Does Global Entry include TSA Precheck?

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People who travel often are rewarded for it just like in today’s world excess of anything is rewarded. There are credit cards that help you get complimentary lounge access at airports or to get affordable air tickets, similarly, you have programs like frequent flyer and collecting air miles which again get you discounts or offers on airfare and other related stuff. Two such programs based in the US are Global Entry and TSA precheck. In this article, we will compare Global Entry vs TSA Precheck and answer questions like Does Global Entry include TSA Precheck and is TSA precheck international.

Does Global Entry include TSA Precheck?

Global Entry, TSA Precheck, CLEAR, SENTRI, NEXUS, the list can go on and on about these various programs that are more or less existing to make your life easier when it comes to stuff like airport checks and related stuff. TSA Precheck is a program that is available for select frequent flyers where they are eligible for quicker and less strict airport checks. The names mentioned above are also somewhat similar in that aspect. So does Global Entry include TSA Precheck or are any of these connected?

As a matter of fact, yes, TSA Precheck is connected at least to Global Entry, SENTRI, and NEXUS. You can sign up for TSA Precheck separately or you can sign up for either of the three programs and still get access to TSA Precheck. You don’t have to apply for multiple programs, in this case, just signing up for either program gets you membership of TSA Precheck which is then valid for 5 years. If you signed up for TSA Precheck separately then you would have had to pay 78 dollars for the 5-year membership which now you are spared of.

Now you would think that since Global Entry gets you TSA Precheck the vice verse must also be true, however, it’s not. With TSA Precheck you are only getting access to one program for 78 dollars whereas for a few extra bucks Global Entry gets you access to both programs. So you pay a discounted price for one to get the services of both, where’s the problem? That’s not it there are more benefits to consider when you choose the former over the latter.

The application fees paid for Global Entry can be saved when you choose one of the 50 co-branded airlines, hotels, and other credit cards as you can get up to 100 dollars in statement credit reimbursement for the same. Also, Global Entry covers the International aspect as well while TSA Precheck is more focused on Domestic travel and so you might want to keep that in mind. So does Global Entry include TSA Precheck? Yes. How about TSA Precheck including Global Entry? No. So you see the better option?

We forgot to introduce you to Global Entry and TSA Precheck so if you are confused right now we can understand. Let’s get the introductions out of the way first.

What is Global Entry?

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So you ask what is Global Entry? Global Entry is an air travel-related program that Customs and Border Protection service came up with in the year 2008. This program aims to provide expedited clearance to pre-approved, low-risk travelers when they enter the United States of America.

You can enter via airplanes and will have to move through automatic kiosks or via land and sea in which case you will be moving through SENTRI or NEXUS lanes. By 2018 the program was available at more than 50 airports and 15 preclearance locations while more than 5 million people were enrolled in the program and more than 50,000 applications were coming in every month.

The Netherlands also has a similar program in place for its citizens and so they too were made eligible to apply for membership of Global Entry while the Global Entry members can also apply for the corresponding Dutch program to get entry into the Schengen area. You can get more details in their official page.

Up in the, does Global Entry include TSA Precheck heading, we came across two programs Global Entry and TSA Precheck. While we now know a bit about Global Entry it’s time to look at TSA Precheck.

What is TSA Precheck?

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Just like the Global Entry program, we have yet another air travel-related program in TSA Precheck. This is a Trusted Traveler program that was started back in December 2013. The TSA or the US Transportation Security Administration looks after the program which allows members of certain frequent flyers programs, members of Global Entry, SENTRI, NEXUS, Free and Secure Trade, and members of the US military, cadets, and midshipmen of the United States service academies to get expedited screening for Domestic travels and a select few International trips.

For 78 dollars you can sign up for this program for five years, however, the program has had its fair share of problems in the past and usually comes out as the backup option when compared to programs like Global Entry because when you ask, does Global Entry include TSA Precheck the answer is yes but in the vice versa case, you don’t get benefits of Global Entry with TSA Precheck. You can get more details by going to their official page.

Since the start, we have been hinting at a possible comparison between Global Entry and TSA Precheck, and now that we know a bit about both programs it is the perfect time to go ahead and compare them.

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Global Entry vs TSA Precheck

As seen in the respective introductions, Global Entry and TSA Precheck are both air-related travel programs. One is run by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection and the other by the U.S. Transportation Security Administration. However, this is not a significant bit of comparison between the two. There are various parameters based on which the two can and will be compared to find out the one that should be an obvious pick for you. Let us begin Global Entry vs TSA precheck comparison.


Global Entry Benefits section

With TSA Precheck your physical screening process is sped up and the team responsible for the program likes to mention that 95% of their users have to wait in line for less than 5 minutes. With this, you also get to keep your belts, socks, and shoes on, unlike other travelers. You also are allowed to have fluids and laptops in your bag. So all in all they offer you quite a few useful perks when traveling by air.

