20 Best ClickBank Alternatives (2022)

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The market is overcrowded with so many similar tools that claim to do the same, but which one is the best? ClickBank was one of the best platforms in the digital products markets for a very long time. But, now there are various other similar or better options in the markets that offer better features at a reasonable price.

Therefore, if Clickbank cannot meet your requirements, you can select from some of the best ClickBank alternatives. By exploring its substitutes, you will be able to get insight into better offers and increase your income. Although Clickbank is a perfect option for beginners if you wish to take your affiliate business ahead, it is recommended to look for its alternatives.

About ClickBank

It is an affiliate marketing network comprising thousands of digital products in almost every niche you can think of. They have an incredible selection of products to promote with a decent commission. It is also said to be one of the largest affiliate networks globally because of its easy user interface and the impressive features it provides.

They are the linking pin between the vendors who supply the products and affiliates who want to promote them. In addition, they have their own learning platform by the name Spark here; they teach new affiliates how to start their career as an affiliate and the best ways to promote Clickbank offers. It is a 100% legit website that offers quality products.


  • They offer numerous digital products with a huge commission of around 50% to 90%
  • Render various recurring offers for affiliates to sell for their ongoing income.
  • Offers a massive range of niches with plenty of products to promote
  • Perfect platform for beginners as there is no application process
  • They claim to pay always on time, and as per the reviews as well, there has been no delay in their payment


  • You will find an array of useless products and sales pages on ClickBank; therefore, you must select the product carefully. This is why it is recommended first to use the product before you start selling it.
  • High competition for popular products makes it challenging for beginners to sell the products.
  • Relatively expensive

Best Niches offered by ClickBank

Some of the best niches that you can invest in ClickBank are:

  • Arts & Entertainment
  • As Seen on TV
  • Home & Garden
  • Games
  • Parenting & Families
  • Spirituality, New Age & Alternative Beliefs
  • Self-Help
  • E-Business & E-Marketing
  • Health & Fitness
  • Languages

Top 20 ClickBank alternatives

Here are some of the most reputable and high-paying Clickbank alternatives; you can choose one of them. Let us have a look and see what they offer:

1. CJ (Commission Junction)

CJ (Commission Junction)

This affiliate marketing platform was launched in 1998; it was rebranded in 2014 and was named ‘CJ Affiliate by Conversant.” Its functionality is just the opposite of ClickBank as there is an application process in it. Many new affiliates might get rejected, and even when you get approved, you will have to apply for every advertiser individually.

CJ is one of the oldest affiliate networks that have its reach worldwide. They have a massive affiliate marketing program that you will not run out of offers easily, even with the ones that offer high commissions.

A lot of people prefer this platform because they can find branded products to promote. In addition, they offer a plethora of products and powerful tools, plus they offer reliable conversion tracking of the pixel.


  • You can get tons of offers
  • Renders deep link generator and widgets
  • Cookieless tracking

Additional features:

  • Product Type: Physical and Digital Products
  • Payment terms: Net 30
  • Commission Rate: Varies
  • Cookie Duration: Cookieless tracking varies

2. ShareASale


This is one of the best Clickbank alternatives with high commissions; they concentrate majorly on physical products and are known as a place where big brands gather. In fact, there are a few places where ShareASale has been listed as the most extensive network worldwide.

They have been in the market for 20 years now, and recently, in 2017, it was acquired by the huge brand Awin but the two sites operate individually.

People prefer this platform because it is easy to sign up, plus they do not ask for the number of views or visitors on your site. But, here you will have to take the approval of the merchant for promoting their products.

The major drawback of ShareASale is that it is not user-friendly as it lacks in design and an intuitive interface, but its search feature is pretty good. Other than this, it offers amazing features such as you can do real-time tracking with the help of which you can measure your sales performance easily. Furthermore, it sponsors training webinars every month, where you can learn the basics of affiliate marketing to more advanced techniques.


