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Owning a vehicle used to be royalty back in the day. It was a simple demand and supply game; there were fewer buyers and fewer vehicles manufactured and so owning one was a matter of pride. Today there are tons of vehicles and the number of buyers has increased too. This rapid rise has led to many changes in traffic laws and system. As with many things, traffic fines and payments have shifted online. Instead of paying regular challan, now you have the facility of e challan payment. In this article, we will inform you about echallan online payment method, traffic e challan Delhi status and more.

Echallan Online Payment and Status

India, in recent years, has made tremendous progress when it comes online payments and transactions. From cities to villages, everyone is familiar with UPI today and this change is seen in other sectors as well. Echallan online payment option is the result of this change. Let us learn more about Echallan.

What is E-challan?

echallan parivahan website

Believe it or not, challan is a Hindi word that has gained popularity and is now used without any language barrier coming into play, at least in the Indian English language. Challan is a word used to denote some kind of paperwork or receipt. It is proof of some documentation usually concerned with the law enforcers like the police.

Now add to it E and you get your paperwork which is paperless but still acts as proof of some receipt or something of that sort. E-challan is the digital version of the proof that validates a transaction and it is available via your gadgets rather than in paper form. It can be called the technological evolution of fines as we know them in their old paper form. echallan online payment is an easy way to pay challans digitally.

How to check E-challan? 

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E-challan means online, unlike your regular challan. Normally, in case of a challan, the police give you a ticket on the spot and you pay for it and clear the dues to get your vehicle or to clear any pending fines against your vehicle. But when it comes to E-challan the situation is a bit different from getting a challan and the process of clearing it is different as well.

An E-challan is what follows you right to your home on your device. It is not given to you at the moment by the police officer and is instead uploaded on the online website specially built for E-challans. Follow these steps to check echallan details.

1. Go to echallan online payment official website.

2. Here select one option from Challan Number, Vehicle Number or DL Number.

Options highlighted

3. After selecting one option, fill in the relevant details in the text field below and fill in the captcha.

4. Finally, click on Get Detail button.

Get Detail button | echallan online payment

Now you will get all details of your challan.

E challan Status

If you are suspicious that you have been fined then there you should head to the websites for echallan online payment, such as Parivahan website or the Park+ app, to check your E challan status.

With the normal challan, you know that you have cleared your dues by paying the fine on the spot but with the E-challan things get a bit tricky. First and foremost, you don’t know for sure if you have been on the wrong side of the law and then if you have then how exactly do you go about the process?

Once you have been to the website or the app and know your fine status, the next statement is the most obvious and painful step. It is now time for you to make the e challan payment for the fine if you have indeed been fined. You should regularly check for potential fines on any of your vehicles to make sure you clear your dies on time and are clear with the law avoiding further punishments.

E challan Payment

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Once you are done checking your status and have unfortunately found yourself with a pending fine then now is the time to learn how to make your E-challan payment. Worry not, for your convenience there are numerous ways that you can go about making the payment towards your fine. You can pay via echallan online payment option, the Delhi government’s official website and you can also pay offline.

We have already shown you how to use echallan parivahan website, let us get straight into traffic E challan Delhi.

Delhi Transport Department

Delhi Transport Department website | echallan online payment

This is similar to echallan online payment. You have the option of paying your fine via the Delhi Transport Department website and it is identical to how you visit the Parivahan website and pay online. Again, you will receive a message for the same acknowledging your payment of traffic E challan Delhi.

You can also directly go to Delhi E-challan via echallan website by clicking on this link. After that simply enter your username and you will get all the relevant details.

Paying E-challan offline

In this world of technology, you still have the option of paying your challan offline and for that, you will have to head to Delhi traffic police headquarters. Carry with you your driving license, address proof, identity proof, and the letter of the traffic violation. Now spot an officer with the E-challan machine and provide them with the details like your vehicle details with registration number, driving license number, and challan number. Now pay them the fine in cash, or you could courier a Demand draft or check as well to make your payment. This was all about echallan online payment.

E challan Download

When it comes to E-challan the process happens over the smartphone or other gadgets. You can head to the online websites or apps and check the status as well as pay the fines. However, there are no provisions for E challan download. You enter the necessary details on the platform and get done with your checking and paying, or you opt for the offline mode of payment and get done with it. You can’t however perform e challan download; you just check the challan online, clear your dues, and receive an acknowledgment for it via message.

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Traffic and E challan rules in Delhi

Traffic on road | echallan online payment
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You don’t get a challan to your name for just about anything. There are traffic rules and regulations that have been put in place by the necessary officials. When these rules and regulations are broken, you get traffic E challan Delhi, or similar challans of other states. Let’s take a look at what are these rules and regulations that you should always follow to stay on the good side of the law.

  • As a person driving any vehicle, always make sure to drive on the left side of the road and let the traffic pass through from the right-hand side. Falling to do so may lead to you being fined.
  • Overtaking should only take place on the right-hand side and should be avoided on narrow roads. Before overtaking, it is necessary that you give an indicator or honk to make the other person aware.
  • Traffic police are the king of the road and it is essential that you always deal with them with respect and kindness, never bother them or get on their wrong side by miss behaving. Bribing them is also a punishable offense and one should steer clear of it.
  • Traffic signals are one of the most basic traffic symbols. Always make sure to only drive when the signal is on the green light and avoid moving at red or yellow lights to make sure that the pedestrians are safe and also for yourself to avoid fines.
  • It is necessary that you obey the rules of the roads and park your vehicle at designated spots only. Parking vehicles in the middle of the street or a no-parking area may invite not only fines but may also endanger the life of others.
  • It is important that you know the traffic symbols and follow what they instruct you to do. A sign may tell you of a one-way ahead or poor roads, or other such conditions and it is important that you understand them for your safety and the safety of others.
  • Vehicles like ambulances, fire brigades, and police jeeps are considered important and you should always allow them to pass you on the road, blocking their way is a punishable offense as it may lead to loss of life.
  • When driving any vehicle you must carry the required documents, different vehicles require you to carry different documents and you need to make sure to follow the rule as per your vehicle requirements.
  • Honking is punishable in areas where there are hospitals and schools, you should honk only when absolutely necessary like when overtaking. You can learn more about these rules on echallan online payment page.
  • Speed limits mentioned on the roads are for you to follow, racing or speeding on the roads or going above the prescribed speed limit can subject you to fines.
  • Indicator lights need to be used when switching lanes or overtaking. Apart from that, emergency lights and fog lights need to be used in rainy or dark conditions to make sure that motorists and other people can know about your presence from a distance.
  • Using mobile phones and driving is a total no-no and should be avoided at all costs. If it is an urgent call or something else that requires your attention, then make sure to stop your vehicle on the side of the road and then attend to it.
  • Driving under the influence is a punishable offense and needs to be avoided for your and others’ safety. Before getting behind the wheel, make sure to have alcohol with permissible limits on you, or you might find yourself paying a heavy fine.
  • If you are someone who has a learner’s license, then make sure to have a person with a proper license seated next to you when driving a vehicle.
  • Allow the pedestrians to move away safely, and slow down the vehicle when you see people crossing the road.
  • For two-wheelers, it is necessary that you follow the rule of two passengers per vehicle and at least the driver of the vehicle is supposed to be wearing a helmet for safety.
  • For car drivers, it is necessary that they wear seatbelts and use mirrors at all times for their own safety. If you fail in doing so, then you might have to pay a hefty fine for it.

So that’s all about challans and road rules that people driving on the streets need to know about. We have covered echallan online payment method and other details. It is important that people keep checking the changes made to the traffic rules and their personal challan profile to stay updated.

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