Buying a Laundromat: Everything To Know

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If you are planning to start a business, but have no active ideas that will give good returns then buying a Laundromat and starting a Laundromat business is the perfect choice for you. A Laundromat is a facility where one’s laundry can be washed and dried. It can be self-service or coin-operated. Public-use coin-operated washers and dryers are typically available at these establishments. These facilities often provide additional services like drop-off, ironing and wash and fold service. In this article, we will inform you all about buying a Laundromat and cover things like laundromat washer and dryer prices.

Buying a Laundromat: Everything To Know

Laundromat businesses can be a good start for many entrepreneurs. One can invest less when compared to other more complicated business ideas. Many people use Laundromats when they don’t have access to a washing machine at home. Due to convenience or expense, some people, like apartment renters and college students, might also favor using a Laundromat over on-site laundry facilities. Let us learn about this business and laundromat washer and dryer prices.

Rise of Laundromats

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The popularity of self-service Laundromats skyrocketed across the nation and eventually the world after the first one was established in America in the 1930s. Self-service Laundromats became as prevalent as coffee shops, with at least one in every neighborhood. It is said that this new industry emerged during the Great Depression because, in the past, customers had to pay companies to fold and press their clothing in addition to washing and drying them. Having this full service became too expensive during Great Depression, so the thought of simply being obligated to pay for just the cleaning portion was quite enticing.

Self-service Laundromats then fell out of favor as contemporary technology evolved when the Great Depression was over. People began doing more of their washing at home and sending the ‘essential things’ to dry cleaners as washing machines and dryers became more affordable and convenient.

The tide is once again turning as of now. Washing machines are one of the most expensive appliances under the category of household expenses associated with electricity. This is particularly true in the winter when clothing doesn’t seem to dry on the line and even the best of intentions lead to another round of the energy-sucking dryer.

This is where the Laundromat comes into the scene. One can save energy, save time, is more effective, and is much more budget-friendly in the longer run. This is the sole reason why Laundromat enterprises are coming back into the game. Read on to know about buying a Laundromat and laundromat washer and dryer prices.

Why start a Laundromat Business?

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Now that you know what exactly Laundromats are, let’s look at some reasons why one should start a Laundromat business from the ground up or buy a laundry business:

  • They Are Not Seasonal: The majority of businesses must struggle with seasonal cycles, but Laundromats are an exception. Customers will frequent your establishment almost regularly in the winter, springtime, summer, and fall unless you live in a location where the population is mostly seasonal.
  • Less Investment Required: Laundromats have a very little amount of physical goods, in contrast to typical retail establishments. Therefore, ordering, rotating, and discarding fewer things equals simpler administration. Additionally, you will not have to worry about assembling and storing big quantities of pricey products in advance.
  • It Is A Necessary Service: A must for every home is clean clothes. Even during a downturn, Laundromats will continue to do business—possibly even increasing it as people put off fixing their washing machines. Customers at laundries may at most have to wait longer in between trips, but it’s doubtful that people will completely stop doing laundry.
  • No Requirement Of Franchise: Laundromats often do not have expensive franchise fees since they are not typically franchised as a fast food or service business. Additionally, you won’t be subject to any particular franchise guidelines, so you can develop your company in any way you see appropriate.
  • Time-Saving: People these days work longer hours, have more jobs to juggle and have less spare time, which makes it difficult for them to wash their laundry daily at home. This indicates that people are more likely to pay more for Laundromat services. To save time on larger loads, some households with washing machines are even opting to utilize Laundromats as a line of enormous industrial-sized washers that can wash the entire family’s clothing in a single cycle.
  • Fewer Complications: In a normal Laundromat, the bulk of the labor is done by the customers who wash and dry their garments. That indicates that, at least in comparison to many businesses, training, onboarding, and labor are relatively modest for both you and your staff. Additionally, since clients pay in advance, accounting and monitoring are simplified.
  • Less Competition: In any country, there isn’t a nationwide network of Laundromats. Although there are a few tiny local ones, most Laundromat owners only have one or two establishments, so you won’t have to worry about competition from large enterprises of Laundromats. While there are two or three Laundromats in certain communities that compete for customers, others only have one. Choose the right locality or complex for buying a Laundromat, and all customers will be yours with no nearby competition.
  • Good Side Hustle: Self-serve Laundromats only require little involvement. Every day, someone has to open and shut down the shop, clean it up, and collect coins. If you use a card-based payment method, the money gets deposited directly thus reducing the collection bit of work. Some business owners decide to even employ workers to complete these chores, thus lowering their workload. Therefore, you can say that opening a Laundromat is perfect if you already have a full-time job and want a side hustle to earn extra.
  • Easy to Expand: There are often many prospects for growth in the Laundromat sector because it is adaptable, versatile, and necessary. That might entail establishing a second facility in the city, growing your current facility, or providing new services.
  • Financing Is Possible: Just keep in mind that you don’t have to cover the full seed investment yourself, and even if you could, you shouldn’t. Make use of financing to keep some of your money. You can obtain more capital if you make a down payment through small company loans, lines of credit, financing for equipment, and other options. Talk with experts to find the best business for sale Laundromat. Make sure you are aware of laundromat washer and dryer prices.