  • Uses advanced technology
  • Vast selection of products to promote
  • Timely payout

Additional Features:

  • Product Type: Physical and Digital
  • Minimum payout:$50
  • Commission Rates: Varies
  • Payout Methods: Check, Wire, ACH (Direct Deposit)
  • Cookie Duration: Varies

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3. Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates

Who does not know about the big brand Amazon? They have their own affiliate program as well that is called Amazon Affiliates, and genuinely it is one of the best ClickBank alternatives. This platform has made it easier for beginners to enter the world of affiliate marketing.

They offer millions of products that you can select from; this means you will for sure find something that attracts you. You will be amazed to know that as per a recent survey, 89% of people said they are more likely to buy a product from Amazon than any other e-commerce platform. So, selling here means more income for sure.

The highlight is that they pay commissions based on sales, and the margin is determined by a scale that rewards different niches with distinct rates. The significant downside amount Amazon Associate is that their signup process is quite lengthy, which makes the process slightly troublesome.


  • Millions of products to advertise
  • No third-party approvals of advertisers are required
  • High commission of up to 10% on every successful sale

Additional Features:

  • Commission rate: Varies
  • Minimum payout: $0.01-$100
  • Cookie duration: 24-hours
  • Payout Methods: Check, ACH (Direct Deposit)
  • Product types: Pretty much anything you can think of
  • Payment terms: Net 90

4. eBay Partner Network

eBay Partner Network

This is one of the high-paying Clickbank alternatives which offers numerous products that you can promote on your blogs and website. It is one of the biggest and best affiliate networks that work on an affiliate model similar to Amazon’s. They have an excellent reputation in the market and have an awe-inspiring commission rate for affiliates.

Joining this platform is a straightforward and painless process. They do not have any traffic requirements; all you need is a website to join them. You will be amazed to know that you can promote both auctions and “buy it now” products on eBay. You can also make money by just sending traffic to products hosted on the platform.

People like this platform because it has more reputable landing pages. You get access to a wide variety of products to promote, plus the solid online reputation of eBay backs you.


  • On eBay, you can promote products with special deals as well
  • All the payments are made on the 22nd of each month
  • You can earn on auctions as well, and 90% of the products they sell are “Buy it now,” which increases the chances of conversion.

Additional Features:

  • Commission rate: Varies
  • Minimum payout: $25
  • Cookie duration: 24-hours
  • Payout Methods: Check/ ACH (Direct Deposit)
  • Product types: Everything
  • Payment terms: Net 30

5. Rakuten Linkshare

Rakuten Linkshare

Rakuten acquired Linkshare in 2005 and they rebranded as the Rakuten Linkshare affiliate program. It is one of the most well-known programs that offers thousands of products and also provides affiliates access to track the information of their earnings, conversions, and clicks by offering an easy-to-use dashboard.

They have partnered with various big brands like ego, Nvidia, Microsoft, Lyft, Macy’s, Guess, JetBlue, Walmart, etc., that you can promote. This is a perfect platform for you if you wish to promote physical products and if you are sure that you will be able to pass their approval process. Rakuten Linkshare is not recommended for people who do not have much traffic on their website as their application might not get approved.

They have more than 1000 merchants, and you will be amazed to know that they provide more than 25 different currency payouts. In addition, Rakuten provides affiliates with tools that make it easier to optimize all their affiliate marketing efforts.


  • Offers advanced customized reports
  • Established global affiliate network
  • You can use automatic rotating banners, deep linking, and data feeds for promoting the products.

Additional Features:

  • Commission rate: Varies
  • Minimum payout: $50
  • Cookie duration: Varies
  • Payout Methods: Check, PayPal, and Direct Deposit
  • Product types: Physical products and digital services
  • Payment terms: Net 60

6. GlobalWide Media

GlobalWide Media

It is one of the most reliable affiliate networks; it was acquired by Neverblue a couple of years back. They focus majorly on CPA advertising, and the products available are usually physical and digital products. They have partnered with some of the big brands like Ford, Uber, Rakuten, Alibaba, Groupon, Expedia, Qatar, Booking.com, and many more.

