10 Must-Have Safety Apps For Women

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In recent times, women empowerment and the debate for equal rights has gained center stage. New work opportunities and technology has allowed women to come to the forefront of society. Despite all that, women are still not safe. The crimes committed against women have remained high in number. Unfortunately, it means that women have to take extra measures to keep themselves safe. In this article, we will discuss the best personal safety apps for women. These safety apps for women are easy to use and can be of immense help in the case of any emergency.

What are Safety apps for women?

Safety apps for women are applications that are designed to reduce the risk factor that a woman faces in case of an emergency. These apps can quickly alert the authorities, message relatives, provide live location etc. when used. Criminal acts like sexual harassment, rape, robbery, domestic abuse, and even any assault can be reduced by using this app. The idea is to make women feel safe and get help to them quickly.

10 Must-Have Safety Apps For Women

While technology has had its side effects, one cannot deny its utility. These safety apps are a great way to keep women safe and instill some confidence in them. They are like any other app on the phone and are simple to use. But they can make a huge difference in an emergency. Let us begin our list.

1. Women Safety

Women Safety app

It is one of the best-launched women safety apps by the Punjab Police in India. It is a crucial app for those who travel regularly. The initiative of the Punjab Police is good, as women travel from very unsafe places or locations that demand a safety alert that will stay with them and protect them. It has the facility of sending an email with your location along with the Google Maps update to your registered closed people. You just need to tap it to send an alert. There are three colors to show your current situation or condition. Green for alert, orange for careful and red for danger


  • You get the facility to add your close contacts and the email Ids that will alert them immediately.
  • It is available on Android phones.
  • You can take pictures and video clips and even send an audio clip by email.
  • You can message your location to the emergency numbers.

2. My SafetiPin

My SafetiPin app | Safety Apps For Women

It is one of the best women safety apps that makes you feel secure to move wherever you want. It is based on the location score. The GPS activity is significant for collecting the data and sending the required location details. You can make a list of close contacts to communicate during an emergency. It is an excellent app for women as it has good features where your location is tapped, areas of openness are mentioned, several people near you, visibility and security, walk path, public transport, feelings, and gender awareness near you to have a safety audit wherever you go!


  • The GPS on feature is required all the time.
  • The app is capable of detecting the security levels near you.
  • The address shared with the emergency contact is accurate.
  • You can access it in languages like Spanish, Vietnam, Cambodian, Hindi, and English by default.

3. bSafe

bSafe website

It is one of the best personal safety apps for women, where personal tracing is easy by availing of its unique features. The app has alert signals sent right away to the list of contacts that you have mentioned in the app. The option of activating the SOS features also triggers the video recordings.

The app’s unique feature enables the voice phrases you can select and send to the contacts. There is only one touch button that you need to tap on an emergency. Many people appreciate the good features of this app.


  • It has a live streaming option to use in times of need.
  • The SOS feature turns on automatically to record the video.
  • There are 125 countries where this app is used!
  • An automated voice phrase feature can be used to send instant messages.
  • It has a fake call feature to avoid any uncomfortable conditions.

4. Rescuer

Rescuer app | Safety Apps For Women

It is another helpful safety app for women. It allows them to add up to 5 contacts of the close ones you wish to keep notified of emergencies. The app helps share voice notes and GPS location as you tap on the features to send it to the contacts. The voice command option is present. The volume button helps send messages. There is a unique feature for the voice command that is easily recognized by the app even if your mobile is locked.


  • You can send messages together using the GPS with just one click.
  • Unlimited phrases are included for you to send it right away.
  • You can ask for help using the voice command features.
  • It has a unique feature to recognize voices and send messages while the mobile is locked.
  • The volume button is used for keeping the mobile in silent mode.

5. Life360

Life360 website

If you are looking for a free to install best women safety apps, then this is it! This app is well featured, where locations can be easily shared, reviewing the places or locations for two days. You can check on the location history. It can detect car crashes or any emergencies that might have occurred in the nearby area. Some upgrades are available to access this app, categorized as Gold, Platinum, and Silver. This app allows you to explore travel offers, disaster responses, and even medical assistance if needed.


