process is straightforward, and you can do it yourself in just a couple of minutes.

How to Submit a website to Alexa?

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Today, it is all about clicks and traffic when it comes to having an online presence. Whether you are selling your product or writing a blog you need your website to be visible to the masses. Alexa helps you with that and more. Let us find out more about this company.

What is Alexa?

Alexa homepage | How to submit a website to Alexa

First, let us know more about this Webmaster tool in detail. Alexa was founded in 1996 by Brewster Kahle and Bruce Gilliland, and then after three years in 1999, it was taken over by Amazon. After 10 years, in 2009, they redesigned the site layout completely and started providing more statistics such as website speed, average page views per user, web traffic metrics, and much more.

The experts working on this tool also created an add-on for browsers with the help of which you could see any website’s Alexa rank. This Plugin can be used with significant internet browsers such as Google, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

You can either opt for the free version or buy their premium package that helps users check their website stats in-depth, analyze competitors’ site analytics, mobile insights, daily statistics, and much more. Before we learn how to submit a website to Alexa, let us understand what is this ranking.

What is Alexa Ranking?

Alexa features

It is important to get an excellent listing and ranking on Alexa. It makes use of a numerical indicator for calculating the traffic and success and fame of sites. On Alexa, the smaller the value, the more important it is.  

For example, for a new or not-popular site, its value on Alexa can vary from Alexa 4-2000000, and for the website with a lot of traffic, its value might be below 1, 00,000.

You would be amazed to know that as per estimated data, Alexa receives more than 8.5M people every month, and it renders global ranks, traffic data, and other site metrics to over 30M websites.

Benefits of Alexa

Alexa benefits websites in numerous ways, such as:

  • It shows rank based on country
  • Popular search queries
  • Bounce rate
  • Upstream sites
  • Pageviews
  • Number of backlinks

All this data can be essential for your site as with this information, you will be easily able to compare your website with the competitors.

It uses its algorithms to analyze the traffic data and ranks every domain accordingly. You can also claim your website on Alexa as it helps to add more details about your website in Alexa. Thus it is also essential for you to know How to claim your website on Alexa?

The foremost thing that you should know is the steps involved in submitting the website to Alexa; let’s get started.

How to submit a website to Alexa?

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Here are the steps to submit a website to Alexa.

1. The first thing you need to do is go to Alexa official website. You will see two choices, sign in or create an account. As you are a new user, you would have to click on Create an Account.

Log in page

2. Register yourself with their free account. You can register in two ways either by putting your email address or signing in with Facebook. If you opt for the email method, then complete the email registration process.

3. Once you register the account, you will get a confirmation link on your registered email id. Open your mail and click on the activation link. It will redirect you to the Alexa password management page. Set a password for your account, and your Alexa account gets activated.

4. Once you sign in after that, click on Add My Site option, and then in the pop up, enter your site and click on View Plans & Pricing option. This step is crucial in understanding how to submit a website to Alexa.

View Plans and Pricing option | How to submit a website to Alexa

5. You would see several premium packages that you can opt for, but you can also choose the free option at the bottom of the premium packages.

6. Scroll down and click on claiming your site.

Claim your site option

7. Now, you must enter the blog address you wish to submit and verify in Alexa and then click on Continue.

There are three methods by which you can verify your website in Alexa. If you opt for the free version, then you can verify the website in two ways.

  1. By uploading HTML
  2. By adding Meta Tag and Upgrading option.

For a self-hosted WordPress blog, it is recommended to use the first method, and for the blogger use, you the latter.

First Method

If you choose the first method, i.e., uploading the Alexa verification file into your web hosting home directory, you would have to first download the Alexa verification file. Once the file is downloaded, upload it into your web hosting home directory public HTML.

Once the uploading gets completed, click on the verify button. If it is done rightly, you will see a notification stating, “Your site successfully claimed.” This method is one of the most simple and quickest to claim your WordPress website.

Second Method

Both bloggers and WordPress-powered blogs can use this method. First, you need to log in to You need to add the Alexa code anywhere within the tag in the HTML of the website home page.

But, if you wish to claim your blogger blog, then you would have to go to the BlogSpot blog dashboard, click on Template -> Edit HTML and search for these tags “ or ” and paste the verification code anywhere within these tags.

Complete the Verification of Alexa ID, the process will get completed. Now you know how to submit a website to Alexa.

How to add Alexa Rank widget in Blogger?

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Adding Alexa Rank widget in Blogger is fairly simple. Follow these steps.

1. Open the blogger blog account and then go to Layout > Add gadgets > HTML / Javascript. After that in the pop up, give a title and paste this code in Content box and replace with your site link: