Binance Referral Code 2022: Get 50% Discount

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In the world of crypto, Binance needs no introduction. As an affiliate program, Binance offers a signup bonus and a discount on trading fees, but not everyone knows about it. You can receive an unlimited discount and the best signup bonus by using the Binance referral code 2022. The referral code can also be shared with your friends, and you can earn rewards as well. In this article, we will talk about Binance referral code free money, Binance referral link, Binance referral code benefits, Binance use referral code after registration and much more.

Binance Referral Code 2022: Get 50% Discount

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Since September 2021, Binance has grown exponentially, becoming the largest cryptocurrency exchange platform in the world. Everyone is looking for Binance deals and offers. Our Binance referral code is perfect for newbies, crypto traders, and existing Binance customers alike.

What is Binance Referral Code 2022?

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Referral codes are assortments of numbers or letters used to identify customers participating in referral programs. Each customer receives a unique Binance referral code when they sign up for a program. These codes change every year, and here we are going to discuss Binance Referral Code 2022.

The Binance Referral Code 2022 is 49241604. This code is generated using Outlook India. Take advantage of the Binance Referral ID code to receive a 50% discount and participate in this program. By giving your friends your Binance Referral ID, you can earn an infinite number of free bitcoins. Additionally, whenever your friends buy or sell on Binance, you will receive 20% of their transaction fee in Indian cryptocurrency. Additionally, you can get 25% when you have an existing BNB balance and 20% when you use a kickback code.

You can also earn up to 40% commission per referral by sharing your unique Binance referral link, Binance Referral ID Code or QR code with your contacts. You will be paid a commission each time they trade if they register using your referral code.

Binance Referral Code Benefits

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The Binance Referral Code benefits are listed below in detail:

50% Discount on Trading Fees

For consumers who signed up recently and plan to use the service in 2022, the discount is up to 50%. With a kickback code, you can receive 20%, and with a BNB balance, you can receive 25%. Additionally, take advantage of the flat 20% referral code cashback and use BNB coins to pay for trading costs to receive a further 25% discount.

Binance Refer and Earn

By sharing your referral code, you can easily earn an unlimited quantity of cryptocurrency cash. It is possible to accomplish this by sharing your code on social media, blogs, articles, and forums. Even better, you can get paid for creating videos that inform viewers.

Binance Referral Kickback

You can split up to 50% of the referral cashback from your friends’ transaction costs with them. Once the individual you mention begins trading on Binance, you will initially get a 20% commission on their transaction costs. If your daily BNB account balance is 500 BNB coins or more, the base referral price will be boosted to a maximum of 50%.

You can decide how much of the Binance referral code free money to give your invited friends, ranging from 5% to 20%. Depending on your referral, you can choose to share the 40% or 20% commission. The maximum you can split is 50% of your qualified base commission rate.

How to Claim Binance Referral Code Free Money?

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When signing up, you must enter the Binance referral code. Using the referral code is optional and occasionally forgotten, so be cautious not to skip this step. The steps are listed below in a step-by-step format:

1. Go to

2. Create an account by clicking on Register button in top right corner and signing up. Enter your email address and a strong, secure password.

Register button

3. You will be able to see Referral ID box by default. Enter the referral ID you have and click on Create Personal Account.

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4. As soon as you sign up with Binance using the referral code, you will receive 20% commission on every trade.

Binance Use Referral Code After Registration

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Every affiliate platform has its own unique referral code to offer some rewards. The rewards remain the same, though. Currently, the company is offering three ways to win the referral bonus. With Binance Use Referral Code after registration, you get the following offers:

$5 Cash Voucher

When you make your first deposit of $50 or more using one of the fiat payment options or by purchasing cryptocurrency through a P2P (peer to peer) transaction on the Binance P2P marketplace, you will get $5 in cash as the first portion of the up to $100 Binance bonus.

After signing into your account, click on your account icon and select “reward centre” from the drop-down menu to locate and use your $5 coupon.

$50 Spot Cashback Voucher

A $50 cashback voucher is included as the second part of the Binance referral bonus, if you make your first deposit using crypto (for example, BTC or USDT you already have in an exchange or wallet) with Binance.

$45 Spot Cashback Voucher

When you execute your first spot trading crypto transaction for $50 or more, you will get the third component of the welcome bonus offer. Trading $50 of ETH or $50 of USDT, for instance, or vice versa.

Binance Referral Bonus Terms & Conditions

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Additionally, in order to obtain the three welcome offer bonuses, the $5, $50, and $45 coupons, which together total $100. New users must finish their assignments within 7 days. Binance Cashback coupons function as a means to receive a reduction on Binance costs because they may be used to pay trading fees. In addition to manually entering a Binance referral code, you can use referral links that automatically submit a reference ID to the Binance system when you register with the company.

You should use the exchange mostly because of its reasonable trading costs and the variety of trading pairs it offers. Another excellent reason to use Binance and start making passive income from your cryptocurrency is Binance Earn. It is not advised to hold all of your digital assets on cryptocurrency exchanges for an extended period of time. However, their minimal costs and variety of trading pairings should appeal to you if you’re merely buying or trading cryptocurrency.

We hope this article has given you a good idea about Binance referral code free money, Binance referral link, Binance referral code benefits, Binance use referral code after registration and Binance Referral Code 2022.

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