Flipkart Affiliate Program: Detailed Guide

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Who does not want to earn a decent income through online marketing? One of the easiest ways to earn a piece of living from your home is by selling products and services online and earning handsome commissions through affiliate marketing.

Are you looking to earn through affiliate marketing and confused about which affiliate program is the best? You are on the right page. This blog will enlighten you about the most lucrative affiliate program, which is none other than the Flipkart affiliate program.

Affiliate Marketing has remained one of the most famous techniques for affiliate marketers and brands to boost the sales of their products and services.

If you want to become an affiliate marketer, you don’t need to have any educational degree. You just need the skill to draw the attention of the online visitors and generate leads that help you increase sales. Once you are able to do that, you can start earning through affiliate marketing effortlessly. With this guide, you will get to know everything you need to know about the Flipkart affiliate program review.

What Is Affiliate Marketing? 

Affiliate marketing is part of digital marketing, where you promote products or services of different companies and brands to your internet-based clients and site visitors and earn a commission on each product or service sold by using your link.

All you want is a bank account and a good amount of traffic to start earning through the affiliate marketing process once you are able to fulfill these requirements.

Different Types Of Affiliate Marketing

You can start affiliate marketing through your blog, Facebook page, or Youtube channel. In India, multiple e-commerce giants host Affiliate Marketing programs, For example, Amazon, Myntra, Meesho, etc., but they have some limitations, too, like you can share the product link through WhatsApp, but if we talk about the Flipkart affiliate program, it is an excellent choice you can opt for.

Flipkart Affiliate Program

Flipkart Affiliate Program

Flipkart is a leading E-commerce company in India and needs no introduction. We can say that Flipkart is the first choice for Indians when it comes to online shopping. This E-commerce portal offers everything that a customer can expect.

You can find everything on this online portal like electronics, home decor, gaming, sports, books, baby care, and automobiles too. But in this article, we are not going to talk about what can be sold or purchased on Flipkart; we are going to find how to make money through the Flipkart affiliate program.

Flipkart deals in a wide range of products, which are further classified into specific groups. And when you assist Flipkart with selling the items and increasing their sales, you get a particular percentage of Flipkart’s benefit. The commission varies on the category of the product you sell.

The Flipkart Affiliate Marketing Commission ranges from 1% to 15% of the product’s price. Many affiliate marketers have made great income through promoting the Flipkart affiliate programs on their portals. Not only for affiliate marketers, but Flipkart is a great place that helps brands to enhance their brand image and boost their revenue.

Some product categories and their commission percentage

  1. Baby care (10%)
  2. Silver and Gold products (0.1%)
  3. E-learning and Books (10%)
  4. Fragrance and Beauty products (10%)
  5. Household products (10%)

You are also eligible to earn a signup bonus once you download the Flipkart app. Flipkart has two different paying rates, which are based upon your mode of referral installation, Direct install, and Fall-back install.

Direct Install

When you are able to persuade a website visitor to install the Flipkart app without making a firm decision to purchase any product or service from the platform, it is known as Direct Install because it is not affected by the desire to purchase anything.

For affiliate partners, Flipkart has also launched a CPI (Cost per Install) campaign in Direct Install. The only condition for the CPI campaign is that the device must be android, and the geographical location should be India.

FallBack Install

When the user does not have the Flipkart app installed on the device and wants to purchase a product from Flipkart, the website redirects the user to the App Store or Play Store to download the Flipkart app. It is known as FallBack Install. After the installation, if they use the app and make a purchase within 14 days, you will be paid for the application download. However, not for the purchase of the order in the same session.

Instructions To Register For Flipkart Affiliate Program 

  1. In the first step, search on the Google Flipkart affiliate program.
  2. Now go to ‘Join For Free.’
  3. Fill out the Registration form
  4. Enter your mobile number, name, email id, and your website.

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Requirements for the Flipkart Affiliate Program 

You need a couple of documents to join and start earning from this affiliate program.

In the first place, a pan card is a must, and second, having a website is mandatory. All other requirements depend upon which method of withdrawal you choose.

There are two types of withdrawal methods:

1. The Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)


  • Bank Account Details
  • Canceled Cheque

2. The Electronic Gift Voucher (EVG)


  • Only Address proof is required for this method.

How to Become a Good Affiliate Marketer on Flipkart? 

