Allu Arjun Net Worth, Salary, Properties 

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One of the biggest Telugu stars, Allu Arjun is acclaimed as an actor unlike any other. Allu Arjun, also known as Bunny, has established a reputation for dominating the box office and capturing the hearts of millions of fans since making his acting debut more than 20 years ago. The Telugu actor Allu Arjun’s hot streak has led him through a range of successful movies, sponsorships, and honors over the past few years. In this article, we will take a look at Allu Arjun net worth including Allu Arjun income and Allu Arjun property.

Allu Arjun Net Worth, Salary, Properties 

Allu was recently recognized by New York City’s Mayor Eric Adams and is currently filming Pushpa 2. He can dance in addition to acting. He is one of India’s best-paid performers. In 2014, he was also listed on Forbes India’s Celebrity 100 list. All of this achievement translates into a lot of money in the bank increasing Allu Arjun Income. Let us learn more about him.

About Allu Arjun

Allu Arjun was born on April 8, 1983, in Chennai, India, and as of 2022, he will be 39 years old. In Andhra Pradesh’s West Godavari district sits Palakollu, where he was born and raised. Allu Arjun stayed in Chennai before his family moved to Hyderabad when he was in his 20s. He attended St. Patrick’s College in Chennai to receive his diploma.

Allu is the child of South Indian film producer and Indian Super League FC co-owner Allu Aravind and Nirmala, an Indian politician. The entertainment business runs in his paternal family as well. Allu Ramalingaiah, a comedian who has appeared in over 1000 motion pictures, is his grandfather.

He has two brothers and he is the middle child. His elder brother Venkatesh is a businessman, while his younger brother Sirish is a performer. Chiranjeevi is wed to his paternal aunt. He has actors for his cousins. They are Ram Charan, Varun Tej, Sai Dharam Tej, and Niharika Konidela. Read more to know about Allu Arjun net worth.


After making his acting debut as a child artist when he was 2 years old, the actor made his first appearance as an adult star in the 2003 movie Gangotri. Allu Arjun won multiple honors for his portrayal of the hero in the box office smash. His career reached a turning point with the release of Arya in 2004 and Bunny in 2005, which propelled him to rock star and superstar status, respectively. Both movies performed incredibly well at the box office.

He has since appeared in numerous different kinds of movies, portraying various characters. After Pushpa’s popularity, he gained widespread recognition which is not restricted to southern India. He has produced several box office hits, and many of them will be released in 2023. Rashmika Mandanna will co-star with the actor in his upcoming film Pushpa 2, which is one of the highly anticipated movies to be released in the following year. Read on to know about Allu Arjun salary.

Personal Life

Allu Arjun is referred to the Telugu cinema as the “Stylish Star.” His other name is “bunny.” At only two years old, he appeared in the movie Vijeta as a young artist. Even as a young child, he struggled in school but had a great interest in performing and dancing.

He claims that he began training in gymnastics at a young age to develop the flexibility and fluidity with which he dances now. He is also an artist who works with charcoal. Read more to learn about Allu Arjun income.

In addition to dancing, he is a vocalist who has performed songs in several of his movies. He also likes to read books. In 2011, he wed Sneha Reddy, and they had two kids (Allu Ayaan, and Allu Arha). Read on to know about Allu Arjun property.

Allu Arjun Net Worth

As of June 2022, Allu Arjun net worth was astronomical, coming in at a whopping Rs. 350 crores, or $47 million. Arjun’s high-end movie deals, which bring in an average of Rs. 24 crores annually, are responsible for a large portion of this income. With a reported windfall of Rs. 100 crore for the film’s sequel, which is currently in production, he is already on track to break this record. He received a salary of Rs. 32 crores for Pushpa: The Rise last year.

Allu Arjun earns a respectable Rs. 4 crores in addition to his film profits via brand endorsements with companies like Aha Video, Frooti, Rapido, Zomato, and others.

The actor has also experimented with investing in up-and-coming firms, like Hyderabad’s CallHealth Services, which provides diagnostics, medical delivery, nursing care, and other healthcare requirements via a digital platform.

Salary and Income

Allu Arjun is one of the highest-paid actors when it comes to his annual and monthly earnings. His monthly income is in the range of Rs. 3 to 4 crores, but if his brand advertising revenue is taken into account, it might reach Rs.5 crores. Every year, Allu Arjun produces at least two movies. He demands between 10 and 15 crores for a film as Allu Arjun salary. In addition, if they believe a film will do well at the box office, they will partner with it, which will increase their earnings beyond the per-movie fee.

Thus, based on this information, he typically earns roughly Rs. 30 crores every year. In addition to this, they also profit from brand advertising, which means Allu Arjun income annually may vary from Rs. 35 to 40 crores.

Property and Assets

Allu Arjun, the Tollywood actor, purchased his dream mansion in Hyderabad. He lives here with his wife and children. This Allu Arjun property is among the most expensive in Hyderabad located in Jubilee Hills. A magnificent pool was given to Ayaan by Allu’s father for his birthday. And the cost of this opulent Allu Arjun house in jubilee hills is Rs. 100 crores. Allu Arjun also owns many other properties in India.

Allu Arjun adores having a garage filled with the most expensive and exotic vehicles. So, let’s take a look at Allu’s entire car collection.

  • Hummer H2: The automobile costs Rs. 75 lakhs.
  • Mercedes-Benz GLE 350: The automobile costs Rs. 77.82 lakhs.
  • Jaguar XJ L: In India, the automobile costs Rs. 1.11 crores.
  • Volvo XC 90 T8: The automobile costs Rs.1.31 crores in India.
  • Range Rover Vogue: He paid Rs. 2.13 crore for the automobile. Allu Arjun also owns a fully deluxe fancy vanity vehicle, which costs Rs. 7 crores.


Allu Arjun is wealthy not just in terms of money and possessions, but also in terms of his fan base. He has about 21 million Facebook followers, 18.8 million Instagram followers, and 7 million Twitter followers.

Allu Arjun has received numerous honors, including the Filmfare Award for Best Actor in Telugu, the Nandi Special Jury Award, the Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Actor in Telugu, the IIFA Utsavam, and many others. Following the success of his previous films, the actor’s performance and fan base are expanding by the day. Read on to get an idea about Allu Arjun income.


In 2019, Allu Arjun celebrated Sankranthi in his hometown of Palakollu, Andhra Pradesh, and he pledged Rs.20 lakh for the expansion and refurbishment projects of the Ksheera Ramalingeswara Temple, one of the five Pancharama Kshetras. With the money donated, the temple administration built Rathasala, Vahanasala, and Gosala, and refurbished the temple chariot.

The Stylish Star of Tollywood contributed Rs. 20 lakhs to the Corona Crisis Charity in 2020, bringing his overall donation to Rs 1.45 crore. Read more to know about rising Allu Arjun net worth.

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Allu Arjun has always been in the spotlight because of his status as a Tollywood child, but huge problems occurred in 2014 after a drunk-driving vehicle accident in which he allegedly battled with a police officer. There were a few other incidents that grabbed news, such as a rumor in 2013 about his divorce from Sneha, which he later declined. In addition, during the start of his career, old footage of Anasuya hitting Allu for his alleged unattractive looks in his film “Gangotri” was edited and shared on social media.

Allu Arjun is rightfully regarded as one of Telugu cinema’s biggest stars. Considering how well his recent release Pushpa: The Rise was received by audiences worldwide, there’s no stopping him. Being hailed by reviewers from all over, the actor has gained the reputation of being a very bankable star throughout the years, as well as a good amount of money for it. He lives an ultra-luxurious lifestyle and enjoys blowing enormous bucks.

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