The best part about GlobalWide Media is that they provide their users with dedicated managers to answer all your queries and advise you on affiliate campaigns. Therefore, you can opt for this platform if you wish to work with a reputed network that emphasizes CPA offers.

As per the CPA model, you get a commission when prospective customers go and perform an action like entering details in the form or signing up. GlobalWide links people who yearn for traffic and leads with those who can market them.

It is not easy to get selected as an affiliate here; they have strict policies because of the big brands and reputation for good offers. You can also earn through their referral program, where they pay 5% on every successful referral.


  • Conducts regular check-ups for fraud
  • Payment is made weekly and bi-weekly
  • GlobalWide uses cross-device matching

Additional Features:

  • Goods (Types of Offers): Physical and Digital Products
    Minimum Payout: $25
    Commission Programs: CPA, CPL, CPS, CPM, CPC
    Payout Methods: PayPal, Check, Wire, Direct Deposit

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7. JvZoo


It is one of the best ClickBank alternatives as they offer numerous digital products to offer; it can be said that the list is endless. They have been in the market for a couple of years now, and they have maintained a good reputation. Their website is very user-friendly, plus it also renders users with helpful information like stats on the products you may be willing to promote.

It is a massive platform with more than 8,00,000 active affiliates, and the offers you see here are pretty similar to that of ClickBank. You can open the website and get an idea of the products you can promote even before registering with them.

This is a perfect platform for beginners as the signup process is simple, plus there is no approval required, and the best part is that they do not ask you about the traffic or traffic source. Their primary focus is on making money online (MMO) products; therefore, if you own a website promoting such products, this is the best platform for you.


  • Round the clock customer support is available
  • A high commission rate of up to 50%
  • You can earn instant commission on a few products, and the best part is that their threshold limit is also significantly less.

Additional Features:

  • Product Type: Digital Products
  • Minimum Payout: $50
  • Commission Rate: 50%
  • Payout Methods: Paypal, BlueSnap, Authorize.net, Zift, Stripe, Check, and Direct Deposit
  • Cookie Duration: 14-day cookieless tracking

8. Udemy


This platform’s functionality is slightly different from others on the list. It is basically an online educational platform, not an affiliate network. It was launched in 2010, and today they offer more than 50 million students with over 130,000 courses in different subject matters, and all of these courses are taught by experts in their field.

You can be their affiliate and promote their courses to the audience. They pay a 20% commission to their affiliates on every successful conversion. As the demand for online courses is increasing day by day, this can be an excellent platform for you to earn a good amount of money as the commission they offer is also huge.

You will be amazed to know that its affiliate program is managed by the well-known platform Rakuten. People prefer this platform because they offer exclusive content, and you also get a dedicated affiliate manager to answer all your queries and assist you in affiliate marketing.

Udemy also renders its affiliates with thousands of banners and promotional assets, which help promote the products easily.


  • You will get the commission irrespective of what the customer purchases from Udemy.
  • Massive variety of subjects and niches to select from
  • Offers deep linking

Additional Features:

  • Commission rate: 15%
  • Cookie duration: 7 days
  • Product types: Online-only courses
  • Payment terms: Net 60

9. Market Health

Market Health

If you are an expert in the health and beauty niche, this can be a perfect platform for you. This platform provides affiliates with an opportunity to promote health and beauty-related products. Since 1998 they have had the best affiliate marketplace for these products. Lately, they have started with physical products such as health and wellness supplements, hair products, skincare, etc.

Their signup process is pretty easy, and you can navigate their website without any trouble. You can search by product category, or you can also browse by country or language as well. Here you can get a wide variety of health products to promote, which means if you have expertise regarding it, you will be able to make a good amount of money.

Market Health is a relatively small company; therefore, they try to maintain closer relations with their partners and affiliates. Plus, this is one platform that sells products only that they manufacture. This helps you get more support than you will require to work in health food niches.


