11 Best Dogecoin Wallet App to Store DOGE

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Cryptocurrencies are everywhere and for good reason. Unlike fiat money, most cryptocurrencies are capped by mathematical algorithms which makes them secure. They are not affected by inflation. Many mainstream vendors are accepting them. Just like normal money, you need to store your cryptocurrencies somewhere. Crypto wallets solve this problem. They keep your cryptos like Bitcoin, Dogecoin etc. safe. In this article, we will focus on Dogecoin and list the best dogecoin wallet apps.

About Dogecoin

Dogecoin website

Dogecoin is a P2P cryptocurrency created by Billy Markus and Jackson palmer in 2013. It is one of the most popular altcoins and reached a massive portion of audiences through advertising on social media. The Dogecoin’s price surged by more than 100 times at the start of 2021 and went to all-time high in May 2021.

The coin posted a gain of 9884% over the period of 5 months, that is, from January to May 2021. When the rally was about to end, Dogecoin peaked and was recorded at a price of $0.74 (An all-time high). The coin holds a market capitalization of $17 billion. The growth rate of Dogecoin exceeded those of Bitcoin and created a new benchmark for other digital currencies.

11 Best Dogecoin Wallet App to Store DOGE

Out of a vast range of dogecoin wallets available online, choosing a Dogecoin wallet meeting all your requirements can become challenging. To ensure your invested money and the altcoins you have invested in are safe, we have curated the list of highly reliable and trusted Dogecoin wallet apps to store your crypto assets catering to your needs.

1. Ledger

Ledger website | Best Dogecoin Wallet App

Ledger’s two most popular crypto wallets are Ledger Nano S and Leger Nano X. Both are equipped with robust security features and an easy-to-use interface. Ledger is one of the best Dogecoin crypto apps that is best known for keeping your cryptos for keeping safe and secure.

It’s a renowned hardware wallet that not only allows you to store Dogecoins but other cryptocurrencies. The unique part about Ledger is that it empowers its users by letting them store their altcoins offline with greater security and private keys to protect against viruses.

The platform boasts extensive features and is protected by a Pin. Moreover, the crypto wallet features an easy backup and restoration of the data along with two-factor authentication. The digital wallet is available in a variety of languages. Moreover, the device offered with this wallet is battery-enabled making it ideal for crypto users. Another good part about this wallet is that you can use it with iOS and Android devices without requiring a USB.

2. Binance

Binance website

Binance is another great Dogecoin wallet that allows you to store multiple cryptocurrencies, more than 100, including Dogecoin. The platform offers several tools for crypto trading and provides 24×7 investment advice.

With direct access to Pancakeswap, an investor can buy, trade, and sell digital coins in a decentralized manner. Binance offers a native app, known as the Trust Wallet, that is compatible with iOS and Android operating systems. This wallet features fiat currency facilities allowing you to buy Dogecoin with a debit or credit card.

The best part about this dogecoin wallet is that it is easy to use, implying it is user-friendly for advanced users and beginners new to the crypto world. Another good thing about the platform is that it supports debit or credit cards to purchase crypto assets.

3. Trezor

Trezor website

Another hit show of a beginner-friendly dogecoin wallet is highly secured with full-proof cold storage. The platform comes with an innovative touch screen and a user-friendly interface that supports multiple cryptocurrencies alongside Dogecoin.

It is one of the best dogecoin wallet apps that offers top-notch security with a touchscreen interface. The platform is compatible with other wallets and features a helpful guide with informative videos that facilitates creating a dogecoin wallet address.

In addition, the digital wallet offers robust security that lets your device send out a firmware verification request each time you load up your Trezor wallet. Majorly, Trezor offers 2 trending digital wallets that are used mainly by crypto users, including Trezor Model T and Trezor One. Both wallets are accompanied by a browser or desktop app that lets the crypto users buy, spend, and exchange crypto through their devices.

4. ZenGo

ZenGo website | Best Dogecoin Wallet App

Another reliable and one of the best dogecoin wallet apps, ZenGo, removes the private key vulnerability. The secure non-custodian wallet in Web3 makes it a user-friendly wallet that is apt for beginners and professional investors.

You can create an account on this spectacular platform within less than 60 seconds. Besides Dogecoin, it supports 70+ crypto assets and lets you store them, including Ethereum, Bitcoin, Tether, and many others.

In addition, storing your altcoins in this wallet will let you earn up to 8% APY interest on your crypto. The users can also avail of 24×7 customer support by live agents. One is even allowed to cancel their sent transaction before they are confirmed on the blockchain with 1 tap over this platform.

5. Exodus

Exodus website

Exodus is a desktop and mobile wallet that allows you to store 150+ cryptocurrencies, including Dogecoin. The platform offers an intuitive interface, has responsive customer support, and is considered great for staking.

The only drawback of using Exodus to store your dogecoins or any other crypto asset is that it does not enable two-factor authentication for mild security reasons. However, the flexibility and multi-utility of this platform allow it to be accessed on multiple devices.