Global Entry does the same for you by quickening up your customs screening process when you reenter the United States of America. Also, does Global Entry include TSA Precheck? Yes. With Global Entry you get the benefits of TSA Precheck as well but that is not the case when the situation is turned another way around. So without a doubt, Global Entry benefits are better than what TSA Precheck has to offer. Next up in our Global Entry vs TSA precheck comparison is price.


The membership for both programs is valid for 5 years. For TSA Precheck you have to shell out 78 dollars as opposed to the 85 dollars they used to charge earlier. While with Global Entry this sum goes up to the 100-dollar mark. The renewal for TSA Precheck costs 70 dollars if done online and 78 dollars if done in person while the Global Entry renewal costs 100 dollars and again comes with the benefits of TSA Precheck as well since it renews the plan for you. This means you again get the benefit of two for one.

And so yet again Global Entry poses to be the better alternative among the two.


How it works

The cost of applying for both of these programs is covered by certain credit cards and you get reimbursed on the credit statement, however, TSA Precheck has more than 380 enrollment centers while Global Entry has only close to 115 enrollment centers. Both programs allow you to apply online as well but currently, the wait time for getting an interview for Global Entry membership which is the last step before getting a membership is taking too much time as compared to TSA Precheck membership which you can end up getting much quickly.

Also, it is said that Global Entry membership is hard to get because it is more comprehensive and stringent and requires you to produce your passport as well as go through an interview, unlike TSA Precheck. So does Global Entry include TSA Precheck? Yes, but nothing stops TSA Precheck from emerging victorious in this segment and being the better alternative. Let us look at some other points in our Global Entry vs TSA precheck comparison.

Some Other Points

TSA Precheck is more useful for those that travel Domestically with limited international travel privileges while Global Entry exists on an international level only. Also to get a membership for either program a detailed background check is run on you and you might also be stopped for routine or additional questioning after returning from some random trip. TSA Precheck comes without an ID card but with a KTN number and Global Entry comes with an ID PASS.

More airports support the TSA Precheck program than the Global Entry program. Global Entry also has tied up with the corresponding program in the Netherlands and that has made it possible for people of both countries to use each other’s services.

This more or less feels like a tie but because most travelers usually opt for Domestic travel this makes TSA Precheck the more useful program. And so with that, the Global Entry vs TSA Precheck comparison ends up in a stalemate. However, this is not how we feel about the respective programs and so we will eventually reveal our pick as well.

How long does it take to get TSA Precheck?

Applying for and getting a TSA Precheck membership is not as hard as the one for Global Entry. The online form-filling process should not take you more than 5 to 10 minutes. You can also head to an enrollment center to apply for membership. Once you get an appointment and are done with the meeting it does not take that long and you might receive confirmation in 3 to 5 days, people have received confirmation in 24 hours or less as well but it can also take up to 60 days in some cases.

Does Global Entry include TSA Precheck? Yes and that is why the standard time for getting a Global Entry card is set between 7 to 10 days which is double the TSA Precheck time while the wait can go on for 6 months and more.

If you are a first-time applicant then things might differ for you. You may ask how long does it take to get TSA Precheck and the answer cant be certain. First of all, you aren’t allowed to fill out an online form as a new member and need to head to an enrollment center. There you are asked for your fingerprints and other details that might be needed and also a background check is run on you. So the process may take weeks to go through.

Even with TSA Precheck renewal, people are required to apply for one 60 days before the expiry of the old membership even when the new membership begins only after the old one expires. And you are eligible to apply for renewal 6 months before the expiry period so that the process can be smooth and get enough time to get done.

You just need to make sure to check the timings of the enrollment center and then head to one to get the process done. There is no passport checking or interview process to go through in the case of the TSA Precheck which is again good for the customer as it makes the process faster and less strict as opposed to that of Global Entry.

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Is TSA Precheck International?

Does Global Entry include TSA Precheck? Yes. But does TSA Precheck include Global Entry? No. What does that mean? This means that with Global Entry you get access to expedited customs when entering the US while with TSA Precheck the scope for international services is very limited since it is more focused on the domestic travel aspect.

If you even looked at the comparison segment above then we answered the question, is TSA Precheck international? And the answer is not as much as the Global Entry. If you even check the FAQ section on the TSA Precheck page then they suggest you go for Global Entry as well if you travel internationally more than four times a year since TSA Precheck is anyways included with Global Entry. And why not opt for a service that only costs a few more bucks and provides the benefit of two?

Earlier when we compared the TSA Precheck and Global Entry programs we came to a stalemate but we did say that we didn’t share that opinion. In all honesty and fairness, Global Entry does sound like the better program of the two. And it is down to stuff like being more international-centric while also coming with better benefits of two with the highlight point being the fact that signing up for Global Entry also gets you TSA Precheck benefits while only paying 22 dollars more which should not be that big a sum if you anyways fly internationally multiple times a year. TSA Precheck was only able to draw the comparison because of technical data stuff available on the internet but anyone who has used both would opt to go for Global Entry for the obvious benefits offered.

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