Biotechnologist Salary in India: Average Pay & More

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Science is one of a kind subject. It has always been a fascinating and eye-raising subject and the more you go into the details the more mystery and intrigue await you. Be it Biology, Chemistry, Physics, or any other subject, the world of science never fails to amaze and that is the reason that a lot of kids develop an interest in this subject early on. Among the different fields of science, biotechnology has emerged front in recent times. Many students are keen to explore this field and become biotechnologist. In this article, we will inform you about biotechnologist salary in India and biotechnology highest salary in India per month. We will also cover biotechnologist jobs in India, biotechnology jobs for freshers and BTech in biotechnology scope.

Biotechnologist Salary in India: Average Pay & More

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Science holds the key to a lot of questions in life and it is the advancement of science that has helped humans move from one era to another era and has taken care of evolution as well. In Biotechnology, we study organisms that exist but can’t be seen without special devices. Let us learn more about this amazing field.

What is a Biotechnologist?

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Bio and Technology are two words that join together to make the term Biotechnologist and the meaning that the world carries is a mix of the two aspects. A biotechnologist is a person who uses matter like cells, microorganisms, parts of an organism, or something similar and uses it to understand its use in various processes that benefit human life. Károly Ereky in 1919 first came up with the term biotechnology and it has stayed ever since. In simple words, the field can be described as the production of a product from the raw material stage to the finished product by the use of a living organism.

In the wider sense, biotechnology would be a process similar to breeding wherein the aim is to improve the quality of the final product by using the latest technology. Newer medicines and treatment routes are being found, better crops are being produced, and other such scientific advancements are taking place and it’s all because biotechnology is at work.

It is an attempt of science at using other living substances to try and make human life better. Bioengineering is usually considered a related field to biotechnology; however, the two are somewhat different, and if anything then the former can be said to be an overlapping field with the latter.

Biotechnologist Salary in India

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Salary is an important aspect of any job. Without proper remuneration, there is no worker willing to work the job. The job of a Biotechnologist sounds tough and time-consuming and so it is only fair that the employer acknowledges this. To put the speculation to bed it is now time to look at the biotechnologist salary in India.

At more than 6 lakh rupees the average salary of a Biotechnologist is 20% more than the national average salary in India. The range of salary is between 1,70,000 and 15,00,000 with the former figure being for beginners and newly hired people and the latter figure being for experienced and seasoned personnel. If you are someone with an experience of fewer than 3 years then you can expect to make a figure close to 2 lakhs. 4 to 9 years of experience in the field pushes your salary close to the 6 lakh mark which is the average. 10 to 20 years of experience in the field helps you make around 9 lakh rupees a year and more than 20 years of experience in the field pushes the figure between 10 and 15 lakhs.

It is important to note that experience is not the only factor that matters. The post you are working at and the city that you are working in also play a significant part in deciding your salary.

Biotechnology Highest Salary in India Per Month

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Be it a biotechnologist or any other profession the pay will always depend on multiple factors like experience, city, position, etc. When it comes to a biotechnologist, the salary can be a bit underwhelming or satisfactory depending on the field that one chooses to work in. So here we will discuss biotechnology highest salary in India per month based on various parameters.

Education and Degree

Education plays an important part in professions like Engineering, CA, Medical, etc. that require great skill and knowledge, and since Biotechnology is a science field it is only right that the degree matters here as well. A student who has done a Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology makes 25 to 28 thousand a month. A student with a Bachelor of Science in Biology degree makes 20 to 24 thousand a month. A Bachelor of Technology Biotechnology student makes 26 to 38 thousand per month. A degree in Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry gets you 25 to 28 thousand rupees a month. B.Sc.A Biological Sciences degree gets you 20 to 22 thousand rupees salary per month. M.Tech in Biotechnology gets you 30 to 33 thousand rupees salary, which is the highest and lastly M.Sc in Biotechnology gets you 28 to 31 thousand rupees a month in salary.


As mentioned earlier, the city of work also matters when it comes to deciding your pay and so based on the city the salary per month would look something like. In Delhi, the salary would range between 3 and 7 lakh rupees a year as opposed to the range of 1.4 and 11 lakh in Karnataka and 1.1 lakh and 12 range in Hyderabad. So location can heavily influence biotechnologist Salary in India.

