How to become Space Scientist in ISRO?

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Ask a kid what they would want to be when they grow up, and you will hear quite a few saying that they would love to head to space. As kids, the imagination runs wild and takes you places that you wouldn’t think of otherwise. However, when you grow up and are sad you again look toward the sky and gaze at its beauty, you wish that you had wings and could soar in the sky. One way to fulfil that wish is by becoming a space scientist. In this article, we will inform you about how to become space scientist in ISRO, how to become space scientist in NASA and how to become a space scientist in India.

How to become Space Scientist in ISRO?

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Our love for space begins as toddlers or primary school students and for some of us, this is also the phase where it ends as well. A select few have that determination and interest still riding with them as they keep moving through each phase of life. These are those kids who want to still be connected to the space in some capacity or the other. They want to fulfill the dream they saw as kids, they want to work for ISRO, NASA, or just about any space organization, and if possible then go and explore space. Space Scientist is a perfect job for such people. Let us learn more about this role.

What is a Space Scientist?

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Two words combine to form the word Space Scientist, that is, space and science. Basically, the name gives away what a space scientist is. They are scientists whose field of specialty is space and revolves in and around it.

  • A space scientist is concerned with exploring space.
  • Natural phenomena that occur in space are also something that these people have to deal with.
  • Physical bodies in space, that is, planted, moon, sun, etc. are studied by space scientists. They also have to look in outer space and other galaxies to get answers to various questions.

There is a huge variety of tasks that come under the profession of a Space Scientist. Firstly, you have Astronomy and Astronautics. Now under these, you have further subdivisions. Then you have Cosmology, Planetary science, Space Technology, Life in Space, and a lot of other fields to look forward to. Also, top countries each have their own space agency where these space scientists could get enrolled. ISRO and NASA, the space agencies of India and the US, are two quite popular space agencies around the world. A lot of people wish to work for either agency and so now we look at how you can score a job at one of these agencies.

How to become Space Scientist in ISRO?

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Before we get into how to become space scientist in ISRO, for the unversed, let’s look at what ISRO stands for and means. ISRO stands for Indian Space Research Organization. It is India’s national space agency and is concerned with performing space-related tasks like exploring it and developing technology related to it.

We are talking about getting a job at India’s national agency and this can’t be so easy, there are steps to it and requirements for it and if you wish to become a space scientist at ISRO then following the points mentioned below will help.

  • First and foremost a basic and minimum requirement of completing education up to the 12th standard is very important. Not only this, but also the subject requirements of Physics, Chemistry, and Math must be met with knowledge of physical concepts of math.
  • After completion of schooling till 12th standard is done it is now time for you to take up Engineering. Here you can choose from a wide range of specializations which include Radio Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Engineering Physics, Electronics Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, or any related field.
  • Post the completion of graduation in B.E./ the aspirant must appear for a special exam set by ISRO known as the ICRB exam or ISRO Centralized Recruitment Board exam. Again, not anyone can appear for this exam; to be eligible for it, you must have completed the B.E./B.Tech degree in Mechanical, Electronics, Computer Science, or any field that is related to it, and in that you need to score at least 65% or a CGPA of 6.8 out of 10. Once you get through this test, ISRO takes a written exam and an interview of the candidates, and if you pass that too then you get hired by ISRO.

How to become Space Scientist in NASA?

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NASA, or National Aeronautics and Space Administration, is the space agency of the US. This independent agency of the US Federal Government is tasked with carrying out space programs, research, and aeronautics research. How to get a Space Scientist post in NASA? Follow the points mentioned below.

  • First and foremost, you have basic education qualifications that you are required to meet. You must get your graduation done in any of the STEM fields, that is, science, technology, engineering, or mathematics from a top university.
  • As you go about your graduation, you get to know about your own interest and bias toward a particular subject. Use this newfound knowledge to your benefit and select your field of specialization based on it. The next step would be to go and get a master’s degree in that field.
  • Next up is choosing between research and practical. You can either wish to conduct research in the field of specialization you opted for and can pursue a Ph.D. in that field or you can work at a research facility or an institute to boost your practical knowledge in the field of your specialization. By taking up either path you can get one step closer to becoming a space scientist at NASA.

But even after all this, there is one simple problem that might come your way and that is citizenship. To be eligible to work in NASA you must be a US citizen and so if you are from India or any other country then you would have to reside in the country for five years or marry a local and reside in the country for three years before you are eligible for citizenship and only post that do you become eligible for working at NASA.

How to become a Space Scientist in India?

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We have spoken about what a Space Scientist is and what they do. We have spoken about how to become space scientist in ISRO and NASA and how you could score a job at either of the space agencies. By now it is pretty clear that for an Indian resident it is a bit simpler to become a space scientist at ISRO than at NASA due to the citizenship issue in particular. Above we looked at becoming a space scientist in ISRO, but that’s not all that’s required. If you want to know more about how to become a space scientist in India then you might want to keep reading for some additional points to consider.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible to be a space scientist in India, the aspirants must have gotten themselves a degree in one of the following courses: M.Tech, M.Sc, ME, BE, B.Tech, Diploma in Computer science and Space Science or other related fields. Having knowledge of Physics, Chemistry, Math, Space, Science, Technology, Engineering, and other related fields is also essential.

There is also an age criterion that needs to be met and that is, the applicant for the post of space scientist needs to be under the age of 35.

Educational Qualification

First, you complete schooling up to 12th standard and then take up B.Sc in Physics, Chemistry, and Math. You need to take up BE or B.Tech in Science, Computer or other related subjects after passing the entrance exams. Next up you need to pass the entrance exam for your Master’s and pursue the same in ME or M.Tech.

How to get selected for the Space Scientist Post?

Since there is so much focus on education, it should come as no surprise that your educational qualification and biodata will play an important part in even getting you considered for this post.

If all goes well in that department, then you have a written test that you need to clear. If you are through even that, then you next get called up for an Interview which is the final hurdle between you and the Space Scientist spot. Now you have all the answers to the question of how to become space scientist in ISRO.

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Pros and Cons of Being a Space Scientist

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It might come as a surprise but even a profession as exciting as being a Space Scientist comes with its own set of pros and cons. And it’s necessary to weigh these points so that you have well-rounded data that you can analyze before you consider becoming a space scientist.


  • Space is a very interesting place and there is a lot of mystery out there that is still undetected. So working in this field might prove to be very satisfying and fulfilling.
  • There are a lot of fields that you can opt to work in when you become a space scientist and so there is flexibility.
  • Becoming a space scientist requires you to have knowledge of a lot of subjects and that helps you become smarter and more knowledgeable.
  • You get to work at space agencies like ISRO, NASA, and others around the world and if that is not good enough then what is?


  • Becoming a Space scientist is not easy and requires a lot of studying and has a lot of legibility criteria that need to be met.
  • Only people under the age of 35 can apply for space scientist posts, which makes it a rigid or restricted field of work.
  • Considering that space scientist is a post that requires much education and is of much importance you would think that the pay reflects the same, no never, the pay of a space scientist is not very eye-catching.
  • To be a space scientist you need to be good in tough subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Math, Engineering, and similar subjects. Even a more than capable student might find it hard to ace all these subjects to become a space scientist.

So there you have your answers as to how to become space scientist in ISRO and how to become space scientist in NASA. Now you know how to become a space scientist in India and the pros and cons of being one. We hope all this information can help you make a decision. As kids, we see space differently than what we see as adults, and we should not mix our innocence with our passion. If you are convinced of yourself and really wish to be a space scientist only then you should take a step ahead, otherwise it’s okay to take a step back and admire space just like everyone else.

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