Data Patterns IPO Subscription Status, Date, GMP

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Do you have any concerns about Data Patterns IPO’s performance? You must be familiar with IPOs if you’re an experienced investor. It is the procedure of initially issuing fresh shares of stock to the general public in a private firm. A corporation can raise equity funding from the public through an IPO. In this article, we will discuss all the Data Patterns IPO details including Data Patterns IPO allotment date, Data Patterns IPO GMP and Data Patterns IPO Subscription Status.

Data Patterns IPO Subscription Status, Date, GMP

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Data Patterns is a renowned name in the sector of Defence and Aerospace electronics. It is a promising company with a lucrative IPO that can give you good returns. Let us learn more about the company.

About Data Pattern Company

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Data Patterns India Ltd. established in 1985 is a producer of defence and aerospace electronics solutions for the domestic defence goods market. They provide goods for all aerospace and defence systems, including those for the air, land, and sea. It is one of the nation’s enterprises with the quickest rate of growth in the aerospace and military electronics industry.

The primary goods and services provided by Data Patterns are engineering services and opportunities, functional testing and verification, environmental testing and verification and design and development of electronic hardware, software, firmware, and mechanical components.

The pre-issue promoter’s holding is 59.95%. Rekha Murthy Rangarajan and Srinivasagopalan Rangarajan are the company’s promoters.


Here is some more information about Data Patterns.

  • The net proceeds will be used to repay any outstanding borrowings and to prepay any debt.
  • Capital expenditures for the company amount to Rs. 95.19 crores.
  • Rs. 59.83 crores will be spent on upgrading and expanding Chennai’s facilities.


Some features and strengths of Data Patterns are mentioned below.

  • Given the rapid growth and increasing self-sufficiency of India’s defense sector, the firm will undoubtedly profit from the Make in India initiative.
  • Focuses on internal production and development capabilities and takes the lead in terms of innovation, design, and development.
  • A strong order book spanning product categories that supply well-known clients in the aerospace and military sectors.
  • A contemporary, internationally recognized manufacturing plant.
  • Scalable company model with a history of successful expansion.


Here are some weaknesses of Data Patterns.

  • Any violation of the terms of the agreements made with its clients, particularly the GoI Entities.
  • Any non-compliance with quality requirements.
  • Loss, suspension, or delay of its manufacturing and design facilities
  • Failure to acquire, keep current with or renew the legal and administrative licenses, permits, and permissions necessary for its company.
  • Lack of operating cash flow or incapacity to borrow money to cover working capital needs.

Data Patterns IPO Details

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With the IPO, Data Patterns, an electronic solutions supplier for the defence and aerospace industry, hoped to raise $588 million. It is a company located in Chennai that offers electrical solutions for the defence and aerospace industries.

Data Patterns IPO Date Dec 14, 2021 to Dec 16, 2021.
Data Patterns IPO Face Value Rs. 2 per share.
Data Patterns IPO Price Rs. 555 to Rs.585 per share
Data Patterns IPO Lot Size 25 Shares
Issue Size shares of Rs. 2
Fresh Issue shares of Rs. 2
Offer for Sale 5,952,550 shares of Rs. 2
Listing At BSE, NSE
Company Promoters Srinivasagopalan Rangarajan and Rekha Murthy Rangarajan are the company’s promoters.

December 14 through December 16 were the subscription dates for the IPO. A total of 119.62 subscriptions were made in the three days of the IPO bidding process. Due to a pre-IPO placement of Rs. 60 crore, the new issue size was decreased from Rs. 300 crore to Rs. 240 crore. The issue’s book running lead managers are JM Financial Ltd. and IIFL Securities.

Data Patterns demanded a grey market premium of Rs 260 a few hours before going public since analysts were optimistic about the service supplier to the defence sector, according to the IPO monitor. At its peak, Data Patterns shares were trading around Rs 600, despite slipping in the past few days.

The firm achieved revenue growth at a CAGR of 31%, profit growth at a CAGR of 169%, and operating profit growth at a CAGR of 90% between FY19 and FY21 thanks to a healthy order book that grew at a 40% CAGR between FY18 and the first half of FY22.

Data Patterns IPO Allotment Date

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The Data Patterns IPO Allotment Date was between December 14 and December 16. On December 24, 2021, the firm was said to go public on the stock markets. The issue’s price range is Rs. 555 – Rs. 585 per share. For 1 lot (25 shares), the minimum investment needed to apply for the IPO is Rs. 14,625.

