12 Top Young Indian Entrepreneurs (2022)

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Some young Indian entrepreneurs will really surprise you as they have broken all the stereotypes and developed such ideas you cannot even think of. In fact, various success stories worldwide go unnoticed, but thanks to the internet, they now get recognition and fame.

The success stories of these young Indian entrepreneurs were so innovative and alluring that some of them have won global awards as well. This motivates us to think out of the box and not to be hesitant in working on unique ideas as you never know when it will become a great business.

These young people got ideas from their daily life that ordinary people didn’t even notice and they became successful from just one idea. It is rightly said, ‘An idea can change your life’ which stands true for our young entrepreneurs as well.

12 Top Young Indian Entrepreneurs (2022)

Let us know about these young Indian entrepreneurs that have changed our lives and made it easy through their inventions and ideas. Their stories will serve as motivation for each of you who yearns to start anything of your own.

1. Tilak Mehta

You must have heard this young Entrepreneur’s name a lot of times, but do you know his age and idea? Tilak is just 16 years old, and he is the founder of the company Papers n Parcels.He is the youngest among these young Indian entrepreneurs on the list, and his vision was to deliver papers and small packages within Mumbai in a day.

It is an online courier company that delivers documents and letters to offices in Mumbai in a day. You must be thinking, how is it possible? Here comes the idea of this young man; he has a tie-up with the dabbawalas of Mumbai; along with the dabbas, they also deliver the packages as per their area.

He aimed to deliver the small couriers within 24 hrs to more than 1000 people at a relatively lower cost than others in the market. This idea came to his mind when he needed some textbooks from the other side of the city. His father was tired as he returned from work, and they did not want him to go alone so far.

To date, he is delivering around 1200 parcels every day, and he is targeting a turnover of 100 crores in the following year. He has also launched the app for his company, and it is running really well. Tilak is not only the CEO of his company but also a TEDx speaker, the youngest Forbes panelist, and has also gotten the award for the youngest Entrepreneur.

2. Ritesh Agarwal


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You must have heard about OYO rooms or seen the board of OYO roams while commuting. Do you know who the man behind this venture is? Ritesh Agarwal. He is from a small city in Odisha.

His startup was based on a network of technology, plus he wanted to enable economical hotels for people. He began working when he was just 13, at that time he used to sell SIM cards. He started this venture when he was just 17 in 2012, and today he is a millionaire at the age of 27.

It is a Gurugram based company; you will be amazed to know that he dropped out of his school to take this idea forward. He finished his higher schooling at St. Johns’s Senior Secondary School.

There are a lot of big brands that support him, such as Green Oaks Capital, Light speed Ventures, and Sequoia Capital. Today, there are more than 5000 properties in the county, and he is spreading his network worldwide.

Initially, he started with just 11 rooms in Gurugram, and now he has a vast network of more than 60,000 rooms across the nation. He got this idea because he is also an explorer, so while traveling, he realized that there should be economical hotels that offer all the basic requirements with proper hygiene.

Hearing this information might motivate you more; Ritesh has a net worth of around $1.1 billion and is said to be the World’s second-youngest billionaire. BusinessInsider also announced Ritesh as one of the 8 hottest teenage startup founders globally in 2013. At 17, he was honored as the World’s youngest CEO. He is definitely the richest on this list of young Indian entrepreneurs.

3. Farrhad Acidwalla


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Farrhad Acidwalla started his venture at the age of 16 with just Rs.500; he borrowed this money from his father. He took this Rs.500 to purchase a domain name, and with this, he started making a web community specifically for the aviation and aero-modeling industry.

Farrhad is the founder of the famous web-developing firm called Cybenetiv Digital and Rockstah Media. Now, he is working with numerous international companies and influencers. His organization helps companies in advertising, web improvement, marketing, and branding.

This company is too young, just like him, but it has its developers, designers, and marketers globally. As per one of his interviews, he said that this concept came to his mind when he was just 13, he started working for it, and after 3 years, he started with it. His planning was spot on as he was just 17 when he was going to meetings and syndicated programs with CNN; what else can he think of at such young age?

VOGUE India put him among the ‘Country’s Smartest Gen Z-ers of the moment’ and not only this, he has won various such titles and there is still a long way to go.

Another most significant achievement of Farrhad is that he was the first youngest guest lecturer at IIT Kharagpur’s Annual Entrepreneurship Summit and a TEDx speaker.