Another excellent part about Exodus is that besides letting you store your Dogecoins, you can also stake altcoins, including SOL, ATOM, and ADA. Exodus empowers its users by providing them complete control over their private keys. All it requires is the password to log in. However, investors who are extremely cautious and do not want to get trapped in a risky situation can use Exodus as an interface for their hardware wallet.

With so many advantages and unique features offered by this platform, using Exodus involves another limitation. It does not allow investors to purchase cryptocurrencies from fiat currencies.

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6. KeepKey

KeepKey website

A leading player in the hardware wallet sector, KeepKey is a dynamic platform that offers multiple cryptocurrencies to store besides dogecoin. It is a cold storage wallet that immensely emphasizes security and contains a security seal to protect the device from viruses and malware.

The platform facilitates storing and generating an unlimited number of private keys as it is a hierarchical deterministic (HD) wallet that ensures the top-notch security of the device with PIN and by featuring a large display for tracking transactions.

KeepKey has made it really easy to exchange assets. All you need to do is conform the transaction manually by using a button on the device. This has prevented physical and virtual theft and secure storage from hackers that do not let them access your funds stored on the cold wallet.

The dynamic platform supports 40+ cryptocurrencies and offers full-fledged security with 100% cold storage. Moreover, its sleek and simple design for beginners makes it user-friendly for all users, whether newbies or pro. Only the 12 words generated at the time of setting up KeepKey, allow users to back up. How cool is that!

7. Coinomi

Coinomi website | Best Dogecoin Wallet App

Coinomi is an incredibly user-friendly digital currency wallet, primarily focusing on fast and easy cryptocurrency management. This popular wallet provides various features and is an ideal choice for beginners and professionals.

The renowned platform supports more than 1000 crypto assets, including Dogecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Zcash, etc. Moreover, Coinomi allows you to store your private keys on your device, enhancing the security of your digital assets. There is so much ease of receiving and sending payments in just a few simple steps with Coinomi. Plus, an in-built ShapeShift exchange makes this wallet more functional.

Another unique thing about Coinomi is that the user does not need to go through any KYC (Know Your Customer) bureaucracy to manage your altcoins. This feature is for the ones who value their anonymity and keep it the utmost priority.

8. Crytpo.com DeFi Wallet

DeFi Wallet page

It is a non-custodial DeFi wallet that enables you to buy more than 200 digital currencies with 20+ fiat currencies. It is one of the best dogecoin wallet apps that ensures your crypto assets are safe and facilitates you to access, manage, and spend your funds anytime.

The platform follows the highest compliant standards compared to all other dogecoin wallets. With crypto.com, you can earn up to 0.01% for the taker fee you paid. It also allows you to trade without any fee and applies a minimal fee when the tokens are purchased through a credit/debit card or bank transfer.

This wallet also hosts discount token sales events where you can participate from The Syndicate and buy crypto coins to get up to a 50% discount. One can also stake CRO with this platform hassle-free.

9. Atomic Wallet

Atomic Wallet website

One of the best platforms for regular crypto traders, Atomic is a desktop and mobile wallet. Atomic supports an extensive range of cryptocurrencies, more than 500, and allows you to stake 11 crypto assets. You can easily send, receive, and store virtual assets in this dogecoin wallet and earn passive income by just holding them.

For instance, it will give you $50 for storing Dogecoins worth $20,000 or any other altcoin using debit or credit cards and bank transfers. Plus, the app works in 100+ countries, which means Atomic wallet has a broader network, making it a reliable and secure platform to store your digital funds.

10. Guarda

Guarda website | Best Dogecoin Wallet App

It is a one-stop solution if you are looking to earn through digital assets. The magnificent platform Guarda is an ideal option for crypto traders, developers, investors, staking, and development tools. It is a desktop, Chrome, and mobile app extension that allows you to trade, send, receive, withdraw, and exchange crypto.

You can also avail of a loan by using the Dogecoin you have in your collection or any other cryptocurrency in your Guarda wallet. The process is straightforward. You must buy as little as $50 worth of crypto assets, stake to earn altcoins, and get instant USDT/USDC loans against the crypto asset.

Some other significant features of Guarda are the developer tools it provides, such as Payment Deeplink, Backup Decoder, Mnemonic Convertor, and Extension API. Another unique aspect about having this dogecoin wallet address is that it is a light wallet that even works well if you do not run a full version of the blockchain.

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11. Dogecoin Core

As the name suggests, the wallet is appropriate for investors or traders who only hold and mine dogecoins and are big-time Doge supporters. This wallet was formerly known as the dogecoin wallet. The platform comes in 2 versions- named Dogecoin Core and MultiDoge.

The first version, Dogecoin Core, synchronizes the entire blockchain, and MultiDoge gets synchronized with the blockchain, unlike Dogecoin Core, as it is a light wallet. One can also back up the wallet by saving the QR code and accessing the .dat file from the settings. You can check the history of transactions, balances, and addresses as contacts.

