12 Best AI Writing Software of 2022

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Hunting for some of the best AI Writing software for your blog? Content has become one of the most influencing things on the earth in today’s time. Content writing has become an inevitable part of marketing strategies these days. It is not an easy task, and it becomes even more difficult when you have numerous blogs that need constant content publishing.

Writing good quality and engaging content that connects well with the audience is not an easy task. You would have to either spend a lot of time on it or hire a writer who has SEO knowledge in abundance. Both of them require time and money. If you don’t want to spend so much time, effort, and money, then here is the solution for you, AI Writing Software.

It is a content automation tool that creates error-free content that helps in converting leads into customers. This software is dependent on AI technology for rephrasing your sentences, auditing grammar errors, and making it plagiarism-free.

What is AI Copywriting Software?

Before getting on to the list of the best AI Writing Software of 2021, let us first understand what this software is all about. It is a robotic application that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to support and expedite the process of creating content. It creates error-free content that connects with your target audience.

All you have to do is select the article or niche, put in the related keywords, and click enter; within a couple of seconds, you would get top-quality content without changing the meaning of the content you pasted. The major things that it does for you are:

  • Creates content
  • Fix grammatical errors
  • Improves readability
  • Detects plagiarism
  • Form concise sentences
  • Makes the content engaging

Benefits of AI Writing Software

It comes with an array of benefits which is the reason why a lot of people have started using it. Let us know about some of them in detail-

1. Saves Time- This is the major benefit of using this software as it saves a lot of time. AI generator creates articles in just a couple of seconds as it searches faster than a human ever could. Thus, you can create several articles for your multiple sites within no time. You would be amazed to know that it does plagiarism checking, outlining, drafting, final edits, keyword inclusion, pre-formats, and much more, all of it in 5 minutes, which might take 2 hours for a person to complete.

2. Generates fresh and SEO-friendly content- All the AI writing software can create unique and SEO-optimized content. All you need to do is mention the keywords required, and it creates the content, including them.

3. Increases productivity- It takes less time to create content, plus it can work round the clock and never takes a break. It generates more content as compared to a human, thus increasing productivity.

4. Saves money- It is an all-in-one tool that does writing, proofreading, editing, grammar checks, and plagiarism checking. Thus, you don’t need to hire content writers or proofreaders for your content, as AI writing software will do everything for you.

5. Beats writer’s block- This term is used to explain the situation when a writer is unable to write something unique or creative. Even the best content writers deal with this situation, but your content production will not be hampered as it averts this big problem with this software. It will create the content for you by pulling the data from anywhere on the web to give you the best results.

6. Unbiased- The best part about this tool is that it creates content based on facts which means that it is unbiased. It creates content by using different articles and presents genuine data.

How do Article Generators work?

There are numerous types of tools available in the market, and all of them operate distinctly. AI works with two elements: machine learning and artificial neural networks (ANNs).

But, normally, here is how they work:

First, you would have to select a subject or niche for your article; after that enter the relevant keywords. Now, the article generators will use AI technology to create unique and readable content within a few seconds. But, it is always recommended to read the content before publishing it on the web.

Features to look for in AI Writing Software

You would come across many tools stating themselves as the best AI Content Generator Software, but how will you decide what is best for you. Here are some of the factors that you should look into before making the final decision:

  • Multi-language support- There are a lot of AI apps that support multiple languages. It facilitates you in translating the content that has already been written.
  • Error-free proofreading- This is one major factor as it is important for writers, no matter what kind of content they are creating.
  • Anti-plagiarism- It is important for you to know that not all AI writers create 100% original content. Thus, you would have to explore the options and see which tool offers plagiarism-free content before choosing.
  • Keyword inclusion- The main purpose behind posting any content is to get a ranking on Google, and this is not possible without putting keywords. Thus, the AI that you choose should make content that is SEO friendly.
  • Brainstorming- AI software should be such that it should brainstorm for creative blog post ideas as per the brand’s target audience, a high ranking on SERP, and should be engaging.

These are the few things that you should consider before choosing an AI writing software. Now, let us know about some of the best ones so that it becomes easier for you to select.

Best AI Writing Software

This list of tools has been created after a lot of research so that you don’t have to spend time selecting from thousands of software. Let us know about some of the best ones:

1. Jasper


It was formerly known as Conversion.ai, but later it changed to Jasper. More than 30 000 content marketers use it as it can write articles, sales letters, Google Ads, Facebook ads, and much more in just a couple of seconds. With the help of this tool, you can instantly write top-quality content by giving naive commands.