Cost and Revenue of a Laundromat Business

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Entry into the laundry business needs a sizable down payment. The Laundromat washer and dryer prices can range from around $200,000 for an ordinary Laundromat to upwards of $2,000,000 for a big, well-established Laundromat business with a huge client base that offers several other services, depending on the type and size of Laundromat you want to establish. Having a complete list of the expenses will help you be more certain of the amount of money you’ll need to buy the company and, ideally, reduce the number of ‘surprise’ expenses. There are several types of costs that one will have to take care of while buying a Laundromat and setting up and running the business:

  • Preliminary market research (reading materials, subscriptions, association dues)
  • Rent or lease expenses
  • Licenses/permits
  • Cleaning service
  • Utilities (gas, sewage, water, and electric)
  • Insurance (fire, theft, and liability)
  • Purchases or maintenance of security equipment
  • Payroll and benefits for staff
  • Fees for washing machines and sewer connections
  • Vending machines for food, beverages, laundry supplies, and materials
  • Any extra services you decide to offer
  • Advertisements

So, what should a typical Laundromat opening budget look like? Well, it should be something like this. The following purchases might be made by a typical buyer wishing to outfit a laundromat. It includes laundromat washer and dryer prices:

Item Cost
Front-Loading Washers USD 30,000
Top-Loading Washers USD 4,000
Electric Dryers USD 17,000
Change For Coins USD 850
Dispenser For Laundry Soap USD 430
Chairs USD 200
Stacking Folding Tables USD 50
Snack Vending Machine USD 2,500
Grand Total USD 55,030

Well, the cost of building a Laundromat business is quite clear. Now, let’s focus on what is the approximate revenue that you can expect. Laundromats are no longer dirty and crowded. Coin-operated Laundromats have undergone renovations recently to include pleasant waiting spaces, lighting, and other amenities.

To pass the time while waiting for their clothes to dry, many customers are willing to pay for amusements like snack machines and arcade games, as owners have discovered. Adding these revenue sources won’t have a significant impact on your overhead due to fixed location costs.

However, wash-and-fold service is the most popular option offered in Laundromats. Your company will become much more of a hands-on operation that needs ongoing care and attention as a result of this service rather than a self-serve, passive operation. But many business owners have found that pursuing consumers who are too busy to do their laundry is a good investment and an increase in income. Hopefully, you now know about laundromat washer and dryer prices.

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Points to Consider

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You should always proceed with caution when considering a potential investment, like buying a Laundromat. A prospective buyer should perform a comprehensive inspection, speak with many owners, and seek advice from relevant specialists, including real estate brokers, laundry machine repair and maintenance firms, and others. Here are a few things that one should keep in mind:

  • Location: Customers seek convenience and safety, thus a Laundromat’s physical location may be extremely important to its success or failure. Near college campuses, apartment buildings, and significant retail hubs, Laundromats have a great potential to develop a devoted client base, so long as the local competition isn’t too intimidating. In addition to choosing a location with an integrated market, take into account the facility’s specifics.
  • Equipment: The equipment has a significant role in the value of a Laundromat. Is the machinery well-maintained and in good condition if used? How well does it satisfy the client’s needs? How long does it still have an effective life? How well-maintained are the water pipes? Before making any purchases, it’s important to understand what you’re dealing with because replacing outdated equipment and fixtures may become quite expensive.
  • Business Model: A proprietor of a business is required to manage everything. You will be responsible for overseeing the administration of the employees, upkeep of the facilities and equipment, marketing, and financial management; thus, you should have a working knowledge of all of these areas. As you look for the ideal Laundromat to buy, you should also have a comprehensive understanding of the Laundromat business model so that you can appropriately assess the advantages and disadvantages of possible acquisitions.
  • Planning and Management: A significant time and financial commitment are usually required to get a firm up and running efficiently. Consider your finances before making a laundromat purchase. Don’t make the error of letting the cost of laundry consume all of the funds. To avoid having to shut down your firm due you a lack of funding, make sure to have a reasonable cash reserve.
  • Costs: While you must confirm the Laundromat’s declared income, you should also look into any ongoing or anticipated costs before you buy a laundry business. Payroll, repairs and upkeep, worker’s compensation, insurance, taxes, and security system expenses should all be on this list.
  • Foresighted: Have a strategy in place and take the long view before buying a Laundromat. Even while there will always be a demand for washing services, stagnation and dated technology might discourage clients. Consider what expenditures will likely be in the future and the effect they’ll have on the business’s bottom line. Upgrades and revamping are inevitable elements of making a business effective, but if they are causing big losses, then one should reevaluate their decision to buy a Laundromat.
  • Competition: Lastly, don’t forget to consider the competitors. Remember that your Laundromat may succeed even if you buy an established business in a market where there is competition provided you provide a larger space, more machines, more services, or superior customer care. This is a fantastic opportunity to use your imagination.