Bid/Offer Opens On: Dec 14, 2021
Bid/Offer Closes On Dec 16, 2021
Initiation of refunds: Dec 22, 2021
Credit for Equity Shares: Dec 23, 2021
Listing Date: Dec 24, 2021

The overall issue size is Rs. 588.22 crores, which is made up of a fresh issuance worth Rs. 240 crores and an offer for the sale of equity shares totaling Rs. 348.22 crores.

Data Patterns IPO GMP

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The Data Patterns IPO GMP was, as of December 16, 2021, as follows:

Market watchers estimate that the Data Patterns IPO GMP is now 610, which suggests that the grey market anticipates the listing price of the company’s shares to be about 1195 ($585 + 610).

The price range for the Data Patterns IPO: The pricing range for the IPO has been set by the firm’s management at 555 to 585 rupees per equity share.

24 december 2021 Listed – Rs. 864.00 Rs. 0 Rs. 4000
22 december 2021 Rs. 150 – Rs.160 Rs. 200 Rs. 4000
21 december 2021 Rs. 150 – Rs. 160 Rs. 200 Rs. 5000
19 december 2021 Rs. 280 – Rs. 290 Rs. 200 Rs. 10500
17 december 2021 Rs. 430 – Rs. 440 Rs. 550 Rs. 10500
16 december 2021 Rs. 420 – Rs. 430 Rs. 550 Rs. 10500
15 december 2021 Rs. 520 – Rs. 530 Rs. 550 Rs. 10500
09 december 2021 Rs. 450 – Rs. 470 Rs. 400 Rs. 3000
08 december 2021 Rs. 270 – Rs. 280 Rs. 400 Rs. 3000
07 december 2021 Rs. 0 Rs. 0 Rs. 0

Data Patterns IPO Subscription Status

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On Dec. 16, 2021, at 5:00 PM, there were 119.62 subscriptions for the Data Patterns IPO. The retail category was subscribed to 23.14 times, the QIB category 190.86 times, and the NII category 254.22 times.

Category      Subscription (times)
QIB 190.86
NII 254.22
Retail 23.14
Total 119.62

Should you invest Data Patterns IPO?

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People should bear the following information in mind before making an investment in Data Patterns’ public issue:

  • Data Patterns is one of India’s leading suppliers of defense items. Given the rapid growth and increasing self-sufficiency of India’s defense sector, the firm will undoubtedly profit from the Make in India.
  • The company’s management team is exceptionally knowledgeable and its personnel are very skilled. It has more than 20 years of expertise in the field and offers its customers high-quality services.
  • Data Patterns serves and distributes its goods to the largest customers in the Indian defense sector. The Indian Government Defence Ministry, BrahMos, DRDO, HAL, BEL, and DPSU are just a few of the notable clients represented in Data Pattern’s remarkable order book of Rs. 581.29 crores.
  • The corporation places a strong emphasis on internal development and production, which boosts innovation, design, and developmental efforts. Compared to FY20, its net profit grew by around 150% in FY21.
  • This business is led by a management team that is extremely skilled and knowledgeable.

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Risks Involved in Data Patterns IPO

Before diving into the investment spree after knowing the positive points and Data Patterns IPO Subscription Status, there are a few risks involved that you need to know:

  • A significant portion of the company’s revenue comes from contracts with the Indian government. The company’s activities might be significantly impacted if the Indian defence and aerospace budget decreases or is reprioritized.
  • Any failure to adhere to and uphold the agreements made with the government would have a negative impact on the company and may subject it to legal obligations.
  • Any compromise in quality will negatively affect the company’s reputation, as they are subject to very strict quality control measures, inspections, and audits.
  • Data Patterns needs working capital in order to create innovative products and maintain its state-of-the-art infrastructure. They must adhere to stringent government regulations, licenses, and permissions.

Data Patterns produces goods for applications in the defense, land, aerospace, maritime, and surface industries. It is among the most reputable and well-known brands in the defense products market. Looking at the Data Patterns IPO Subscription Status, one can say it is a worthwhile investment. We hope this article helped you follow up with Data Patterns IPO details including Data Patterns IPO allotment date and Data Patterns IPO GMP.

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