  • Creates unique and new content every time, lessening plagiarism issues.
  • It comes with a Lookup feature that helps identify key components in your text, such as people’s names or places, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, and nouns.
  • Their new feature, Boss Mode, takes control of the software AI and recreates the content 2 times faster. It’s just like writing the command – Jasper, write a blog post for me. And, within a couple of seconds, it will create a plagiarism-free blog for you.
  • It supports 11 global languages: English, Chinese, French, Russian, Spanish, Dutch, German, Japanese, Polish, Italian, and Portuguese. Thus, you can create content in your preferred language without any trouble.
  • It enables you to rewrite the content to a lower or higher grade level as per your target market.


It comes in three paid plans: Starter, Pro, and Boss Mode. It has no free plan but provides its users with a 7-day money-back guarantee.

If you choose to pay yearly, you’ll get a subscription of 2 months free.

Starter Plan: It is for $29 per month

Features it comes with:

  • More than 50 short form copywriting templates to choose from
  • 5 project folders
  • Chat support
  • You can create up to 20,000 words a month with the feature to add more if required

Boss Mode Plan: $59 per month

Features it comes with:

  • It delivers higher quality content
  • You can create up to 50,000 words
  • It provides Google Doc themed editor
  • It lets you Compose and Command features
  • You can run Jasper an unlimited number of times without the requirement of writing in between generations. It can speed up your writing process up to 2 times

2. Article Forge

Article Forge

Your search for automatically writing high-quality software will end if you opt for Article Forge. It is one of the best AI Content Writers that are affordable, plus it renders some of the most amazing features for its users. It utilizes advanced AI and deep learning technology for producing high-quality content.


  • It writes in the similar way a human does research and writes a complete article. Your role is just to provide the keywords, and Article Forge will do the rest.
  • Set up a posting schedule for WordPress.
  • It has recently launched a new feature called the deep learning model. It calculates the most significant LSI keywords for your article to rank and puts them in the content in an organic way while writing.
  • It can generate content in seven distinct languages. This means that you can create a fully authoritative site by generating content in foreign languages and ruling the untapped foreign market.
  • The best part about Article Forge is that it automatically adds the required media to your posts like images, and relevant links, to make your content stand out.


It comes in two paid plans: monthly and yearly subscriptions. Both render similar functions and features; the only difference is the flexibility of payment:

  • Basic Plan: $27 per month (up to 40,000 words)
  • Standard Plan: $57 per month (up to 250,000 words)
  • Unlimited Plan: $117 per month (Unlimited words)

Article Forge also offers a 5-day free trial; if you like it, you continue; otherwise, you can cancel the subscription. You get the full refund in 30 days providing you have not created more than ten articles.

3. Writesonic


It was formerly known as MagicFlow but later changed its name to Writesonic. It is a source of numerous AI-Powered programs that support entrepreneurs and well-known companies with their marketing copy. You would be amazed to know that it can help its users in writing 20 distinct types of content such as copy for Facebook ads and Amazon Product descriptions.


  • This tool comes with proven copywriting formulas, which are Pain-Agitate-Solution (PAS) and AIDA. These features ensure that the copies created from this software offer optimum engagement and conversations from your viewers.
  • Apart from helping with copywriting, Writesonic also helps fix grammar errors, readability, and content rephrasing.
  • It assists in generating articles for your blogs and generates product descriptions for your products, landing pages, high-performing digital ads, and draft sales emails for its users.
  • It has recently outspread its set of features and enables you to create blog intros, outlines, and summaries. It also offers a content rephrasing module and sentence expander as well.


It comes with three paid plans.

  • Basic Plan: It costs $15 a month. In this plan, you get 100 credits up to 50,000 words
  • Economy Plan: It costs $25 a month. In this plan, you get 750 credits up to 375,000 words
  • Professional Plan: It costs $45 a month and provides unlimited credits
  • Startup Plan: It costs $95 a month and it comes with unlimited credits and priority support. It is suited for startups and small businesses

It provides its users with 10 free credits so that they can try the functionality before opting for a paid package.

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4. Rytr

Rytr | Best AI Writing Software

It is one of the best AI Content Generator Software as, with its help, you can write short captions to long blog posts. It generates well-written text that is error-free and 100% unique. The good part is that it supports 15 languages which means you can create content in any language without hiring an expensive content writer. Also, Rytr provides you with an option to select from different tones and emotions so that it seems like human written content.