4. Shravan and Sanjay Kumaran

They both are brothers, and together they developed an app, ‘Catch Me Cop’. They are the youngest app developers and owners of a business in the country. They started coding as their hobby, and today they have achieved such success. Their father is the director of a software company, and he supported them with all their queries and motivated them.

A lot of people cannot believe that a 10-year-old kid can create such as amazing app and company called ‘GoDimensions’. They started this development unit at their home in Chennai in 2011, and today they have created 11 gaming apps.

Among them, 7 of them are in the Apple Store and the other 3 are available on the Google Play Store. Their apps have got over 36000 downloads so far, and this number is increasing tremendously. In fact, both of them gave a presentation at IIM-B and the TedX conference as well.

The first app they created was ‘Catch me Cop’ which was launched in the Apple Store, and after that, some of the other apps they created were Colour Palette, Prayer Planet, Alphabet Board, etc.

5. King Sidharth


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He was just 11 years old when he started with different activities to keep him engaged and, along with that, learn a lot of things. He began this when he got bored, so he thought about what could be done to utilize his spare time and learn from it; therefore, he started organizing local contests.

The concept was fascinating, there was a small entry fee for the contest, and the winners would get prizes. All the parents liked this concept, and it became a big hit, but he did not stop there; it was just the start.

He came up with other ideas for making money and reducing wastage, so Sidharth began selling excess flowers from the wedding as necklaces by using unique advertising strategies.

He joined the college as per his father’s instructions, but he didn’t want to study, so he left it and started his magazine called Friendz. This magazine served kids and teens as a medium to express their views, thoughts and inventions.

Now, he has become a magazine publisher, author, and speaker, and he also organizes conferences for teenagers by the name Createens. In his sessions or conference, he teaches the youth about blogging, design, modern entrepreneurship, and much more from experts from all parts of the World.

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6. Ranveer Arora Allahbadia


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He is among the most famous young Indian entrepreneurs living in Mumbai, India. He is a well-known fitness coach, YouTuber, and social media influencer. His YouTube channel is by the name of BeerBiceps, which he started in 2014. He became famous for his inspirational and motivational videos on fitness, yoga, relationship advice, career, etc.

Ranveer is also the co-founder of Monk-E, which offers various services such as fashion, cooking, yoga, grooming, and much more. He also has videos about his success story which is very inspiring; he told about his battle with obesity, substance abuse, and depression. All this led to his career failure, and how he managed to reach here after that is inspiring.

His story is an inspiration for people who are struggling in their life and want to achieve success in their lives. Many people like him in the industry, but people like him because of his simplicity and the way he chats; in fact, he also created videos on his daily life activities, friends, passion, and much more. He stays connected with his viewers, and they also love watching his videos.

7. Sreelakshmi Suresh

She is known as a wunderkind as, without any training, she created her first website when she was just 6. A lot of kids don’t even know what a computer is at the age of 3, but she started operating a computer at that age. She is truly a gifted child.

Sreelakshmi is the youngest CEO and web designer globally, as no one to date has developed a website at such a young age. She possesses exceptional skills, for which she also got an award for being the youngest web designer. She has two companies: TinyLogo and eDesign, that offer services on web designing, SEO, and other web services to various well-known brands.

eDesign is a company established by her in 2009 when she was just 11; achieving so much at such a young age is an inspiration and motivation for everyone. You will be amazed to know that she is just 24 and has a net worth of $1 million; this is just spectacular.

8. Divya Gandotra Tandon

She is the founder and director of Scoop Beats Pvt. Ltd. Divya used YouTube to get into the world of business. She was interested in gathering information and staying updated about the latest technology and everything happening in the IT and consumer market. She started with her venture to help others as she wanted people to have information on anything they wanted to buy.

This enthusiasm increased day by day when she got such great responses as she started getting a lot of views on her videos. She started creating more unpacking videos and shared reviews on the products so that people could have all the info and details of whatever they bought.

She realized that she could do even more in this field, so she created, ScoopBeats. It is a news and media organization channel. Here she reviews the products and describes their features and uses. She got successful because of her unique style of describing things, and most importantly, she always gives impartial reviews, which people love the most about her.

In no time, she became an influencer on Facebook and Instagram and had more than 90000 followers on social media. Divya is working for some of the big brands as an influencer. Some of the big organizations she has worked for are IBM, Coolpad, Lazy Gardener, Infinix, etc.