Why do you need a Dogecoin Wallet?

Hardware wallet
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Crypto wallets ensure the safety of your digital assets. Even if you purchase and want to store them for the long term or short term, keeping them safe and accessible is of utmost importance. The dogecoin wallet allows you to receive, send, and spend Dogecoins and other cryptocurrencies seamlessly, without interruption.

Just like the traditional wallets are essential to keep all your cash stored in one place and prove the ownership of your money. Similarly, the Dogecoin wallet address displays all your live holdings on the blockchain and can only be accessed using the private key. It helps in enhancing the security of your altcoins.

How to choose the Best Dogecoin Wallet App?

Considering certain aspects will help you determine the dogecoin wallet app you should opt for. These aspects include ease of use, customer support, DOGE support, security, backup and restore features, accommodating 2-factor authentication, and multi-signature abilities.

How to Create a Dogecoin Wallet?

Ledger hardware wallet
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To make a Dogecoin wallet, you must choose an appropriate platform or software that provides hosting wallet services. You can either install the software if it has an app or just download it via command line on a VPS. Once you have created your account using the app or the website, you can get on board and start building a Dogecoin wallet.

The official software you can use is Dogecoin Wallet, which can be easily downloaded on your computer or laptop. All you need to do is create a backup via QR code and Public Address and keep it with you. It will immensely help if your system crashes and you need to restart.

The digital wallets need to be synchronized with the main chain, which might take a long time, up to 24 hours. Then, use the backup you created via QR Code and Public Address to restore your existing wallet. You are all set to create a new wallet and enable send/receive features so that the altcoins can be stored, purchased, and sold over the platform.

How to Use a Dogecoin Wallet?

The first thing you need to do is download the digital wallet to your device, whether Android or iOS. Access the wallet from the Play Store or App Store, click on download and launch the wallet.

Access the send, receive coins feature at the app’s bottom. It will help you check all the transactions you have received and sent. You can also operate these digital wallets as they include a wide array of features such as dogecoin wallet address in QR code, text, and address book. You can track the transaction history through the dogecoin wallets and save QR to get back up from the app.

Pros and Cons of Dogecoin Wallets

Hardware wallet over dogecoin | Best Dogecoin Wallet App
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You might still have your doubts regarding Dogecoin wallets, so here are some of the pros and cons of them to help you analyze these wallets in a better way.


  • All the dogecoin wallets are encrypted with 3FA security.
  • Equipped with an intuitive interface.
  • Earn up to 8% APY on the crypto you have stored.
  • Empowers you to buy and sell within the cryptocurrency app.
  • Highly secure as you keep your private key safe, without including any software.
  • Do seamless, on-the-go transactions.


  • Non-custodial crypto wallet (Partially).
  • Single cryptocurrency. Dogecoin wallet only allows investors to store Dogecoins.
  • No fiat trading support and options to trade coins other than Dogecoin.

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After learning about the best Dogecoin wallet apps, let us answer some of the most commonly asked questions about Dogecoin wallet.

1. Is there any official Dogecoin wallet?

Yes, Dogecoin core is the official wallet of this altcoin, Dogecoin. The digital wallet allows you to purchase, sell, and store dogecoins. The only drawback of this wallet is that it only allows one to store dogecoins but not other altcoins.

2. What are the significant features offered by the best Dogecoin wallet apps?

Different wallets offer different features. However, some top-rated crypto wallets that allow you to store Dogecoin and other crypto coins provide valuable features such as built-in portfolio exchange, tracking, staking, mining, buying with fiat, swapping of crypto for another, etc.

3. Does Elon Musk own Dogecoin?

Yes. Elon Musk has said in the past that he has bought Dogecoin and uses them. There are some estimates online that states that Musk owns around 1 to 2.5 million Dogecoin. He supports this altcoin and you can even buy Tesla merchandise using Dogecoin.

4. What are the types of Dogecoin Wallets?

Dogecoin Wallets are categorized as hot wallets, hardware dogecoin wallets, desktop wallets, mobile dogecoin wallets, and VPS dogecoin wallets.

If you let us choose the best type of Dogecoin/crypto wallet amongst all these, it will be the Hardware Wallets, as they offer incredible features that ensure your crypto assets are safe and secure. The only downside of the Hardware Wallet is its high price, which is circa $60. However, these wallets justify their price by letting users access seamless on-the-go and monitoring transactions.

5. Can you store Dogecoins in Exchange Wallets?

Yes, you can store Dogecoin in exchange crypto wallets. However, they are vulnerable to attacks. If you planning to store Dogecoins in exchange wallets then keep these points in mind.

  • Do not keep all your coins in a single crypto wallet.
  • Always enable two-factor authentication to ensure the high security of your digital funds.
  • Put your Dogecoins in cold storage by making them highly secure.
  • It is a requisite to have your wallet keys to ensure full control of the altcoins inside it.

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