  • Rytr aids you write a complete range of use cases such as blogs, emails, business pitches, etc.
  • Apart from rephrasing the content, it can also generate online article titles that help you create creative alluring article titles, taglines, headlines, and SEO meta titles for your blog post and website.
  • Uses the AIDA format for copywriting content.
  • Rytr also comes with a free-flow editor; with the help of this tool, you can write long-form content effortlessly.
  • It supports more than 15 languages and over 20 different tone types.


It comes in Free Plan, Saver Plan and Unlimited Plan.

Free Plan: No costs

In this plan, you get:

  • 5,000 characters per month
  • Built in Plagiarism checker

Saver Plan: $9 a month

In this plan, you get:

  • 50,000 characters per month
  • You can create custom use-case

Unlimited Plan: $29 a month

In this plan, you get:

  • Unlimited characters
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Priority chat support

5. AI Writer

AI Writer

If you are looking for a tool that gives you the content easily and quickly, then AI Writer is where your search ends. It has a very advanced and automated process; all you need to do is give the headline, and relevant keywords and everything will be taken care of by this amazing software.


  • It comes with an inbuilt feature called, the article rewriting module. It helps to reword and reuse the articles that you have already written.
  • Auto-blogging Feature.
  • AI Writer claims that you can manually verify the content accuracy.
  • You would be amazed to know that this tool has a unique feature that it offers its users with content ideas and inspirations. These ideas can be used to craft articles on your own.
  • AI Writer enables you to reuse the article by rewording it; thus, it helps create multiple articles demonstrating the same information in various ways.
  • High SEO performance and completely optimized generated articles.
  • It gives a huge set of APIs; by using it, you will be able to combine AI Writer with the website and begin auto-blogging.


It comes with three paid plans. AI Writer offers no free plan but provides a one-week free trial to explore its features. Here are the three plans:

Basic Plan: It costs $29 a month. This plan is best suited for beginners and bloggers who manage one or two blogs.

This plan comprises:

  • Restricted to one user only
  • Up to 40 articles a month
  • Text Rewording
  • AI text generator
  • API access

Standard Plan: It costs $59 a month. This plan is perfect for freelancers who write a lot of content every day.

This plan comprises everything in the basic plan; the only additional feature is that you get up to 150 articles per month.

Power Plan: It costs $375 a month. It is apt for agencies and medium-sized businesses, as this is for higher content generation requirements. It allows up to 10 users and 1000 articles per month along with many other features.

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6. Articoolo


This is a relatively new tool as compared to the others on the list. It is integrated with AI technology that helps generate the content quickly, easily, and economically. It is one of the best AI Writing Software of 2021 as it provides a WordPress plugin for making the entire process of article creation effortless and smooth.


  • It creates completely new articles or rephrases them in less than a minute.
  • The best part of Articoolo is that it can create articles in five different global languages. Its major benefit is that if you wish to commence a region-specific or language-oriented website, it would be very helpful for you to create as much content as you want.
  • Zero duplications.
  • Article Summarization.
  • Creates human-written articles.
  • It is integrated with an API that you can attune with your site and application. Its major benefit is that it ensures that the created content is not only accurate but also 100% plagiarism-free.
  • Articoolo comes with a title generator for increased click-through rates.


It comes with two paid plans. The monthly subscription is economical and gives more value.

They also have an option of custom subscription if your business or agency has different requirements

Here is a brief look at its plans:

Pay Per Use:

Price Number of Articles
$19 10
$75 50
$99 100

Monthly Subscription:

Price Number of Articles
$29 per month 30
$49 per month 100
$99 per month 250

7. Kafkai


If you wish to create alluring and engaging content in just a couple of seconds, then Kafkai is the answer for you. It works on a machine-learning algorithm that can create a maximum of 900 words in just a few clicks. It might not be a well-known tool, but the truth is that you would be amazed by the quality of the content that it creates.


  • Kafkai offers three different modes of article or content writer: Niche Article Rewriter, Advanced Niche Article Rewriter with Seeding, and General Writer with Seeding. Its two modes are trained for creating niche-specific content, and the third mode runs on the non trained model that enables you to explore the output of your content.
  • Great templates.
  • It supports 3 languages at the moment, which are English, Spanish, and German.
  • Kafkai can generate content for a maximum of 29 niches. Some of the major niches are affiliate, online marketing, automotive, software, technology, etc. Their team is still working to improve and update the software and add fresh niches.
  • Content seeding.
  • If you don’t have any new ideas or topics in your mind, then you can utilize its Niche Article Rewriter as it offers a broad spectrum of niches to select from.