Post also matters when talking about how much money one stands to make. If you work in Research and development or the Pharmaceutical field then you stand to make anywhere between 1.9 to 11 lakhs a year. Working in the Cardiology and Vaccine space gets you a salary between 1.8 and 11 lakh rupees a year. If you work in the Academic field then you make between 1.6 and 9 lakh rupees a year.

Different companies pay different remuneration along with perks and benefits. And, so choosing to work for top Biotechnology companies across India may get you more salary than working for an average or not-so-well-known company.

Biotechnologist Jobs in India

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Biotechnology is a wide field and opens up various paths for anyone practicing in the field. You have pharmaceutical, agriculture, food, textile, animal husbandry, etc. to choose from. You can also head to immunology, virology, cell biology, plant physiology, etc. The options are endless and keep popping and the scope for a profession or job for a biotechnologist comes from various sectors today. It can be said that biotechnologist jobs in India will only increase.

Career-wise biotechnology jobs in India include being in the healthcare line or medicine line. You can work in pharmaceuticals, animal husbandry, agriculture, genetic engineering, environmental conversation, soil biology, ecology, the textile industry, and the cosmetics field.

A biotechnologist can work as a medical scientist, biological technician, Medical and Clinical Lab technologist & technician, biochemist and biophysicist, biomedical engineer, microbiologist, epidemiologist, R&D, and process development scientist, manufacturing specialist, and bioproduction operator. Let us narrow down biotechnologist jobs in India to only freshers.

Biotechnology Jobs for Freshers

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Freshers in any field can expect to get a low-paying entry-level job when fresh from college and with biotechnologists, it is no different. Biotechnology jobs for freshers would include various profiles available to a biotechnologist. You can be a lab technician, project manager, teacher, microbiologist, epidemiologist, bioproduction operator, and biomanufacturing specialist. Some jobs are available to students right after college while for others they have to work a few years and gather some experience before they can get into it.

You can also opt to work in research firms or hospitals. Another option would be to work in the pharmaceutical field or food production firms or clinical research firms. Laboratories, consultation agencies, chemical manufacturing, educational institutions, and fertilizer manufacturing are also possible fields to work in. Soil biology, animal husbandry, cosmetics, and ecology are also open to students, but for all these fields they must have a B.Sc degree in Biotechnology.

Studying further or getting higher level degrees can open more prospects for students. At the start, they might earn 1 or 2 lakh rupees a year but with years and change of post, the salary can grow significantly. In the beginning, biotechnologist salary in India for freshers might be low but with time they can earn decent money. Let us now learn about BTech in biotechnology scope.

BTech in Biotechnology Scope

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BTech is one of the most popular degrees in India. It is a valuable degree and when we talk about BTech in Biotechnology we are talking about a combination that makes perfect sense. BTech in biotechnology scope includes being able to get into various fields like pharmaceuticals, agriculture, food manufacturing, healthcare, nutrition, animal science, environment protection, etc.

Science is becoming more and more important by the day and when it comes to humans we have already established ourselves as the most important species and so a field like biotechnology, which aims at making human life better, is only set to get more important in the coming years. Thus, after getting BTech in Biotechnology a student can expect to work in fields like genetic counseling, zoology, and biochemical engineering, as a biochemist and biophysicist, a chemical technician, a food safety analyst, quality control and a quality analyst, and as a microbiologist.

With a little bit of experience, students with the same degree can apply for posts such as research scientist, biomedical engineer, medical scientist, process development scientist, biomanufacturing specialist, director of product strategy, and business development manager. There is no doubt that BTech in biotechnology scope is immense if you plan properly.

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Should you consider becoming a Biotechnologist?

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Do you have an interest in science? Do you back yourself to pass difficult courses? If the answer to these questions is yes, then maybe you are halfway there. When we talk about a profession like biotechnology, you need to know that we are talking about a course that needs dedication and hard work. It is no child’s play to become a biotechnologist and it is surely not easy to get through the degree courses required to become one. Earlier you must have had no idea in your hands to draw conclusions from, but now you have some idea about the profession and the path to achieving it and therefore can make an educated guess.

We all have now for years been hearing about injecting nutrients into food to make them tastier or bigger. We have been hearing about pills that can almost make any issue go away. Now, who knows if this is a boon or a bane but what we do know is that all this has been associated with a biotechnologist. Biotechnology behind the scenes has been working constantly to improve human life quality.

We hope you now have a better understanding of biotechnologist salary in India, biotechnology highest salary in India per month, biotechnologist jobs in India and biotechnology jobs for freshers and the overall BTech in biotechnology scope.

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