  • You do not need any approval.
  • You can opt for any commission structure, either CPS or CPA
  • A high commission rate of up to 50%, and if you opt for CPA, you will be able to make $40 to $45 for every successful sale

Additional Features:

  • Commission rate: Varies, 50% or $45 usually
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Minimum payout: $20
  • Affiliate network: In-house
  • Payout Methods: Check by Mail, Bank Wire, Skrill, Prepaid Debit Cards
  • Product types: Health supplements
  • Payment terms: Net 30

10. Peerfly


It is one of the top ClickBank alternatives worldwide as it offers a great variety of products plus has a good reputation in the market. It is a CPA (Cost Per Action) focused affiliate network; this means that they pay affiliates whenever a user performs any action. These types of conversions are relatively easy because you require leads for taking action, such as filling out a form, downloading an ebook, etc.

This means that as soon as there is a subscription or form filled in, you will start earning money. But, they have a strict approval system as Peerfly always appoint quality affiliates for their program. So, if you are able to clear the approval process, they will give you all the training and tools required for you to grow.

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They have a huge category of products, and more than 2300 offers to promote such as fashion, health, eCommerce, etc. They offer publishers from all over the world and have products in almost every category. In addition, there are B2B offers and various other types of offers and commission structures on Peerfly.


  • Guaranteed top payouts
  • Renders free training to new affiliates
  • They offer one of the largest selections of high-paying offers.

Additional Features:

  • Product Type: Digital
  • Minimum payout: $50
  • Commission Rate: Varies
  • Payout Methods: Check, PayPal, ACH, Wire, Payoneer
  • Cookie Duration: Varies

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11. Awin


This is one of the best ClickBank alternatives with over 15000 advertisers, 100000 publishers, and more than 14 billion dollars in revenue in just a year 2020. It was formerly known as Affiliate Window, but later it merged with Zanox, and its name was changed to Awin. It also acquired ShareASale in 2017, but both sites work individually.

It is one of the top affiliate network spaces because it partners with big companies that produce both physical and digital products such as HP, Marks & Spencer, ASOS, etc.

They offer numerous niches to select from, such as finance, education, fashion & retail, technology, travel, and many more. The website of Awin is very user-friendly; you will be able to signup and select the products without any trouble. In addition, it offers numerous tools that help make the entire process quick and straightforward.

It also provides you with a dashboard to manage your account easily. Various other reasons to opt for this platform are consistent layouts; labels are easy to read and offer a wide range of simple but effective tools.


  • Customizable reports
  • Quick payments
  • Searchable advertiser library

Additional Features:

  • Product Type: Both physical and digital
  • Commission Rate: Varies as per the product
  • Cookie Duration: Varies as per the product

12. FlexOffers


This is an award-winning affiliate network that deserves to be on the list of ClickBank alternatives because of the fantastic features it offers. They aim to offer comprehensive solutions to both publishers and affiliates. You will be amazed to know that they have over 6000 publishers and big companies working with it.

They offer over 12000 affiliate programs spanning 25 categories; just imagine how many options you have as an affiliate to select from. Amongst them, 500 of the products are from the premium category, which implies that they provide a higher commission than the other products.

Their signup process is easy, plus there is no charge for using this platform. They also have a referral program that can help you earn some extra money. The customer support of FlexOffers is also pretty good; you can contact them by calling them or sending them an email in case of any queries.


  • Dedicated Affiliate Manager
  • Easy to get approval
  • They also provide affiliates access to the FlexRev-$hare program.

Additional Features:

  • Payment Method: Bank transfers, wire transfers, checks, or PayPal
  • Minimum payout: $50
  • Payment Duration: Within 30 days

13. Tradedoubler


This is one of the most well-known global affiliate networks with thousands of advertisers and tons of products to promote. They have been in the market for more than 21 years and partner with some top brands like HP, Microsoft, Hugo Boss, Groupon, Puma, T-Mobile, and Avis.

They have over 15 offices with more than 260 employees, 1,80,000 publishers, and 2000 advertisers in 83 countries. Apart from this, they also render their affiliates some advanced tracking and linking tools to make the entire process seamless. Plus, you will get other useful information like the number of sales, clicks, and which items you have sold.