This amazing tool is relatively more economical than others on the list. It provides users with a 3-day free trial period wherein you can generate 25 articles for free.

If you like its features, you can opt for any of its paid plans.

There is a new feature that Kafkai launched. It supports subscription pause; this means that you need not cancel the subscription or withdraw account access. Instead, you can put the billing on hold if you do not have requirements for generating any new articles, and you can resume it whenever you want, isn’t it great?

Here are the price plans:

  • Writer Plan – It costs $29/month, and you get 100 articles/month
  • Newsroom – It costs $49/month, and you get 250 articles/month
  • Printing Press – It costs $129/month, and you get 1000 articles/month
  • Industrial Printer– It costs $199/month, and you get 2500 articles/month

8. Copysmith

Copysmith | Best AI Writing Software

It is one of the best AI Content Writers as it is a robust AI text generator that functions as an automatic copywriter. Copysmith is best for small business owners who yearn to create marketing copies for their brand. It provides you with the tools that are needed for multiplying your growth through tailored marketing. Along with creating articles, it also helps users write descriptions, ads, metadata, and landing pages within a couple of minutes.


  • It is a great software that generates unique content. Copysmith team guarantees the uniqueness of the content and deems that it would pass any plagiarism test.
  • Multiple formats.
  • Copysmith renders its users with a Chrome extension. With the help of this feature, you can move ideas between your browser & workspace.
  • Instant copies.
  • It also offers a Shopify app that enables you to build unique product descriptions for your online store instantly.
  • It uses a certified marketing model on AIDA. Content created using this model will grab the attention & interest of the viewers, inculcate desire, and hence lead them to an explicit action.


It offers a 3-day free trial; you get access to all the features in the free trial. This way, you would get to know every detail about the tool, which makes decision-making to opt for the paid plan or not easier.

Copysmith comes with 3 paid plans. Here’s a brief of the latest Copysmith pricing–

  • Starter – It costs $19/month (up to 33,000 words)
  • Professional – It costs $59/month (up to 260,000 words)
  • Enterprise – This is a custom plan for enterprises. You can contact them for pricing as they calculate the price as per your requirements

9. SEO Content Machine

SEO Content Machine

Many people prefer this tool because it works pretty well with search engines. With SEO Content Machine, you can get high-quality content within a couple of minutes. The highlighting part about it is that it automatically generates significant components for your article like videos, pictures, links, subheadings, and much more.


  • It can create content in multiple languages. With the help of this tool, you can also target foreign audiences with your articles and blog posts without spending anything extra.
  • This software enables you to insert images, videos, sub-headings, questions & answers, lists, and tweets in the content already created. It helps make the content look more natural and readable.
  • WordPress automation.
  • SEO Content Machine supports numerous article rewriter tools. Thus, you’ll have the ability to spin the content whenever you generate new content, with the help of an external article rewriter, or you can also use the native rewriter.
  • Clean UI.
  • It comes with a Google scraper feature; it can be used by first entering a keyword and then enabling the software to search & download the corresponding top 300 pages/articles on Google.


It offers multiple flexible plans. You’d get complete access to the software; the only difference is the time duration you select for payment.

It also offers a free trial, and as per its users, it is one of the best free AI Writing Software. For a free trial, you are required to enter your email address. Within a couple of minutes, you will receive a download link that can be used for using the free plan.

Here are its price plans

  • Monthly – $27/month
  • Quarterly – $57 every 3 months
  • Yearly – $120 per year
  • Perpetual – By paying a one-time fee of $197, you get lifetime access to the software

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10. Article Builder

Article Builder

This is one of the best AI Writing Software that was created by the team behind Prosperative. They are the ones who have created numerous tools for content marketing and The Best Spinner 4; both of them are reliable and well-known tools in the market. This tool helps automate the content creation process and generates thousands of articles in just a couple of seconds. It has efficient content-generating features and aids in creating content for multiple niches.


