Cabin Crew Salary in India

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If you asked people a little more than a hundred years ago if they would ever be flying in the air and you would have met with a response filled with giggles and laughs. That is because it was only an impossible dream back then that they didn’t know would become possible. Today, you have planes for different purposes like transporting people, transporting goods, private transport, wars, etc. These planes require staff or crew for maintenance and other purposes. As the Aviation Industry has become prominent, many young people want to work in it. In this article, we will inform you about cabin crew salary, cabin crew salary per month and more about this job.

Cabin Crew Salary in India

Like a teacher in school who looks after the students, a cabin crew is the one who looks after all the passengers. We all know about pilots but cabin crew are equally important. They make passengers comfortable and they are the first to respond in any emergency. Let us learn more about their work.

Role of Cabin Crew

When we talk about cabin crew we are talking about air hostesses or air hosts, stewards or stewardesses that form the part of aircrew and collectively are known as cabin crew. You must have seen people in uniforms on airplanes that are going around helping people. These helpers are cabin crew members and are tasked with the responsibility of the passengers. Be it attending their call and solving any issues they might have or providing them with food and water.

The first cabin attendant to go on an airplane and help happened more than 100 years ago. Since then the cabin crew as a concept has changed and evolved a lot. Earlier it was mostly females who would take up a job as air hostesses but soon men started to enter this field too. Other than looking after passengers an attendant also has to make sure that they are explained the procedure to follow in certain unlikely events like landing on water. They also explain the exit pathway on an airplane that needs to be followed in certain situations and make sure that everyone is seated and has their belt on as and when necessary.

Factors affecting Cabin Crew Salary

So you see that a cabin crew is a very hardworking job. You put in the hours, you look after others’ needs and safety and you are constantly on the move from one place to another nationally or internationally. A job like this comes with its own benefits but also has some downsides. When we talk about pros and cons, the salary aspect is more or less the make-or-break factor when considering any field and that is what we look at next.

The cabin crew salary depends on various factors like the experience in the post, the airline that you work for, national or international level employees, etc. The country you work for also plays an important part in deciding your pay. In the USA, the salary for air hostesses stood at 50,000 dollars in May 2017 but when you compare the figures to that of India in 2022 then put is close to 50,000 but in rupees which gives you the picture of a stark difference. Let us know about cabin crew salary per month.

Cabin Crew Salary India

Strictly talking about India, a cabin crew member could be earning below average, at par, or above average depending on various factors like the airlines they work for, years of experience in the field, etc. Apart from this, there is a chance that your educational background and place of course completion also have a say in what airlines you work for.

Cabin crew salary India averages around 33,663 rupees. This would mean that you are earning more than the average salary in India and are making more money than up to 70% of the population of the country. On the lower side, this amount goes to 17,000, and on the higher side, it goes to 83,000 rupees. If you take into account the bonuses and other kinds of stuff then the figure may improve significantly depending on the performance and other variables.

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Cabin Crew Salary Per Month

What is cabin crew salary for freshers? The only benefit that the cabin crew shares with the merchant navy officer is the fact that they both get to go to places as a part of their job. The expenses are paid and they have to travel while working. But while a merchant navy officer gets an extended period of leave the cabin crew member is flying around the year and there really are no resting opportunities. So does their pay compensate for it like the extended leave does for a merchant navy or is it a no-win situation?

The cabin crew salary per month falls in the range of 30,000 rupees. From the very basic stage to very experienced or based on airlines it can be anywhere between 4,000 rupees to 7,00,000 rupees or so. With compensation, added pay, etc. included the average pay might come to 80,000 rupees or so.

Indian airlines offer anywhere between 30,000 rupees to 60,000 rupees a month to the cabin crew. However, if you compare it with Qatar Airways then the difference is huge with the latter paying anywhere between 40,000 to 4 lakh rupees. Then again these numbers should not be taken so seriously because all of them are dependent on various factors and the pay can significantly go up or down so making any decisions based on these numbers is not suggested unless your own research concludes at a similar level.

Cabin Crew Salary For Freshers

A fresher is a person who is new to the job world and is applying for their first full-time job and does not have much or any experience to show for themselves. Because of this people do not pay much salary to new entrants and they make a very basic amount which might barely be enough or even below par at times.

Cabin Crew salary for freshers with no experience or a year or two’s experience may amount to between 1 to 3 lakhs on average give or take. Whereas the industry average is 5.5 lakhs. With years to show on your experience meter, this pay can go to more than 12 lakh rupees which would mean that you make a lakh a month.

Again, these numbers have a lot of variable factors that may come to play. Bonuses, incentives, promotions, country of work, etc. have a great say in this area.

Pros and Cons of Working in Cabin Crew

Now that you know all about the salaries of cabin crews in India in general and on a monthly basis for experienced as well as freshers, now is the time to weigh other factors that might help you choose for or against becoming a cabin crew member


  • The most obvious advantage of this profession is traveling while working and getting paid for it. Not only this, your job takes you places and so you need a place to stay which is again paid for by the airlines and you also get some stipend for your downtime spending. So if the hotel is good and the local exploration costs are covered then that is surely a good added bonus for any employee.
  • When working in certain industries the benefits extend to you when you became a customer in the same area. So if you are a cabin crew worker then that comes to your benefit when you are taking trips or planning a vacation. You get tickets at discounted prices and it is not limited to tickets from your employer company but other airlines in general. So your trips become cheaper, meaning less spend more savings. And these benefits extend to your family as well by means of sharing so more reasons to feel good about your job.
  • People live for experiences and this job line gives you that for free. At any point in time in the year, you could be anywhere in the world and that means you could be in the US on New Year’s Eve, in the UK on your birthday, and so on. You can get the best experiences of your life in the most unexpected ways.
  • The variety of places you get to go and the amount of new people you get to meet is unlimited. You get to learn about new cultures and traditions when meeting new people and visiting new places.
  • Your office is a flying vehicle and you get to look at the sky from too close in all its glory and the view from up there is unbeatable. This is what you get to experience on almost a daily basis in this line of work.

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  • Jet lag as a passenger is too difficult to deal with now imagine what the cabin crew member goes through. On this add the fact that the sleep schedule you get in this line of work is haywire which means you are never comfortable and have no sleep pattern.
  • You might be working during the day or at night, during weekdays or weekends. The work time is not specified and can come up randomly leaving you without a social life.
  • No amount of cabin crew salary is enough to make you give up on your health. And in this line of work you don’t have a proper sleep schedule, you are working odd and long hours, and the work is also showing up unexpectedly in short time which means you are constantly struggling with health issues.
  • Get ready to say goodbye to your home because you won’t be there much which means staying away from family and friends.
  • You no longer have a routine. You can’t hang out with fitness, you can’t attend family gatherings, and you can’t go to the gym or a movie. At least none of this can be done by impulse and needs to be planned well in advance even then it might not be that easy.
  • Some days you might not be required to work but still might be placed on the wait list just in case. On these days there is a chance that you don’t get to work but it also does not feel like a holiday.
  • Getting cheap tickets does not mean that you will surely get to be on the plane. You only get to be on a plane if it is not already packed and so expect to get last-minute cancellations or plan changes scheduled.
  • You will have to deal with all kinds of passengers. Get ready to meet some of the most insensitive and non-complying passengers who will yell at you for no good reason and you would have to still put up with them.

We hope we have done a fair job of providing you with all the necessary information about cabin crew like cabin crew salary. The job of cabin crew is both challenging and exciting. If you believe that you have the right tools, then do some research and go for this job. As they say, the sky is your limit.

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