With the help of their technology and tools, you can also track affiliate sales with the browser as well. Tradedoubler has a link converter tool that you can use to convert relevant links into affiliate links; this feature helps affiliates in making more money. In addition, they provide various kinds of offers: CPS, CPC, CPA, and CPM; you can opt for any as per your choice.


  • Provides an option of 2-tier earnings
  • The approval process is quick and easy
  • You will be able to get custom reports as well

Additional Features:

  • Minimum Payout: €30
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Payment: Monthly

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14. Avangate


This affiliate network is entirely different from others because they offer only software, but this feature makes it similar to ClickBank. They majorly focus on providing software offers such as gaming, marketing software, finance, payment processing, anti-virus software, home security, etc.

This network was started in 2006; they sell software products worldwide. Later in 2017, it acquired 2Checkout to provide its users with flexible payment options and expand its market reach. Also, as they sell software and the products are very niche, this means that they pay a good amount of commission to their affiliates for every conversion.

The unique thing about Avangate is that they enable the affiliates to create their own coupons for the products; the amount is later deducted from their commission. It also allows users to create deep links to a free trial, shopping carts, and much more.


  • Offers access to more than 22,000 software products and over 4000 merchants
  • They also provide affiliates with some of the most potent reporting tools that can help in creating affiliate links easily, plus you can also track them and keep an eye on the conversion data.
  • High commission rates on most products

Additional Features:

  • Product Type: Digital Software products
  • Payment terms: Net 30
  • Commission Rate: Varies
  • Minimum payout: $100
  • Payment Method: Check, Direct Deposit, PayPal, and the Avangate Mastercard
  • Cookie Duration: Varies, Max 180 days

15. Mindvalley


This platform is similar to Udemy as it also offers online courses and training. It is not as huge as Udemy but has gained a lot of names in just a couple of years. To date, they have over 12 million students spread across 80 countries and offer courses in various categories.

The courses it offers are web designing & development, content creation, personal growth programs, and much more. They aim to improve their lives by transforming their mindset. It is an excellent ClickBank alternative, but you will have to be well-prepared for getting approved on MindValley.

There are various benefits of joining this platform: They offer a high commission rate, i.e. 30% plus they also provide free retargeting campaigns, and affiliates also get a dedicated ‘Tribe Success Manger’ to help you in converting leads into actual sales.


  • The courses they offer are of top-notch quality. All their courses are filmed in a studio and far better than what you get on Udemy or any other online course.
  • You will be amazed to know that they remove any course that scores less than 8 when asked, “on a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to recommend this product to your family, friends, and neighbors?”
  • They provide affiliates with excellent quality creatives, social media & email copy, banners, and deep links to help increase sales.

Additional Features:

  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Commission: $30
  • Product types: Online-only courses

16. Pepperjam


It is a high-paying ClickBank alternative that started 20 years ago as an eCommerce business. But gradually, it progressed and became a fully integrated affiliate marketing platform. It is one of the first companies to start with affiliate marketing, and even after 20 years, it is doing really well. This is why they have partnerships with top brands like Puma, LegalZoom, Cole Haan, Nordstrom Rack, etc.

They claim that they are successful because of unparalleled technology and service expertise. When you use the platform, you will know its dedication to providing amazing technology. Ascend is the name of the affiliate program of Pepperjam, and it is designed keeping four words in mind: Discover, Track, Pay and Protect.

This is what Pepperjam says about Ascend tracking:

Ascend™ provides complete transparency and comprehensive access to your data. From standardized dashboards to integrated fully custom reporting, Ascend provides actionable insights that will help you identify winning strategies and optimize your program’s performance.”


  • Easy to use interface
  • Great customer support
  • They provide their affiliates access to banners, deep links, coupons, advanced links, and a link generator for boosting conversions.

Additional Features:

  • Minimum payout: $25
  • Commission: Varies
  • Payment Method: PayPal, if you want it to be done through direct deposit or check, you will have to send an email to Pepperjam.