9. Trishneet Arora


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He is the founder and CEO of TAC security solutions, that aids in averting and investigating cybercrimes. Trishneet is one of the most prominent young Indian entrepreneurs who founded his company when he was just 19. He is an ethical hacker; Trishneet learned these skills as a teenager after dropping out of school. You will be shocked to hear that he failed in class 8, and his father enrolled him in distance education, but he failed again in 12 exams.

He had no interest in studies but loved working on the computer and learning about investigating hacks. His curiosity and skills made him achieve this massive success that he started his own company in 2013. His company offers vulnerability assessment and penetration testing services, which is the need of the hour when everything has become online.

He also wrote a few books, ‘The Hacking Era’, ‘Hacking talk with Trishneet Arora’ and ‘Hacking with Smart Phone.’ In fact, he also worked on cyber-crime cases for the Indian Police and was approached by Punjab Police to give a training session on cyber-crime investigation and forensics.

He was named Entrepreneur of the Year for 2020 and is the subject of a biopic. Today, he helps the CBI, Punjab, and Gujarat police and Reliance Industries, HDFC, Bharti Airtel, and many more companies with their cybersecurity issues.

Success did not come to him just like that; he worked for it. He initially worked on small projects like fixing computers, cleaning up software, etc. He knew his skills and was determined to achieve what he dreamt of, and within no time, he became one of the young entrepreneurs in the country.

10. Akhilendra Sahu


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He is called the youngest serial entrepreneur in the world as he started his own business when he was just 17. He established his company ASTNT Pvt. Ltd when he was just 17, and today he has numerous IT companies in his name. He started working as a freelancer to get insights into the IT industry.

He faced many challenges, as a lot of people stopped him from starting his own venture, saying that he was too young for all this. But, he was motivated, and he ignored these confrontations; once he got some experience after that, he started his own company that has become India’s largest IT company today.

In an interview, Akhilendra said that he has worked for hours and did a lot of hard work to get his company here. He kept patience and was determined to achieve success, which worked wonders, and he works with several companies such as Technical Next, InfinityFame, HeyIndia, 2Newswire, StartUp199 and ThePublishly.

He has clients from all over the world and his startup is billed as one of the most successful companies in the IT sector worldwide.

11. Suumit Shah


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His name is a must on this list of young Indian entrepreneurs as he is the founder and CEO of the Dukaan app. It is a DIY platform that enables merchants who have no programming experience to set up an e-commerce business by using their mobile phones.

He began his journey when he was 19 in 2014; he started this because he thought that there should be an app where people could order their groceries online without physically going to the store.

Suumit used to order groceries from big companies, and it used to take a lot of time, so he thought of doing a tie-up with local grocery stores to deliver the items quickly in their neighborhood.

He started this app in just 48 hrs, and within just a couple of years, millions of merchants started using this app. While pursuing engineering, he learned web designing and programming from his roommate.

He also did digital marketing courses online and dropped out of his college in 2014. With the help of Subhash Chaudhary, his chief technology officer, he started his own business. Thanks to Summit as numerous grocery stores have an online store because of his one idea of launching this app. The number of users of this app is increasing because of faster deliveries from the neighborhood, and the rates are also economical.

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12. Rohit Kashyap


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He is a young boy from Bihar who faced a lot of difficulties in studying because of the unavailability of resources in his area. But, he was motivated and completed his studies, and in fact, he even won Olympiads and was even ranked under 1000 in the ICAI Commerce Wizard.

He faced so many challenges completing his studies; therefore, he thought of helping other students in their education. You will be amazed to know that in just 45 days, he got more than 300 calls for assistance. With such a fantastic response, he thought of helping these kids when he was just 14. He opened a Maytree School of Entrepreneurship to help kids attain education without any struggle.

This virtual school has the best staff to help students complete their studies. Now, not just owns this school but is also a Quora influencer and has millions of followers. His story is an inspiration and learning as he got an idea from his own problems he experienced, and his solution helped others and him, as he is making good money through this venture.

These were some promising young Indian entrepreneurs; their success stories give all of us a lesson that age is not a barrier to becoming successful. You can get an idea even when you are 10 and start your venture and become successful. Most of them started their venture with a small investment and eventually got good response and success.

Therefore, you do not need millions to invest; you can either start with a small amount or find some investors for your startup. Do not stop yourself; if you have an idea, go for it, as nothing can stop you from getting ahead in life. Keep reading for more motivational and money-related content.

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