1. Register with Flipkart 

Firstly, you need to register for their affiliate program. Then, enter all the personal details. One of the most essential things you need for registration is your own blog or site. You must have a YouTube channel, blog, or site owned by you, and the other thing you need is your pan card.

As we mentioned above, Pan cards are only mandatory for affiliates inside India, and other required documents may be different as per Flipkart’s policies.

2. Provide Details

Give the required details like proof of your address because it is important in case of electronic fund transfer as mentioned above and all other essential details to begin your affiliate program account of Flipkart.

After the registration, you will get OTP on your email ID that you need to enter for completing the verification process. You are also asked to give your mobile number.

And after the registration is done, you will get your Flipkart affiliate tracking ID that facilitates keeping track of your sales and commission. It is also required to connect you as an affiliate marketer and this massive e-commerce platform together.

This tracking ID proves to be beneficial in many ways as it lets you access a help and support section on their website, that caters to all your troubleshooting needs in case you got stuck. You can also connect to the customer support team seamlessly just by providing your tracking ID and email.

Flipkart will respond back to your problem as soon as possible after you put your registered email along with all other required details.

One of the main things which have to be provided is your website link through which you will promote the products.

3. Promote Flipkart’s listed Products And Services On Your Website

As we talked about before, there are many items to browse from the Flipkart. People who visit your website follow the link given by you to purchase products from Flipkart. To choose from the wide range of items or products available, you need to link your website with Flipkart.

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4. Find a Niche

Before you start promoting any stuff, you need to choose a particular product or niche. Primarily, you need to meticulously study and understand the market specialties (niches) and take decisions to promote products/services accordingly.

It implies you need to persuade visitors regarding the capability to provide top-notch content related to the items you interface on your site. It can be anything from fashion to electronics or sports to books.

Just make sure that the niche you select should be something you really have an interest in and fetch extensive information to make the content impressive.

5. Create Engaging Content For Your Blog

One of the major requirements for participating in the Flipkart affiliate marketing program is that your site should have considerable traffic or visitors, who can be redirected to the Flipkart to purchase the products listed in the affiliate links.

You will possibly have visitors on your site, assuming you give top-notch content that will prove beneficial for them. Therefore, focus on making compelling content that attracts more visitors.

To create good content, you need a good strategy, and for that, you need to optimize your web page with search engine optimization, attractive concepts, use appropriate keywords and connect with social media strategically.

And, to ensure that you provide good service on your website, you need a good hosting service provider and, most important thing, a good domain name.

6. Promotion

Once you are done creating and uploading the content on your blog or website, start promoting the message around your new blog or new content on all social media platforms, just like online media conversation.

To get your word across, start using advanced showcasing modules like email promotion and SMS promotion and try to reap benefits from them as much as possible.

By this, you will be able to get more traffic to the Flipkart website because all these techniques will give more exposure and popularity to your site.

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Q1. What are Flipkart affiliate program commission rates? 

Flipkart’s affiliate program’s commission rates vary depending upon the products you are selling. It also depends upon whether the customer is new or existing. Check out and get detailed information about the commission rates of the Flipkart affiliate program.

Flipkart affiliate program commission rates | Flipkart Affiliate Program Review

Q2. How to use the Flipkart affiliate program? 

You can earn by using this affiliate program just by promoting products or services on your site. For that, you are required to join a lucrative program;  once they accept your application, you can start promoting products and earn from them. You only need a Youtube channel or blog posts to promote affiliate links, that’s all.

Q3. How much can we earn from the Flipkart affiliate program? 

Your earnings totally depend on how many products you promote and how many people purchase those products through your affiliate links. You get a commission on each item purchased using your link.

Q4. How much to pay before joining? 

To become a part of this affiliate program, there is absolutely no fee required. You can start it with zero investments.

Q5. Is the Flipkart Affiliate Program safe? 

The Flipkart affiliate program is safe and reliable, and it has real-time updates. Plus, the commissions are always paid in time.

If you want to start doing digital marketing, you must know that you can’t learn it theoretically. It requires extensive practical knowledge.

However, you can hone your skills and gain knowledge in affiliate marketing by joining the Flipkart affiliate program and making money.

If you are focused and committed, you can surely make a robust career in affiliate marketing and earn plentiful money. However, you need to explore digital mediums because you can’t learn affiliate marketing from books.

Undoubtedly, the Flipkart affiliate program review is excellent and can be the best choice to start your career as an affiliate marketer.

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