17. Warrior Plus

Warrior Plus

This affiliate marketing network was established in 2006, and it offers thousands of digital products. Its functionality is just like JVZoo. As both these platforms offer digital products to promote and are centered around the digital marketing niche. This platform is particularly for internet marketers as it is an excellent opportunity for them to make good money.

Warrior Plus is a great Clickbank alternative if you work in the digital marketing niche, but it is recommended to check on each product and offer thoroughly as there have been some questionable affiliate offers on the site.


  • Easy signup process; all you require is to verify your email address.
  • You just need to create one account to enable you to be both an affiliate and an advertiser.
  • Offers some of the best and most robust product search and filter features; with the help of them, you will be able to search your commission rate, conversion rate, and various other important information without making any efforts.

Additional Features:

  • Product Type: Digital Products
  • Commission Rate: Varies as per the merchant
  • Cookie Duration: 60 days

18. OfferVault


This is one of the best ClickBank alternatives and is pretty unique as it is a CPA network. In fact, it is a reference tool that aids affiliates in searching for some of the best offers to promote; therefore, you can also say that OfferVault is an affiliate search engine.

They do not manage merchants, but you will get various products and services to advertise as an affiliate on this platform. This can be the best option for you if you are searching for a ClickBank substitute, as it shows you the results from numerous sources.

You can search for the products by applying a filter; for example, you can search by country, category, network, etc. The best part is that you need not be OfferVault’s member for using the platform. Its best niches are dating, crypto, fashion, food, automotive, gaming, finance, etc.


  • Accessible and straightforward to signup (It is not essential to sign up for checking the offers)
  • They provide affiliates with free affiliate marketing webinars
  • Excellent platform to find ideas plus It also provides you with a massive database of offers on various networks

Additional Features:

  • Product Type: Physical and Digital goods
  • Commission Rate: Varies
  • Cookie Duration: Varies

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19. AvantLink


This remarkable company was established in 2005 and is headquartered in Utah. They have recently expanded to operate individual affiliate networks in Australia, Canada, and the US. They offer a huge variety of vendors with physical products, digital products, and services as well. They provide an array of niches but focus majorly on travel, outdoor, and survival niches.

You will have to provide traffic details on your application as they review every application and get approved only if you meet their requirements. It can be a perfect platform for you if you wish to promote physical products, subscriptions, or services from well-known brand names in adventure or outdoor mainly.

They have an easy-to-navigate site where you can see their list of advertisers and apply directly to each advertiser. In addition, AvantLink offers some of the most powerful tools such as a custom link builder, data feed manager, and API to assist you in creating links and tracking conversions.


  • Renders dedicated forum for its affiliates
  • Good customer support
  • It has partnered with numerous big brands such as Good Sam, Stanley, Cairn, etc.

Additional Features:

  • Product Type: Physical and digital
  • Minimum payout: $25
  • Commission Rate: Varies
  • Payment Methods: PayPal and direct deposits.
  • Cookie Duration: Vary from .01% to 50%

20. Treehouse


This incredible platform teaches students tech skills in the coding and design industry. They teach both introductory and professional courses so that people can choose as per their requirements or upgrade their level. Treehouse also offers a competency-based learning approach to ensure that its students learn, practice, and absorb the content when the course is finished.

It is an excellent platform as these days’ online classes and courses are in high demand; therefore, there is a great earning potential in it. In addition, treehouse offers more than 300 courses that cover over 25 topics, so you have a lot of courses that you can promote.


  • They provide affiliates with a dedicated affiliate manager
  • Offers banners plus marketing & affiliate tools to help increase your sale
  • Decent commission rates

Additional Features:

  • Commission Rate: Varies
  • Product types: Online-only courses
  • Cookie Duration: Varies

These were some of the top ClickBank alternatives, but you need to be careful while selecting the best one as it should line up with your experience, match your passions, and entice your audience. In today’s time eCommerce industry has become competitive like never before; therefore, you must be better and more innovative in marketing.

Using affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to increase your brand awareness and boost sales, so select the platform vigilantly as it can greatly impact your company’s growth.

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