  • This software provides a full-featured API for the software developer. This means that you will be able to access all the powers of the tool within your applications and script.
  • It helps generate fresh content with the help of its amazing Super Spun Article mechanism. The best part about this feature is that neither you nor other users would get similar content.
  • It covers more than 145 niches and tries to render discrete content for every topic.
  • It has an excellent team that helps create content that is 75-90% unique. You can rest assured that your article will pass the Copyscape test without any doubt.
  • Article Builder comes with an extensive set of APIs; thus, you can use it for your website or any apps. It also helps in automating the creation of articles.


Its pricing is very simple as it comes with only one premium plan that costs $127 for a year. This plan offers you access to numerous high-quality images for free.

It also comes with a 30-day-trial; in case you do not like Article Builder, you can ask for a complete refund.

11. Wordtune


This is considered a perfect tool for content rephrasing. One of the unique things about this tool is that before rephrasing or delivering the content, it first understands the context and semantics of the blog. Wordtune helps make your content more compelling, easily consumable, and engaging, which can help increase your ranking on SERP.


  • It renders its users with numerous options for each sentence that they need to rewrite.
  • Comes with a smart paste feature.
  • This tool is completely cloud-based.
  • The best part is that Wordtune works with all types of editors and email clients.
  • Multi-language word finder.
  • You get full control over sentence length and style; this means you can change them as per your requirements.
  • Thesaurus-based real-time suggestions.
  • You can use it easily with social media sites and other business tools.


Wordtune has three paid plans

Free Plan – Anyone can use it without any need to sign up or register. It comprises of these features:

  • Basic suggestions and rewrites up to 10 per day
  • Chrome add-on

Premium Plan– It is for $9.99/month

  • Unlimited rewrites and suggestions
  • Word Finder
  • Formality and length controllers

Premium Plan for Teams- In this plan, you get the users and words added as per your requirements, and you will have to pay accordingly.

  • Team billing

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12. Grammarly

Grammarly | Best AI Writing Software

It is a fantastic platform for professional editing and proofreading. This platform was founded in 2009, and in no time, it has become the top grammar and spell checker. It is a must include in this list because with this platform, you can be sure of the quality of the content that it delivers. Along with checking grammatical errors, it also searches for contextual errors, checks for content clarity, and engagement, and improves the overall writing style.


  • Plagiarism checker.
  • It uses the latest AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques for reviewing the content.
  • Grammar and autocorrect features are also available.
  • Grammarly comes with a writing assistant tool that focuses on sentence structure and style issues and also aids in making your content to the point, crisp, and understandable.
  • Engagement metrics.
  • Content quality score.
  • Tone checker.
  • It is also congruent with emails and messaging services and even with various social media apps.


Grammarly has 2 paid plans and a free plan as well

Let us see what is included in the plans

Free plan:

  • This includes spelling, grammar, and punctuation checkers
  • Conciseness, engagement, and tone detection of the passage
  • Restricted to 1 user

Premium Plan: It costs $12 per month (all free plan features are covered in this plan). The additional features include-

  • It creates fluency within the content so that it sounds natural
  • Re-writes difficult to read sentences automatically
  • Advanced writing suggestions
  • Plagiarism detection

Business Plan: It costs $15 per user per month. (all features of the premium plan are covered in this plan) The additional features include:

  • Reusable snippets
  • Offers analytics dashboard for persistent analyzing and identifying improvement areas
  • Dedicated admin panel
  • Priority email support

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Software Software Type WordPress Plugin Free Trial Pricing
Article Forge Web-based Yes 5 Days free trial Starts at $57/month
Grammarly Web-based No Free plan Starts at $12/month
Jasper Web-based No Free 10,000 words for content generation Starts at $29/month
Writesonic Web-based No Free 10 credits Starts at $15/month
Kafkai Web-based Yes 3 Days free trial Starts at $29/month
SEO Content Machine Downloadable No Free plan Starts at $27/month
Copysmith Web-based Yes 3 Days free trial Starts at $19/month
Article Builder Downloadable No No free trial Starts at $127/year
Articoolo Web-based Yes Free plan Starts at $29/month
Wordtune Web-based No Free plan Starts at $9.99/month
AI Writer Web-based No No free trial Starts at $29/month
Rytr Web-based No Free plan Starts at $9/month

Choosing the best AI Content Generator Software

These were some of the best AI writing software; you can choose any tool out of the list mentioned above, as all of them are reliable and offer good quality content. Not everyone can be a good writer or blogger; thus, opting for paraphrasing tools is the best option as they are economical and provide unique and error-free articles.

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