Choosing a Washer Dryer

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The following are the two common choices for washers and dryers:

  1. Front Load Washer: The most effective washer is a front-load washer since it will automatically gauge how much water to use. Large front-loading machines with a capacity of up to 4.5 cubic feet are the best for big Laundromat businesses. Based on how much laundry you have, this washer will potentially be saving up to 50% of the water usage per cycle. The advantage of front-load machines is that they can be stacked, which frees up room in your laundry. Front-load washers have a softer wash that is less prone to rip cloth since they lack an agitator. Drying time is reduced by front-load washers’ high-speed spinning cycle.
  2. Top Load Washer: For many years, top-load machines have just been widely used in the mainstream. Their quick wash and rinse operations save your consumers time, and they offer modest upfront expenses. The simplicity of adding more clothing to the machine once it has begun operating is another. Top-loading washers, however, use more energy and water to finish each cycle. Top-load washing machines hold onto more water after every cycle, which makes drying time for garments a little bit longer. Additionally, top-load washers may put a little additional strain on more delicate materials.

Things to Keep in mind while buying a Laundromat

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Here are some things that you should watch out for when buying a Laundromat washer and dryer.

  • Capacity: While bigger capacity washers with capacities between 4.2 and 4.5 cubic feet can easily handle 20 pounds or more, a basic standard washer with a capacity between 3.1 and 4.0 cubic feet would hold 12 to 16 pounds of laundry. Mega-capacity washers are also available; they can fit loads larger than 4.6 cubic feet. Make sure to provide a variety of washer sizes to meet the various demands of your clients, depending on your area and the size of the business.
  • Coin or Card Operated: Also, choose between car or coin-operated machines. The most traditional solution for laundry enterprises is coin-operated machines. They occasionally do, however, present security issues. You will also need to offer 1 or 2 two change machines if you decide to use coin-operated machines. On the other hand, people can benefit from improved convenience and greater security with card-operated washing machines. Online cash flow reports are also kept for your company via card-operated equipment.
  • Gas or Electric: A 240-volt outlet is required for the standard electric dryer, whereas a gas dryer requires a gas line to be connected to the laundry area. The installation of gas lines can be costly, and if done incorrectly, they can be deadly. The majority of Laundromats choose electric dryers until a gas line is conveniently located.
  • Warranty: Loads of laundry will be handled daily by washers and dryers designed for commercial usage. As a result, it’s critical to select names with a solid reputation and that provide a guarantee in case one of the parts malfunctions.

Necessary Steps To Take

Here are a few steps that one should not miss at any cost.

  • Get The Permissions And Licenses: Every state and territory has different licensing requirements, so be careful to study any prospective licenses and permits with which you might need to comply.
  • Talk To the Owner: If you’re buying a business for sale Laundromat that already exists, speak with the owner to find out why they’re selling.
  • Estimate The Utility Costs: Check the last few years’ water and electricity bills. Unusual low prices could be a sign that the company isn’t as profitable as it looks, whilst extremely high expenses might present a chance for profit-boosting cost reductions.
  • Check The Laundromat: Employ a professional to assess the facility’s condition and the condition of any equipment that is being sold. Request to see documentation of the machines’ ongoing upkeep before buying a Laundromat.

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Added Service Ideas for a Laundromat business

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Here are some of the added service ideas that will help run everything smoothly.

  • Delivery Service: With this busy individuals and professionals can get pickup and delivery from a laundry delivery service. A laundry delivery business operates in a very basic manner. The laundry delivery service picks up the clothing directly from the customer, brings them to a Laundromat, and then delivers the freshly washed garments back to the customer. There is a rising need for laundry delivery services due to the fast-paced society and the numerous responsibilities that accumulate every day. This makes delivery service quite a popular thing among people who do not have time to go to the Laundromat even on weekends.
  • Dry Cleaning Service: A company called dry cleaning uses no water to clean garments, bed linens, and other materials. Chemicals are used throughout the dry cleaning process to clean the cloth and restore its fresh appearance. Your garments may be cleaned using this method to eliminate smells, stains, and dirt. Since folks will always need to wash their garments, this business model is viable. A wonderful approach to breaking into the dry cleaning market is to launch your dry cleaning operation. Offer a variety of services in addition to standard dry cleanings, such as washing and folding, to enhance income.
  • Mobile Laundry Service: Many people don’t have much time to launder their clothing at home in today’s hectic world. Most people would prefer hiring a mobile dry-cleaning service that comes to their homes or places of work to pick up the items. A mobile laundry service along with a Laundromat may be the successful company idea you’ve been seeking as an entrepreneur.

You now understand the process and things to keep in mind while buying a Laundromat. We also informed you about the laundromat washer and dryer prices. Knowing how to purchase a Laundromat is one thing, but doing so won’t bring money into your wallet. You need to get going. Do your study and exercise patience. Talk to experts, get funding, and create a business plan that is foolproof.

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