  • It has a good feature of upgrading from Silver to Gold and Platinum.
  • It detects SOS alerts and incidents.
  • The benefits from the platinum service are the highest of all.
  • Sending the phrases in an emergency to your close contacts is easy.
  • The history is restored and can be analyzed.

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6. CitizenCop

Citizencop app

Have you ever been in any situation where you need help on an urgent basis? In such grave situations, the best personal safety apps for women, like this CitizenCop, help a lot. It is a perfect safety app that allows you to connect with the police department nearby in any emergency. You can report a crime if you have witnessed any harassment without disclosing your identity. It is a perfect app for location-based safety.


  • It is a great app for reporting a crime anonymously.
  • You can send alerts if you feel you are uncomfortable.
  • The cops will get your location details once you send an alert.
  • It is easy to find the vehicle’s stolen details and the registration number.
  • You can keep track of the news and traffic through this app.
  • It is easily downloadable on Android and iPhones.

7. Letstrack

Letstrack app | Safety Apps For Women

It is one of the best safety apps for women, which allows you to track real-time and send alerts. Letstrack is Asia’s biggest personal and perfect vehicle safety app for women. It helps you to include your friends and family in the list for free. The app has some exciting features, like zone alerts for keeping kids safe. It is one of the best personal safety apps for women.


  • It is easily detectable wherever you go through the app.
  • The app records and tracks vehicles, kids, and cars for safety.
  • The device must always be on.
  • There are ample maps included in the app, like the satellite map as well.
  • You can share real-time pictures with your close relatives for safety.

8. Raksha

Raksha app

As one of the best women safety apps, Raksha enables you to protect yourself and your companions. It allows your family members to keep track of your mobility and send instant alert messages to close people. With a single tap, you can enjoy the safety privileges brought to you by this app.


  • It is a free app to download and enjoy safety measures.
  • You can send emergency alerts to your contacts with a single tap.
  • It guides you to locate a nearby police station.
  • The GPS trackers enable you to track down real-time locations.
  • It is downloadable on Android phones only.

9. Shake2Safety

Shake2Safety app

Among all the apps, this is one of the best personal safety apps for women. Like all the other apps, it helps you to send instant messages in emergencies. The text includes images, locations, and even audio clips as well. One of the unique features of this app is you can shake your mobile to send the alert. It is one of the most delicate features of all. As you start shaking your mobile, the listed text will be sent to your contacts. You can even press the power button 4 times to share the alert messages. You can send as many messages to your contact list as possible without limitations. There is no lock screen or registration required for it.


  • You can share multiple alert messages and your location to your contact list.
  • A 4 seconds video recording can be shared too!
  • You can share emergency images along with location by using shareable media.
  • The siren button helps to create immediate alert signals.

10. Smart24X7

Smart24X7 app | Safety Apps For Women

It is one of the best safety apps for women, built on good tracking GPS signals. It helps you track and schedule your location to send to your contact list in real-time. You can use this app freely without any upgrade features by tracking the real-time.


  • You can share recorded videos and pictures to alert the police station of emergencies.
  • The use of the SOS button is quick and responsive.
  • Emergency calls are made with ease.
  • You can track the cabs and even schedule them for a safe ride.
  • If the GPS is deactivated, you can still send message alerts.
  • A panic button can be pressed if you have a panic attack or any emergency.
  • Fake call features are present.
  • It can be downloaded on both Android and iPhones.

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Are safety apps for women a necessity?

Women safety is still a big issue and a factor of concern. Safety factors have become pivotal as more and more women are now working late hours and traveling alone. These apps are very beneficial for women as they provide them with a tool to protect themselves. They can use it in case of any mishappening or situations like robbery.

In an ideal world, we won’t need such apps but we are far from it. These apps work because today everyone carries their phone everywhere. Plus, it is always better to be prepared for an emergency situation. Women can work and travel freely, knowing that they have an app that can save them.

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